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@IUrebekah3RT:  There is no reason you can’t continue to workout and eat well while pregnant. Many of the bees on here had very extreme workout regiments and most of them continued to workout through their pregnancy. You may have to modify your workout to protect your changing body, but you can definitely still be super healthy and pregnant. Yes your body will likely change, but since you are already in shape and have good eating habits, you are likely to regain your shape quickly. 

You are not the only woman to ever feel this way, you just have to come to terms with what you are willing to see change in order to have a baby. Your emotions regarding the weight gain are completely normal. 

Wishing you all the best with the rest of your wedding planning and your TTC journey. 

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Aw, you’re not alone at all! I’ve had two friends that were very health conscious and were similiarly worried. You can absolutely continue with a healthy regime including all kinds of exercise. My only advice would be not to take it to the extreme and trust that a little bit of weight gain is necessary but temporary. Really fit women can bounce back very quickly.

One of my two friends wasn’t as careful as she should’ve been. She let her worry about weight overrun what was best for her and her baby. She started out underweight and didn’t gain sufficient weight, despite her doctor’s warnings, and delivered a very small 4lb baby early after working out extremely heavily and limiting her food intake.

My other friend was more moderate, gained the amount that she needed, but then bounced back and was nearly back to the same shape as she was pre-pregnancy in less than a few months.

People that say they can eat all they want during pregnancy are deluded. That’s horribly bad for them and their baby. If you start with a balanced healthy approach — you’re golden! Just try to breathe through the worry.

Wish you all the best of luck! 

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I am the  same height and weight and felt really nervous about it too! I am now 13 weeks pregnant and get the same amout of exercise and eat about the same as I did before. I think pregnancy weight is different than just gaining weight because there’s some extra fat on butt and thighs but all of the rest of the shape change is actually hard. Like my boobs and belly to touch don’t feel like fat – they’re rock hard. They also don’t really look like fat either. I have had some times where I have felt like I looked a bit fat, but because it doesn’t feel or look like fat, it’s somehow easier to manage!  

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I had a pregnacy scare a while ago, I’m 5’7 and 105 pounds. I run 5 miles a day, it actually keeps me calm, so when I thought I was pregnant, I freaked, for complete selfish reasons but I wasn’t ready to give up working out (my FH had a doctorate in longevity, excerise, biology, etc) so he did a bunch of research and found that running and 30 minute ‘intense’ excersice is actually good for you and the baby. He found another study where running is good up to about 27 weeks (then most midwifes perfer you to stop) and that in a healthy pregnancy you should only be about 5-7 pounds heavier (I know women are going to hate me for this one)

but you have to understand that it’s not like you’ll never lose the weight.

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I was scared of the same thing.

Just because everyone else around you eats crappy food while pregnant doesn’t mean you have to. I stayed mostly primal while pregnant, and I think that helped to minimize/eliminate food cravings and aversions.

You can continue to do the same workouts while pregnant as you did before. Just listen to your body if your body is telling you to slow down.

Breastfeeding also helps shed the baby weight.


Everyone is different. But I bounced back quick. (Too quick! I’m 5’8″. My normal weight is 115, I’m now down to 109 at 5 months post-partum.)


1 week after having baby


6 weeks after having baby

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i was not super fit before i got pregnant but it is totally possible to eat healthy and work out during pregnancy… i am 39 weeks and did zumba until 1 week ago (i have a serious fear of my water breaking during it… lol) and i also was running 1-4 miles a few times a week up until about 26 weeks (it just got to be too much and i couldnt make it through my runs without having to pee 2 times)

so try not to worry too much! if you stick with it you wont have any problems getting your body back after delivery! 🙂

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You’re not alone!  I did a full 26.2 mile marathon in March of ’12, and was actually training for another one when we started TTC.  I am used to working out hard, lifting heavy weights, and maintaining a high level of fitness.  It was definitely kind of scary to see that second pink line, and even now I’m uncertain about how I’ll look after baby.

I will tell you that it’s tough to work out pregnant, mostly because the first trimester is filled with fatigue & queasiness, and the third trimester so far is tough because I’m heavier, so moving around is tough and I’m getting more fatigue than before.

But, all hope is not lost!  I had to decrease the frequency and obviously the intensity of my workouts, but I’m still able to do spin classes, water fitness classes, and even a short zumba class (no jumping!) from time to time.  I jogged (slowly) until about 5 months pregnant- and even did a half marathon 19 weeks along!

I asked my doctor first, of course, to ask what sort of activity guidelines I needed to observe.  She told me that if it were an activity I’ve been doing pre-pregnancy, then I could continue it at a lower intensity during pregnancy.  No new activities, and no highly strenuous workouts, and no very heavy lifting. 

There was some advice on the internet I found regarding heartrate, and found a guideline suggesting 140bpm as the limit.  I asked my doctor, and she said that was dated information, from the ’80s actually, and that the more important factor was how quickly my heartrate would recover from a temporary spike.  I got a heart rate monitor from a local sporting goods store to keep track of things until I figured out how hard to work and when to pull back. 

I have gained a lot of weight (29 weeks, and up almost 30 pounds), but it is mostly in my belly.  I’m actually wearing a pair of pre-pregnancy non-maternity jeans right now… I cheated a little… there is a hair tie through the button hole!  They are snugger in my hips and thighs than before, but they are up, and they are zipped!  Working out isn’t going to keep you from gaining weight or keep your body from changing, but I feel better and am in a better mood when I can get a little workout in, even if it’s not strenuous or difficult.

