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Honey bee
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Maude is the loudest purrer ever.  She sounds like a train chugging up a hill or something.  It’s so crazy.

Funny thing about both of them?  They’re both OBSESSED with “kneading.”  Maude gets her whole body into it and Liza just has the most content look on her face and then passes out ;o)

*Maude’s the tortie and Liza’s the tuxedo


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Buzzing bee
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Pretty cat!!

As a rule, my cat isn’t big into purring, but when she does, she has 2 settings of purr: “inside voice” and “jet engine loud”. Usually she only does jet-engine loud in the middle of the night. Her new favorite routine is to wake me up between 4am and 5am (this part isn’t new, sadly), and I lift up the covers and roll over onto my side, and she gets under the covers and lays all stretched out alongside my tummy and starts the JET ENGINE purring. She sleeps like a little human, on her belly, under the covers, with her head sticking out, it’s so cute!

When she does this, she usually starts kneading, and kneads me (ouch!), so I cup my hand over her paws. Since she was tiny, whenever I cup my hands over her paws, or hold her paws, she will close her eyes and purr so loud. I can’t imagine what it is about me holding her paws that makes her happy – but it makes her blissful! LOL

Here’s her with her pink blanket (yes, she has a blanket, sigh…)


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Buzzing bee
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I don’t have a picture yet but my Mom just got a new kitten named Kitty (so adorable I know) that hasn’t stopped purring yet! She just got spayed yesterday and is STILL purring, even with the cone on AND she can be heard across the room. She’s this little ball of puff it’s so hilarious!

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Bumble bee

Awwww. How cute!! I want to own a cat someday, just not while we have two huge dogs 🙂

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Honey Beekeeper
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Oh my gosh. Sushi is SOOOO loud you can hear him through the phones, across the room, and when the door is shut! He is insane! He snorts when he purrs, too…

Sambi is more of a quiet rumble but Sushi is like a damn lawn mower. He wakes up my husband! And wheN I go potty and oh-so-meanly shut them out, I hear him purring at the door.

My little one kneads a lot, too (aka makes biscuits) especially on this smooshy foam-ball filled pillow I have. He beelines for it. In fact, the first day I brought him home (2 pounds of naked fluff–the lady was psycho and i filed a report for her business to be shut down), he made biscuits all over my neck…which ended up giving me ringworm. oops! All better now, though.

Sorry the photos are HUMONGOUS. they’re new and all i have at work now. [attachment=770669,98621] [attachment=770669,98622]

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Sugar bee
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These are so cute!

I want a kitty too but that will never be possible with my kitty-shredding pooch. We make kitty sounds and all he wants to do is find the imaginary cat to hurt it, so I guess we will wait.

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Honey bee
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@ejs: I just want to nom your little kitties…they are SO CUTE!

@lilyfaith: It cracks me up when people say she’s cute because the reason we took her from the shelter is that everyone kept remarking how ugly she was!  I love her, she’s my little gremlin ;o)

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Bumble bee
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Gabby does this, forgive the PISSED face, I woke her up with the camera flash.  She purrs so loud that we can totally hear her from across the room.

She sleeps under my blankets next to my stomach with me every single night.  But heaven forbid I be facing Fiance for a minute or two, because if I’m not ready for her, she will attack my back.  She’s psycho, but I love her. 

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Bumble bee
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Here are my babies! Lola (grey tabby lady) is the loud purrer is the house! She loves laps and sounds like she is going to take off when she gets really into the purring.

I am also attaching a picture of Stitch who is our large tabby guy. Yup, he’s 16 pounds. He should probably hit the gym to lose a couple of pounds, but he’s mostly big boned 🙂

[attachment=770699,98623] [attachment=770699,98624]

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Busy bee
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My cats don’t purr very loud. I just want to post cute pictures of them!

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Blushing bee
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Mine (Tiger) purrs so loud and of course, does it right in your ear.


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