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Busy bee
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@sfms:  It has never caught on anything but it has hit a lot of things. I freak out at this because i had to change erings because a prong was loose and i lost a diamond in the supermarket.

So I literally cringe when my ering hits anything, then i baby itt making sure everything is ok.lol

I have hitting but no snagging

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Busy bee
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My fiance was worried about this with my ring because he replaced a round diamond that was tucked into the setting with a cushion cut that stands out on its own…I’ve had zero issues with it.

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Sugar bee
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My ring really never catches on things and I have a decent sized stone set up kinda high. I do have a halo setting, though, so it is “protected” if you will. Try looking at bezel-set rings if you are worried about this. A few women here on WB have some gorgeous bezel solitaires worth looking into!

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Busy bee
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@sfms:  I have an invisible set princess cut..with 4 prongs. I love my prongs cuz they are few and not overpowering:

sorry for the huge pic.

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Sugar bee
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I have a ‘pinched between metal’ ring and it’s very strong and secure. It’s smooth, so it never gets caught on anything b/c there are no prongs to catch. Catching is usually the sign of a loose prong, so just take it in and have it looked at if you find it excessively snagging. I will be honest and say that I did loosen my diamond once while I was at work (hospital) but I *cracked* my hand full force on an xray table by accident just right and dinged the metal around the stone. Nothing is indestructable, just don’t abuse your ring like I did!

Here’s a pic of the “suspended” diamond. It’s offically called a half bezel.

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Sugar bee

Never. Literally. 🙂 I used to worry about that being a possibility and I did find a ring that sat slightly lower than a lot of rings we saw. But I’ve never banged it against anything, caught on a pocket, nothing.Pre-ring I worried the small stones would catch and fall out, the prongs would catch, everything would catch. Post-ring it’s been the exact opposite and I am the most clumsy person you could meet. 

Those floating rings are called tension settings. Despite what they look like they’re actually incredibly sturdy – they have to be. But they’re really cool looking. 🙂

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Hmm. I have a 1/3 carat diamond, and I know what you’re saying about too many prongs. I think 6 would be the absolute most I could do. It doesn’t really catch on stuff! Maybe a prong will catch on my towel, but that’s the worst. I bang it on stuff occasionally, but it’s still fine.

Have you seen bezel sets? They don’t have prongs at all.


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Honey bee
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I’m not sure how small you want, but I have a 1 carat asscher. I get it “caught” on clothes when I pull them out of a pile to fold laundry. Thats about it. I do bang it into things because I’m a huge clutz. I would not be worried about catching your stone one anything unless you want a paticularly pointy shape like marquise. My class ring has a marquise and it “catches” on clothes a little more (like when I’m putting on my lace shirt). But its never anything that will hurt the diamond. Honestly if anything was damaged it would have been my clothes, and I don’t think I’ve had any problems with it. I think if you stick with a solitaire you’ll be fine. Mine does sit pretty high, so you will have to get used to that. The best option if you’re worried about it would be getting it bezel set, which I can’t imagine getting caught on anything. Oh and tension settings scare me too. I know it won’t spontaneously fall apart, but most of them look like they will.

ETA: I do pull a stray hair out of the prongs every now and then, but thats because I like to finger comb my hair too much.

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I just got engaged this weekend, and I haven’t had any problems with my ring, which is not flat by any means. My married girlfriends were talking about getting it caught in their hair when they get ready in the morning, but I haven’t had this problem yet. But thinking about it now and even watching myself type… I think I am “babying” my left ring finger because of the new bling!

As much as I love my ring and would never want anything to happen to it, it helps that it is fully insured. If anything did happen to it, I’d be covered. I think that helps to ease my mind.



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Bumble bee
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I seriously never get mine caught on anything and I have a sizable rock at 2.5ct. Unless it is really high set I would not worry too much. Mine is in a 6 prong solitaire setting which helps me feel like it is safer, but I really think that if you have it set properly and checked regularly you will be fine. I think you also get used to it in the first 2 weeks or so as, at least I was, so worried and couscious about it that you kind of learn to do stuff without it getting caught or banged.



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While I was a pretty minimal jewelery wearer before I got my rings and worried a bit too, I found my worries were really quite unfounded. My old ring was a 2 carat equivalent sapphire and I really never banged it on anything or caught it on anything.

If your prongs are catching on things, that is usually the sign of loose prongs or unfinished prongs (not properly polished, etc). Prongs should actually be quite smooth and tight enough to stone that nothing can “catch”. You should get your setting checked regularly.

You can also look at bezel (either full or half) settings. My new set is bezeled. These have no prongs at all to catch, a well done bezel will allow the bezel to be smooth with the stone. Tension settings also lack prongs and are very secure, but you will be limited if you ever need to resize (some places do offer whole new rings if you ever need a size change though!)

You can also look at lower profile settings, as well as stones that are smaller or the types of cuts that are not quite as deep as others, so that there is less “height” off your hand.


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Sugar bee
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My ring has a high setting so yes, it gets caught on things ALL THE TIME. When I first got my ring I didn’t realize just how bad it was to my ring when it snagged on things. Needless to say, after 2 days I had to take my ring back to the jewelers to have the prongs tightened. It took some time to adjust to maneuvere with my ring.

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