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    I don’t have children yet so I can’t speak as a parents but 7 is not too young at all. I had tryouts for teams at 7. Played junior olmpics softball and ran track by the age of 10. I personally hate the kids don’t get grades anymore and there are no scores to games and everyone wins. How are these kids going to learn the value of practice and hard work if no matter what we do we tell them they are a winner. If I was playing a sport and wanted to get better I went down to the park and practiced after school. I do think that all kids should get a chance to play at that age and everyone gets recognized for participation but we need to insert a little drive into these kids.

    The league sounds great and your son sounds like he loves it. He is striving to reach a goal and enjoys it. I can’t see how that is a bad lesson to learn. I mean if the coaches were always putting him down and he was crying then that’s a different story.

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    Also, if kids always think the are the best and noone ever tells them otherwise how are they going to learn. What happens when you finally give a score and grades when they are 12. I can see all of these hormonal children pulling tantrums because they just found out for the first time that things don’t get handed to them.

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    @stardustintheeyes- Darling Husband and I are expecting our first and lately we have had these discussion is our house a lot. His niece doesn’t get a grade until 5th grade and his nephew in 2nd doesn’t need to spell correctly as long as he is writing. I just don’t know how this is good for the children so Darling Husband and I were talking about what we we do at home to offset this society of putting our children in a bubble. And like you said, we did it at 7 and turned out perfectly fine.

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    7 is a great age to start — my future step son is 11 and just started playing flag football with a bunch of kids who have been playing soccer, football, and baseball since they were 3; aka – he is way behind and it’s frustrating for him because all these kids know what they’re doing and know how to play as a team.  If he’s interested in doing it, and enjoys it, I say go for it. 

    My friend put her sons in “real” football 3 years ago (age 6 and 8) — those coaches were harsh and tough and mean and I was ready to freak out on them, but the kids loved it and are still happily playing it.

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    “I want him to realize that it takes work to excel at something and that he should always be working to be the best version of himself that he can be no matter what it is that its in regards to. sports, school, work, etc.”


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    I’m in the hockey world and have coached younger kids. We start competitive hockey at like 5 years old lol. It’s still FUN, but it’s not a “Yaaaay everybody wiiinnnsss!” sort of pansy-ass cop-out league (tell me how you really feel…right? lol). There are playoffs, and the kids are expected to listen to the coaches and try the best within their limits. The coaches know what these kids can do, and are there to build a team and let everybody get some playtime in, while still trying to get to the playoffs. The kids love it. A few ages up, things start to get REALLY competitive though, and the best kids are pulled into travel and the not so great kids are put into house league, but it’s still “competitive”.

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    I’m a youth worker and working through a masters in youth development, and in my organization the kids in grades K-2 do not compete, research shows many reasons on why we do that.  In grade 3 we give the parents the option to compete like the older youth, or to be with the younger ones, and a lot of times that comes down to the child’s development.  Some children develop faster than others, and as his mom you will know what is best for him at his stage.  If you do put him in the competing league, have a talk with him about winning & losing & hardwork.

    I’m sure you will make the best descision for you son!

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    Depends on the kid. Some kids just aren’t cut out to do competitive sports, period. And that’s fine. I’ve met many a kid who just doesn’t seem to care about things like running fast as opposed to slow or being first as opposed to 2nd. From little 7 year olds to teenagers. It’s always tough when those kids parents are really competitive themselves because it just makes the kids feel like they’re wired wrong. Then some are so competitive you have to help them chill out because they are so hard on themselves or sometimes way too aggressive.

    Basically, know your kid and don’t force them to be something they’re not. Participating is great as long as they’re enjoying themselves and getting something out of it.

    (I coach kids :))

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    I think it depends on the kid, but in your case it sounds like it’s right for him at this age.  I think your statement “I want him to realize that it takes work to excel at something and that he should always be working to be the best version of himself that he can be no matter what it is that its in regards to. sports, school, work, etc.” really resonated with me because I was never the kid into competitive sports.  I loved hitting around the tennis ball, I was on cheerleading for many years, and I have been skiing since age 5, but that’s about where the physical activities ended for me.  I wouldn’t have had fun in a competitive league and not because I don’t want to lose or I don’t care about working hard.  It just doesn’t appeal to me.  I worked hard in those things I did but I’m not the kind of person with a drive to be the best and I’m glad my parents did not push that on me.

    But, it seems like your son is doing great so far with it and likes it.  I think though that if it stops being fun for him, I would not push it on him.

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    Back in the 80s, there were winners and losers.  We still had fun.  I don’t agree with the “let’s not keep score, EVERYONE wins!” crap because it doesn’t teach kids a damned thing.

    I played organized sports starting when I was 6 (ice hockey).  I had to play on a boy’s team since there was no girls hockey back then.  I sucked and never scored, but I still had fun!

    ETA: Obviously my parents taught us that winning wasn’t everything and that having fun was the main goal.  As long as you go in with the right attitude for your kid, they should be fine.

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