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Sugar bee
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I would absolutely never ever leave my daughter in the car for any amount of time, no matter how close I was.  No way.  Imagine a car hits yours?  What if she starts hysterically crying and coughing?  Too much can happen.  I have a 2 year old and she will never be left in a car.

For showering, I used to take a portable swing and put her right outside the bathroom door, leaving the door open.  It was a lifesaver! 

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Bumble bee
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hspw714:  I wouldn’t leave the baby in the car, no. It’s actually illegal in Australia and people have reported parents for doing it before (even if it was only a few minutes). Aside from that I just wouldn’t want to risk it.

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Sugar bee
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hspw714: I’m not a mum yet (hopefully we’ll have our baby in December), but at this point I don’t see any problem with taking a shower with the kid in another room. Considering the size of our bathroom I kind of have to… 

Now, the car thing feels totally different to me. I’m just terrified of the idea of leaving anything alive in a car when there’s any chance it would be too cold or too warm. We often travel with our cats, and except from rainy fall and spring days I’ll always stay in the car with them if we need to stop (even for something quick like Starbucks).

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Honey bee
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I would never leave my child in the car, and I actually know someone who got the cops called on her for doing that.

For the shower, I’d leave the door open to hear better or have a monitor close by, but I don’t consider it a big deal.

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Busy bee
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I’m not a mom yet (due in October) but I would never leave a baby/child in the car alone. In the house while I shower? Of course as long as they are safe and content.

Have you tried baby wearing? I’ve heard a lot of moms rave about how it helps them while doing chores, shopping, running errands, etc…

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Helper bee

hspw714:  Leave your baby in the car for FIVE minutes while you run inside somewhere?! Say whaaaatttt??? 

It’s such a terribly bad idea to even consider, that I can’t help but chuckle a little. What would you do if someone took off with your car AND your baby?! No, girl.

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Honey Beekeeper
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, can I leave her in her car seat in the car while I run into a restaurant to pick up food? NO

Say I parked right outside the door and the pickup would take 5 minutes oR so.


 Can I shower with her in the next room? yes

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Bumble bee
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Soon2bmarried123:  That’s what I was thinking… the shower is a different story. I would just make sure baby is in a crib, with no choking hazards or other dangers nearby. 

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Bumble bee
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hspw714:  14 years ago, I would leave my son in the car at that age, not running to run in the gas station or something similar. However, the world has hanged a lot and I probably should not have done it then.

I dont even like leaving him in the car alone now. And it happens very rarely.

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Buzzing bee
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I’m with everyone else – I’d never leave my baby in the car unattended. The longest I’ve ever gone was having him in the car seat in the driveway while I ran to open the door (if it was super cold). Definitely illegal in lots of places and extremely unsafe. 

As for the shower – totally. I put the baby in his crib, or in a bouncy seat in the bathroom while I showered. Sometimes when he was little, he’d even stay in hs swing on the lower level of the house if he was asleep (and strapped in) and I needed a shower. I’d just make sure all the doors were locked and he was safe.

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Bumble bee
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hspw714:  As PP’s have said, the car thing is definitely a no, there are just so many risks involved. Coming out of summer here in Australia we literally had news stories every single day of babies being left in hot cars and either having to be taken to hospital or sadly, passing away. Aside from the temp. there are so many other potential risks, its just not worth it. You can get car seats that can be taken straight out of the base and carried as a capsule so that’s an option which makes it easier to pop baby in and out quickly while you run errands.

In terms of shower etc. again, as other bees have mentioned, popping them in a baby seat in the bathroom or just outside the door so you can keep an eye on them is the safest option. I’m sure it feels overwhelming right now but you will find what works for you! And in regards to her having a little bit of a cry while you’re out and about, it will happen, don’t stress. So long as she’s clean, full and comfortable/safe, its ok to let her to fuss a little bit!

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Sugar Beekeeper
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hspw714:  I would never leave baby in the car alone for any amount of time or for any reason personally. Too much can go wrong – e.g., someone hit your car or steal it. Plus, someone would call the cops eventually I’m sure. Not worth te risk.

I leave my baby in her swing or crib when I do other things around the house including showering. I don’t feel the need to have her in the bathroom with me Or even on the same floor. If she cries, I’ll be out in a few moments to get her. 

My general rule is I don’t like to let her cry for more than 5 minutes. If I’m driving, the time gets bumped up a bit Since she’s usually crying because her paci fell out – not something worthy of pulling over for. I’ve never actually had to pull over driving, she usually falls asleep or calms down after a few minutes. 

If she melts down shopping and I’m almost done I keep going. If I just started I usually will go to the car and feed/change her and see if she calms down then go back in. I have a white noise app on my phone that calms her down in 10 seconds flat so that’s handy while we are out and about to not make too much noise! 

You could try baby wearing too to get more done around the house. 

Youll get into a groove and figure out what works for you guys! Baby will cry when you’re out sometimes, it’s okay! I find that it’s better for everyone if I remain calm and don’t get anxious about it. Ignore the stares, you’re not going to see those people ever again Anyways! I don’t really care about baby crying in Target or at the mall. At a restaurant is a different story and I’ll remove her immediately until she calms down.

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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I, personally think people have gone completely overboard with the car thing, but it’s defintely not a good thing to do now-a-days.

I know a girl who had a 6 month old who had been mildly sick and not sleeping well for a couple days. She was running an errand with him in his carseat and he fell asleep. Finally. She had called ahead and was literally running into the store for 2 minutes. It was October and 60 degrees out. She parked in the shade. She decided not to desturb him and leave him in his car seat. She literallly ran into the store, picked up her item, ran her credit card and was back out in 2-3 minutes. But someone saw the baby and called he cops. She was reported to CPS and they took the baby overnight. She was devastated. She was breastfeeding and wouldn’t take breatmilk in bottles. She got him back quickly but was required to take several days of parenting classes/ At the time she was 3 months pregnant and she said that if she hadn’t been pregnant at the time, she would have never had another child. She’s a great mom and I truly belive that her child was in no real danger in his car seat for a few minutes. But people really err on the side of caution, so you have to think about how things will be viewed from the outside. 

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Sugar bee
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hspw714:  I’m not a mom, but I won’t leave my dog unattended in a car. So, no it is not acceptable to do that with a baby

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