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  • poll: Do you think its rude to put your ring on FB?




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    I don’t think it’s rude at all. Someone said FB is real life, so you are posting a REAL life moment. I got my ring last christmas so I just posted one pic of my ring with “Guess what I got for christmas” and changed my relationship status. It was great for my Out of Town family and friends to be able to see that and share their happiness for/with me. 

    Now posting every second of your wedding planning on your status on FB is a different story for me. 

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    I voted other because it doesn’t really bother me.  I have seen others do it but not very often.  I chose not to so far just because I feel a little weird about posting it.  i did have a couple of people ask to see it and I just sent them a private text or email. 

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    So how does posting a ring on FB differ from posting the new car/dog/baby/couch/house, etc? I don’t see it as rude, crass or tacky (a word I hate).

    Facebook is where people go to share news of their lives. I’ve seen vacation pics, baby pics, new cars, new houses, new furniture, new jewelry, new ball gowns, and so on. It’s all the same to me. Some people will click the pic to see it, others won’t. Facebook is one big profile full of showing your shit off. If you don’t think you do it too, you’re mistaken. It’s perfectly fine to me.

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    I posted a single picture of it. Mostly because I’m a GA transplant to Cali so all my family & friends are back in GA- they won’t see the ring in real life most likely until the wedding & text pics just are crap… Another reason was that we changed our status’ to engaged when we moved out here 4 years ago, & we had already told everyone our wedding date, so an announcement felt odd… 

    That being said, I’m super careful about what I post on FB- I never use the places app or give up any info re: my location/time away. & I’ve been really careful not to post anything wedding related as alot of the people I’m friends with will not be invited- I think the ring & some wedding photos are going to be about it for us. I personally love looking at friends pictures on facebook, it makes me feel more involved in their 3,000 mile away lives… 

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    I don’t think it’s rude unless you have an entire album dedicated to your ring, or your constantly comparing your ring to other’s rings by posting comments or whatnot.

    I live 2,000 miles away from my family and friends so almost immediately after getting engaged I put a couple pictures up of my ring and a bunch from when my husband proposed.  It was my way of keeping them connected.  I did the same thing after we got married, since a lot of my family weren’t able to make it down here for the wedding… I put a picture of my wedding set up so everyone could see it. 🙂

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    First – does it really matter what a bunch of women in a online message board think? I assume you are closer to your own FB friends than the bees…so if your friends do it I’m sure it’d be normal for you to do as well.

    Second – Personally, I posted a ring pic a few weeks after our engagement and after all the important people knew. We waited to change our status until then as well. I posted a picture after repeated demands from my many out of town friends.

    If you want an example of rude (in my opinion) you could look at what my Future Sister-In-Law did a few days ago. First, she posted a photo of the stone and setting, both with serial number and website so you could easy find out just how much her Fiance was spending. Then she posted a status saying they tried to deliver it but they weren’t home, so it was coming the next day. Then she posted a photo of the ring once it finally arrived. Then she explained how they found it, through a website online that they found through a local jewler. Which, btw, is a total lie. They found the website through DH and I because it’s where DH got my ring and we sat down with Brother-In-Law to show him the stones, settings, options, etc. Additionally, she chose my exact same setting. Like, identical but in white gold instead of platinum. But whatever. THEN she posted that now that the ring was here, she was going to make my Brother-In-Law get down on one knee and do it all properly because the first time he proposed wasn’t good/romantic enough. GROSS.

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    I don’t think it’s rude at all… I posted a pic of mine! And I like to see my other friends post theirs too when they get engaged! E rings are pretty and a big deal.. share it with the world! LOL

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    @artichokey:  She’s lucky that package even made it to her door with all that sharing on the interwebs!

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    I don’t think it’s rude to post a picture, but I do think it’s a bit tacky to have an entire album dedicated to your ring.  Though in all fairness, I think it’s tacky when people do that with any inanimate object (car, house, toy, etc.)

    I also roll my eyes when people make their ring their profile picture for longer a week.  I don’t quite understand the point of that and appears to me that you are just trying to brag – either about your ring or about the fact that you are getting married.

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    I voted other. I think it’s a little weird to make it you profile picture/post a bajillion shots of it, but I posted a couple in the same album as my pro engagement pictures because I had friends who wanted to see it.

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    I don’t think “rude” is the right word. I do think it’s annoying. but I also feel the same way if somebody wants to post a photo of their sports car. I feel like it’s bragging about the new expensive thing you have. 

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    I went with other. I don’t think it’s rude, but for myself, I didn’t post any of the ring. We took pictures with my hand on FI’s chest, and stuff like that, but none of just the ring itself. I had a few friends ask, so I sent them a picture via text. If we get some done in our professional e-pics and they are pretty and not showy I’ll post them.

    It’s all about the way it’s presented I think.

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    no I don’t think its rude. I did it and many many people on my friends list have too. I did make sure to call all the important people to tell them personally though before posting a ring photo. I didn’t want my close friends and family to hear the news or see the ring via fb.

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    @allyfally:  I wonder about this too. I’m a fairly private person and something about it feels a bit weird to me. I’m happy when others do it, though, because I get to see ring porn lol.

    I guess some people may interpret it as bragging “Look at this big rock he got me! We have more money than you!”, or it might be just asking for some snarky remarks from people since not everyone is nice (too big, too small, not a diamond, not a white diamond, wrong metal color, yadda yadda). Yeah, if people are rude, you might want to re-think your friends list then, but still… awkward. 

    I don’t know about everyone else, but I have a whole mix of people on my FB ranging from close friends, family, to people I wouldn’t even consider acquaintances anymore. It just seems like a pretty personal thing to post, and I am sure in some cases it borders on tacky. We’re going to spend a large chunk of change on my ring, and I know some of my friends are jobless or working crap jobs just to make ends meet.

    I’m probably going to err on the side of caution and only email pics to people who ask to see it (if they haven’t seen it in real life first).

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