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@nikix:  Do you have a source or study that says you should only be 5-7 pounds heavier?  That sounds… odd.  I mean, sure, the BABY only weighs 5-7lbs at birth, but then what about the amniotic fluid, placenta, maternal fat stores, and additional blood volume?  Doesn’t that add up to be a LOT more than 7lbs?  Just curious on your source because I’d love to read that and how they break down where that weight is distributed… don’t mean to thread jack!

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@DaneLady:  I said thats the amount of fat AFTER pregnacy, you lose a lot of weight from giving birth that includes losing amniotic fluid, placenta, maternal fat stores, and additional blood volume?

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I am now 12 weeks almost 13 weeks pregnant. I don’t mean to scare you with anything I am about to say. However, I wasn’t prepared AT ALL for what the first trimester has held for me. I will say (and admit I hate this saying) “Every pregnancy is different” that means for the woman and during each pregnancy she has.

From what I understand the first trimester is the worst traditionally. For me, I’ve been nauseas every single waking moment since I was 5 weeks pregnant. I’m on Zofran (prescription drug) for the nausea. I’m STILL nauseous. I can smell things from ridiculous distances. That has rendered me unable to go in my own kitchen without wrapping a scarf around my head/nose. My husband is doing all the cooking. What I can and can’t eat changes on the hour. I used to drink milk every day, now I am lucky if I can down one cup a week. Foods I used to love and crave I can’t even look at now. I can barely eat, but if I don’t eat I get more sick.

You may find out you have no control over what you can / can’t eat. The rule I’ve been told is take your prenatal vitamins and eat what you can. As long as you are gaining some weight that’s good. If you lose weight, that’s bad. Some women do because they can’t keep food down.

I wasn’t probably as fit as you sound like you are. But I did dance, run and practice yoga. I planned on continuing yoga, cutting back on dancing, and walking more instead of running. Reality: I’m in a little ball on my couch most of the time, being sad and sick and feeling like I have the never ending flu. It is healthy to exercise, I just plain can’t, I feel horrid.

On the plus side- I’m gaining the amount of weight I should be gaining, I’m not eating much (can’t) which is in a way compensating for my lack of exercise.

All these responses were so positive. I just wanted to tell you that you don’t know what you can expect until you are actually pregnant. Truth is you might not be able to exercise or eat the way you want. If that happens hopefully it will only be for one trimester but “Every pregnancy is different”. And creating life is truly a sacrifice.

I will add that I think you will get your body back fairly quickly if you breast feed. Babys suck everything right out of you. I foster for rescue groups and I can’t tell you how many skin and bone mamma dogs I’ve seen- they are being fed great, but while you are nursing you give all you got to your babes.

And I was nervous about giving birth too. You might want to check out Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth. That book has a lot of good positive birth stories, which really helps put you in the right mindset to do it. I will also say that being pregnant causes you to lose your fear of the birth because its the cure for pregnancy 🙂

Again, this is just to give you an honest perspective on what may happen. Don’t mean it to be scary or negative.

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@DaneLady:  @nikix:  I agree with DaneLady – a recommendation to gain only 5-7 pounds while pregnant simply cannot be true – that would mean losing weight since the baby is probably more than that.  One of my best friends is pregnant – she was slightly underweight before and the doctor recommended she gain about 25 pounds during her pregnancy.

@IUrebekah3RT:  I bet there are some really helpful books on this topic that help you work through the psychological issues associated with weight gain while pregnant.  I agree with PPs: eat healthily, stay active, don’t deprive yourself, breastfeed, start up your regime again after birth, and you’ll bounce back. Good luck!

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@nikix:  I am curious about that study as well. Considering the average baby weighs between 6 and 8 lbs alone, I don’t know how it is suggested you only gain 5-7, when considering amniotic fluid, placenta and other things.

Web MD says one should expect to gain between 25 and 35 lbs if you start at average weight:


Also, sorry for the personal question, but was that a typo when you said 5’7 and 105lbs? That is insanely skinny! I run 5 days a week and workout on the 6th day and I am 5’7 135lb with lean muscle and quite healthy. I cannot imagine losing 30lbs and being healthy.

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@IUrebekah3RT:  The baby takes what it needs. Don’t eat for two. As long as you eat a relatively healthy diet and take some good pre-natal vitamins, baby will be fine. Don’t forget women have been having kids for eyons before all this advice came about. I think doctors recommend an extra 300 calories/day – which isn’t that much. Do what your body tells you. Some women can only eat crackers for 3 months due to morning sickness and have perfectly healthy babies.

Keep exercising. Your body will tell you when to stop. My mom had me at 36 and my sister at 40, and she didn’t gain any extra weight… just the weight of baby/fluid etc.

You don’t need to drastically change your eating or exercise habits… just do what’s comfortable for you.

It’s the women who use pregnancy as an excuse to stuff their faces that end up gaining 60 lbs.

I admit I am afraid of this too. I am a bit overweight currently, and trying to lose some weight. I love food and am scared I will eat more because I’m already feeling fat and miserable lol. I just have to be smart about it when the time comes!

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