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BBCream is not ”make up” per se. It’s more like a cream with soft coloration. I wear make up regurlarly, and when I want to cover imperfections, I use foundation, not BB Cream. BB Cream is more useful when you do not want to get a full makeup, but you still want some hydratation, FPS protection and a small ”glow” to look like you have a fresh face in the morning. It will even your skin to some point, but it will never provide enough coverage for all imperfections. 

EDIT: I’ve tried Marcelle, Aveeno and Garnier. Marcelle and Aveeno have FPS 15 but they gave me huge breakouts. I think I’m allergic to the product used in sunscreen, because whenever I put any sunscreen on my face, I’m having a breakout. Aveeno smells a lot, also gave me an ”orangy” color, even if I used the fair to medium color. It was still too dark for me. As for Garnier, I find this product has a nice finish, non-greasy, but it has no sunscreen in though. But for a 5 minute face (BBCream + Mascara + lipgloss) this is perfect.

As a foundation I used Revlon Colorstay. It’s sold in drugstores and places like WalMart. The coverage is impressive ! And the cream version doesn’t flake (I have dry skin), unless all the other drugstore foundations I’ve ever tried on. 

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I received a sample of a Dr.Jart BB cream with my Clarisonic, and I think it is fantastic.  It is heavier coverage that a tinted moisturizer but not as much as foundation.  It only comes in one shade which looks too dark for me but blends out nicely.  If you are darker than a medium shade or very fair it probably wouldn’t work.

I think it evens out my skin tone and has a nice finish even if it doesn’t cover everything.  I really like it and will purchase the full size when my sample runs out.

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You don’t ever need to start wearing makeup regularly unless you feel the need!  My mom (over 50) and grandma bother never wear foundation except for very special occasions and they have great skin. 🙂

BB cream is indeed a cosmetic – you need to take it off at the end of they day.  But it’s makeup with skincare built in, which is why it’s supposed to be really good for you.  I find that a lot of BB creams from non-Asian companies tend to just be repackaged and renamed tinted moisturizeres, however.

Re: your question #1: Yes, they usually ask that question.  Sometimes people do a great job on their makeup and it’s imperceptible – they ask that question to see if they need to remove anything to demo their product on you.  Also, they ask so that they’ll know if they can run makeup remover over certain parts of your face during the demo. (e.g. Most people wouldn’t want their eyebrows/mascara/eyeliner removed)

#2: BB cream does not offer high coverage, but you are the only person who scrutinizes your face very closely, so it could be that it helped and others can’t tell.  It’s all up to you, really – if you feel it made a difference and are comfortable with using it, go ahead!  If you take another look at yourself and decide that it’s not a huge difference/not worth the extra step in your routine, feel free to skip it. 🙂

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There’s a huge difference between US BB Cream and BB Cream from China (where BB cream has been around for years and years).  I’ve tried SO many US BB Creams and always have been disappointed at the lack of coverage.

I now order my BB Cream on Amazon.com from China and swear by it.  I’d suggest going that route if you like the shine but want more coverage.

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Yes it’s normal for them to ask if you have makeup on. You could already be wearing a little bit of tinted moisturizer or translucent powder or something that is hard to see but would affect the way the product they are trying on you would go on. So they check just to make sure if they need to remove anything.

Your mom and friend probably just don’t pay as much attention to/care about how you look as much as you do. Other people usually don’t get right up in our faces and look for imperfections, and you have probably spent a lot more time looking at your skin than they have.

BB cream also doesn’t have a ton of coverage, so it wouldn’t make a huge difference in how you look, so it may not be noticeable to others. But if you liked it and thought it made your skin look nicer, then go ahead and wear it for yourself and don’t worry about what anyone else thinks.

My FH will make similar comments about how I don’t  need makeup when he sees me putting it on. I think he is just trying to give me a compliment, but it annoys me. I know I don’t NEED it, I just like wearing it, so I do.

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Like PPs said, BB creams are glorified tinted moisturizers.  Its more cosmetic with some extra benefits.  With that, it still needs a primer for longevity.  Ive tried many bb creams from $8-$40 and all stay put with primer.  Maybe it had started to fade by the time they saw you?

But if you dont regularly wear makeup, theres no need to start if you dont want to. 

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@MrsWe:  YOU are noticing the difference because you are the one who stares at your face and its perceived imperfections day in and day out. I think that’s what we all do. When you had the BB cream applied and saw that blotch of redness that drives you crazy fade away or that patch of freckles become a bit muted, you were thrilled. Your mom and others probably never gave anything on your face a second look aside from your pretty smile and eyes.

I know that when I apply makeup, sometimes I’m like, “Holy cow, that’s a LOT of makeup!” and then I’ll ask for an opinion from a friend or sister and they’ll be like, “Oooohhhh… you have such pretty skin. I’m glad you didn’t put anything on.” Apparently, they thought I should have looked more like a drag queen. Anyways… it’s you, not the cream or your family.

I have tried Pur Minerals BB cream. It is thick and took a long time to absorb into my skin. I hated it. I now use a tinted moisturizer by NARS which I really like and it has SPF 30 which is another bonus.

I used to use MAC’s powders but found them too drying on me. I also didn’t really care for MAC’s spongey moist compact makeup or liquid foundations (their pigments are awesome though). I use Bare Minerals when I’m not using the NARS and I like that a lot. Nice coverage.

ETA: I’m 35 too. I’ve been wearing makeup since I discovered what makeup was and where my mom hid it in her bathroom. You said, “I’m wondering what is the point of using it if I’m the only one that notices there is a difference.” So do you want people to say “Oh what a pretty painted lady?” or would you like people to think you are simply a natural beauty? I like the natural look most days. That means some tinted moisturizer, eyeliner, mascara and lip gloss. I look pretty, polished and professional but I do not look like a creature of the night. Come the wee hours however, WATCH OUT! Rawr. Ha ha.

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