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I’ve never heard of a purity ceremony, BUT did hear of a couple that had vowed to stay pure and she wore a purity ring to show her vow.

When they did the exchange of rings he had to take her purity ring off to put her new wedding band on!

Just hearing the story made me cry, and think about how that’s how it’s really supposed to be.

I think you could still do it for sure! God sees you as you are AFTER you’re made righteous not the way you were before 😉

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Can you explain what a purity ceremony is?

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I don’t know if this helps but I found a “write up” for a purity ceremony (atleast I think that’s what this is)

Several years ago __________________ and ________________ (unbeknownst to each other) took a True Love Waits pledge of abstinence until marriage. From that time until now they have remained pure while waiting for God’s will for their lives.

To _______________________ and ____________________-we say that today is the culmination of many hopes and dreams that you have had for many years. We are very proud of you and the stance that you have taken!

When __________________ and ______________________ made the pledge, they started wearing purity rings that served as a reminder of their vow to live a life of both physical and spiritual purity. Because you have pledged to keep yourselves only for each other, today will serve as a springboard for a secure relationship that will carry you through many challenges and opportunities.

______________________ and ______________________ now stand before us as living examples that True Love Waits. In a world that seems to live for instant gratification, we have a couple who prioritized God’s ways and now will enjoy the blessing within their marriage relationship.

May I also challenge both of you from this day forward to remain first of all pure in your walk with the Lord Jesus; and secondly, to remain pure in your love relationship with each other.

______________________ and ______________________ take your purity rings and present them to each other, symbolic to all present that you loved and respected each other enough to wait for God’s best and each other.

Now, take them and put them in a secure place. Someday should God bless you with children of your own, take these rings and present them to your children while explaining their significance. You’ll be passing along a legacy and a family heritage of purity to the next generation, spreading the message that True Love Waits.

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I think if you do something like amnystik is talking about, you wouldn’t need to divulge your past or mention virginity at all. You can say that you two pledge to wait until you were married, without getting into details. I haven’t seen one, and to be honest I don’t think that there is a real need to talk about sex or what not during the ceremony.

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I think the way Jedeve said it is probably best. You can talk about how you two decided to wait until you were married. Personally, I don’t think I would do it because I wouldn’t want to talk about my sex life (or lack thereof) in front of parents and grandparents. We’ve waited (FI isn’t a virgin, but I am), but we consider it a personal thing and we don’t talk about it in front of people (except on the Bee, since you guys don’t know me IRL!).

However, if that’s what you’re comfortable with talking about it, go for it :).

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My best friend presented her TLW ring to her father as he gave her away. I’m pretty sure everyone cried.

The pastor just said something to the effect of, “The bride will now present to her father her purity ring.”

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I like @runsyellowlites:‘s version – saying that you made a commitment to each other and God. The other suggestion (handing ring to father) kind of sounds a bit like you’re trying to prove something to your parents.

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Princs.Sweetie: I fully believe that you are made new, and your past is gone and you are pure. God’s just cool that way, it’s crucified and buried and gone.

I’m not having a purity ceremony, but I am presenting my purity ring to my Fiance after we’re married, in private.

We’er including our testimony as a couple (we’re saving first kiss for our wedding day) in the program and why we chose to do that because I have a lot of friends who aren’t Christians and I didn’t want anyone to feel like I’m shoving anything down their throats, but if it’s in the program our testimony is still there but it’s there choice whether or not to read it.

I think it’s really cool you’re saving yourself for your wedding day. It can be so challenging some days but so worth it in the end 🙂

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Fiance and I are both virgins and both were given purity rings when we were teenagers, so we are going to exchange them during the ceremony. Here’s the general write up I did for it:

friend: I Thess. 4:3-7 reads, “For this is the will of God, your sanctification: that you abstain from sexual immorality; that each one of you know how to control his own body in holiness and honor, not in the passion of lust like the Gentiles who do not know God; that no one transgress and wrong his brother in this matter, because the Lord is an avenger in all these things, as we told you beforehand and solemnly warned you. For God has not called us for impurity, but in holiness.”

my dad: When Miss Galaxy was fourteen, she went to summer camp where she heard a message regarding the importance of purity. It was there that God impressed on her heart the desire to make a promise of her determination to conduct her relationships in a pure way. The next year her mother and I gave her a special gift, a purity ring, symbolizing the commitment she had made to keep herself for her husband. It is by God’s good grace that the promise she made has been kept. Mr. Galaxy, before this union, it has been my duty and my joy to protect Miss Galaxy, to guard her and to keep her safe from those who would harm her. It is with great pleasure that I present Miss Galaxy to you, as your bride, confident that you will now take on that role of protector, guardian, and keeper. (dad gives Mr. Galaxy the ring) (My dad will probably not say this word for word…this is just the general idea)

Mr. Galaxy’s dad: (he knows the details of Mr. Galaxy’s commitment better than me, so he will “make up” what he wants to say Smile )

Then we are having the song “Faithful Friend” by Twila Paris and Steven Curtis Chapman sung.

@princs.sweetie: I think it’s awesome that you have recommitted yourself to purity! God is so good to forgive us and regard us as righteous! You could totally do something in your ceremony if it is important to you! You could say something like “Bride and Groom committed their relationship to purity, and it is with great joy they stand together, loving each other enough to wait.” Or if you are comfortable with it, you could address that you are not a virgin but that you renewed your commitment to purity–it could be cool testimony to others who have messed up in the past. You could say something like “The bride and groom recognize the sacredness and special nature of the marriage bond. <insert verse like I Thess. 4:3-7, etc.> Though Bride and Groom have not always made wise decisions in past relationships, God’s grace allows them to stand here before one another, forgiven and clean. What a wonderful gift to give to each other, knowing neither are perfect but also knowing they have both committed to striving to live in a way that honors God.”

I don’t know…whatever you are comfortable with. This was all just off the top of my head so I probably don’t have the best wording right now. Good luck, and congratulations!

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