(Closed) Question about Spay. Should I be concerned?

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I’d prefer to pick her up the same day- we were allowed to take our dog home shortly following the surgery.

HOWEVER I will say, she is going to be fine- our girl was SO groggy from the anesthesia that when we got her home she was soooo out of it and was pretty much passed out until the next day anyway.

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No, I would not leave my pet there overnight, especially knowing that someone was not going to be there the whole time. We had our 6 month old puppy spayed in October 2012. We dropped her off that morning at 7am and picked her up at 4pm. She did NOT spend the night there, they just kep her long enough so she woke up from the anesthesia. We brought her back 1 week later so they could check her incision, see her progress, etc.

I can tell you that our puppy did sleep for like the next 24 hours straight – she was sooo tired after the surgery, if that makes you feel better about leaving her!

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My vet wanted to keep my girl overnight as well.  I said no, she would be better off at home where there was someone around full time.   I think they made me sign a form that it was against their advice and I was happy to do that.  I picked her up 5 minutes before they closed the clinic for the day. 

I made sure she was quiet, didn’t jump,  let her lick a few ice cubes until I heard gurgles in her tummy, then just let her have a few small bites of food.   I took her in the next morning so they could do a post-op exam (listen to her gut, take a temp, look at the incision, etc).   I made sure I had some pain meds at home with me, but didn’t need them until much later.   

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When I got my girl spayed I dropped her off first thing in the morning and picked her up that evening. I did not want her to stay overnight! She was easy to take care of that night, they gave me painkillers to give her and I was allowed to give her a little bit of water (and a little bit of food the next day). She spent the whole night snuggling on the couch with me and was her normal self the next day.


Personally I would see a different vet if I had to leave my dog there overnight unattended.

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It’s perfectly normal for her to stay overnight. Male dogs can normally go home the same day while they usually make the females stay overnight since the surgery is so much more intensive. She will be absolutely fine! She won’t be anxious or wondering where you are because she truly will be SO tired from the anesthesia. Ours was so groggy the next day I had to practically carry her to the car and inside the house (she’s not small haha). She still slept pretty much that whole day. We just made sure she didn’t lick at her stitches and she was up and back to normal the next day.

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We send neuters home the same day and keep spays one night.  The spays get injectable pain medication overnight that is stronger than the pain medication they are sent home with to control pain in the immediate post-op period.  This medication will also cause them to be sedate.  Ask them if at the midnight check they are giving them pain medication.  I think from an anxiety point of view your dog will be ok, because it can take a while to fully recover from anesthesia and her pain medication will cause sedation.

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We had our girl spayed a little after her first birthday and we chose to take her home the same day. We dropped her off around 7am and picked her up that afternoon around 3 or 4pm. We did get her an extra injection of pain medication that made her super groggy and she had IV fluids after her procedure to keep her from getting dehydrated, perk her up etc. Our vet was okay with her coming home since we lived close by if we needed anything and were near several emergency vets if she had a problem during the night. Like yours, they don’t have all night care and her vet felt we could monitor her overnight if there was a problem.

My Darling Husband lifted all 50lbs+ of her carefully in and out of the car and she was able to walk to her crate and get comfy. We had a new memory foam bed to keep her supported and she slept through most of the next 24 hours. She was really tired after surgery but she definitely felt more comfortable and slept better in her bed vs the a kennel at the vet. Even when she was groggy, she wasn’t fully comfortable there.

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You should be able to pick her up the same day.

BUT to be honest she will be so groggy from the meds she will probably sleep all night and not be anxious at all. 

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I wonder if they do their surgeries later in the afternoon.  At the vet’s office where I work, surgeries are always either late in the morning if a doctor has finished all of their scheduled appointments or surgeries are started around lunch time at the latest.  Spays and neuters always get sent home the same afternoon after they’ve woken up and had a chance to get the anesthesia out of their system.  

I think you should ask exactly why they want to keep her overnight.  I’m curious as to why because the concept is foreign to me.  

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I know it’s common for some places to keep them over night, but unless someone is going to be there the entire night I think I’d definitely feel better taking her home. Maybe you could request her surgery be done earlier in the morning and take her home that evening.

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Our vet usually does an overnight hold on pets that are spayed, with the same kind of schedule- a tech checks in once during the night.  At the time we had our dog spayed, we were sharing a single vehicle, and if we couldn’t pick up the same day, we couldn’t do the surgery as Darling Husband would be at work with the car all day when the vet was open.

 We were able to get special permission to pick up at 5pm the day of the surgery.  When we did the vet told us that one of the main reasons they prefer next day pick ups was because pet parents would get very worried something was wrong with their pet overnight when it was really just the normal reaction to anesthesia.  He told us to expect her to be very groggy/sleepy, not want to walk around or stand up, possibly vomiting or diahrea.  We were supposed to offer her small amounts of water but not get to worried if she wouldn’t take any until the following morning, not offer food to following morning etc.  He mentioned that keeping the animals overnight cut down on calls/trips to the emergency vet for the normal effects of being put to sleep for surgery.  

What he told us made sense, and if he hadn’t been so detailed in his list of what might occur overnight, I might have ended up with an unnessecary trip to the emergency vet as well.  In your situation I might let her stay overnight, as the PP have mentioned she will most likely still be half asleep from the anesthesia, and wont care where she is or whats going on.  

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