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@gettinghealthy38:  Cardio works best for me. Not Running but walking fast and jumping rope during breaks. I actually have a jump rope in my home gym that is just the handles so it doesnt get tangled on my feet/furniture. its from iron gym.

As for weigths maybe try doing stuff that uses your natural body weight like pilates? Or even isometrics.

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I lost close to 70 pounds when I was in my late teens and I’ve kept it all off ever since. I found that the most profound change was my diet – cutting out bread, pasta and any types of treats. That might sound boring, but it’s a life style change that I now used to (10 years) and I can’t imagine life any other way. So, my first advice would be:

1) Really analyse your food patterns – what you eat, how much, and how often (keep your eye open for those little snacks that you tend to want to ignore – use an online tool, like calorie count)

2) Make sure that you eat healthy and versatile, try to cover the nutrients you need to keep up. Iron and potassium can be very tricky, so consider a multivitamin

3) Begin with an exercise routine that you like, not only what you think might be best for you. I did cross-country skies back when I lost the major chunk of my weight and it was super efficient as well as very enjoyable. If you’re not used to work outs, I would begin to take longer walks or perhaps swim a few times a week. Then you could do a few short sessions of weight in between, but not focus on that

4) Set up a goal – “I want to lose the weight by this time and if I do I get…”. Small things to motivate you really helps! Like, a new set of training clothes once you’ve lost X pounds and perhaps a trip somewhere once it’s all off


Good Luck!

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Yes it will make a difference because muscle eats fat. The more muscle you have, the leaner you get.  But you can’t weight train and judge your progress by the number on the scale. You need to make the tape measure your new best friend instead.

My Maid/Matron of Honor and I both have trips south booked for March. Additionally, I have a strapless dress to rock in September.  We work out together 4 days per week in the morning (before work) and do: 2 days basic full body weight training (12 exercises), 2 days of HiIT on the treadmill (takes about 25 mins, tops). Our goal right now is to lose the holiday fat. (After March, mine will change to having a scuplted back, chest and arms, so no cardio for me until about a month before the wedding)

I’m not a fan of long duration steady state cardio at all, as it catabolic (muscle wasting). HiIT does not have the catabolic effect, and significantly increases afterburn (calories your body burns once you stop exercising).

The best way to increase your resting metabolism is to change your body composition by increasing muscle mass. Keep at the weights (and lift heavy! My Maid/Matron of Honor is new to weight training and I made it clear to her the only time I wanted to see a 5lb weight in her hand was when she was doing certain shoulder exercises. Most women are far stronger than they think and get intimidated by heavier weights). Learn about proper nutrition when weight training so your time in the gym is productive (i.e. replenishing protein stores after training).

You get out what you put in, so be honest with yourself and work hard. Keep a training journal so you can see your progress on paper (you will see improvements in your journal before you see them on the scale or the tape measure, and that will help keep you motivated). Don’t starve yourself (min 1600 cal per day).  Change it up every 6 weeks.


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I’ve lost a total of 60+lbs and most of it was through healthy eating and cardio (running), but I do incorporate low-weight and body resistance activities.  Jillian Michaels does a great job of creating short, effective weight/cardio combo routines that use fairly light weights but get the job done.  Maybe check out her DVDs; you wouldn’t have to do them every day (unless you wanted to; I had great results with Ripped in 30), but mix them in to your cardio routine.  For example, if you are doing 4 cardio workouts per week, do the weight training on your non-cardio days.

Ditto PPs; really examine your diet, because that’s where most of your weight loss is going to come from.  Focus on foods with a low calorie density, like veggies, fruits, whole grains, and add high calorie density foods sparingly (nuts, meats, dairy).  Most of my diet is fruits/veggies/whole (in that order), and I am able to eat a ton of food without worrying about the effect on my waistline.  Make your food at home, rather than eating out, so that you see what goes into the food and you can exercise portion control.  If you don’t already have one, get a good non-stick pan so that you can cook your food without added oils; use veggie broth or water instead.  Just a tablespoon of olive oil packs 140 calories, and that adds up FAST!

Best of luck to you going forward!

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