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    My egg retrieval will be next month, and it will be our first round of IVF.  The thread below is from a Bee currently pregnant with twins from IVF, perhaps she could tell you about how many she transferred and what her experience has been.  I have a friend who recently announced their IVF pregnancy.  They transfered just one, and it split so they have identical twins.  It’s high risk and they need an ultrasound every week.  A good friend of mine has a friend who transferred 2, and one of them split, so she carried 3.  Lots of time on bedrest, and lots of time in NICU.  I read past posts by a Bee who transferred 2, both took, and one of them split into 3!  Even though one of the 3 stopped developing shortly thereafter, so she had “just” 3 total, she had to do selective reduction.  I’m terrified of twins.  The risks for both mom and the babies are so much higher.  I’m very much hoping that my RE tells me that we have a perfect blast so we can feel good about our chances transferring just one.


    If you go onto resolve.org and post on the boards there, you’ll get a lot of info from people with all sorts of experience with IVF (and lots of them with twins).  From what I’ve gathered from those boards, the only people who transfer more than 2 are those who are older (40ish) or have poor quality embryos.  I don’t recall ever reading about a young woman transferring 3 good quality embryos.  I’m actually surprised that your RE would be willing to do that.

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    I didn’t vote because both of my cycles so far I transferred 1 and none stuck. We have been doing single transfers because twin pregnancies are more risky (of course, many people have perfectily healthy twins, but statistically speaking they are at higher risk of all sorts of complications). We would rather try multiple times and end up with 1 healthy baby (and then try again for a 2nd single baby in the future) than to risk having unhealthy twins.

    If both you and your Darling Husband are under 35 you may be good candidates for elective single embryo transfer — not saying that’s what you should do, especially if you truly want twins, but it may be worth just checking out. There is info from the American Society for Reproductive Medicine here: http://www.asrm.org/uploadedFiles/ASRM_Content/News_and_Publications/Practice_Guidelines/Committee_Opinions/eSET-nonprintable.pdf

    It’s a very personal decision, of course. It depends on how many children you want at one time, how willing you are (and whether you are able to afford) to do multiple IVF cycles, and your own personal affinity or aversion to risk. As @HopefulForLittleOne  said, they can split once you transfer them so you can end up with more than you transfer.  I would also be surprised if your RE would recommend transferring 3 given your age and the potential for high order multiples. To me it seems like transferring 2 is most common in the U.S., though with an increasing number of people electing to transfer 1 (still the minority though!).


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    @lolabee:  Best of luck to you.  Feel free to join us on the TTC 1+ board, where the ladies are so very supportive and people offer first hand experience with IUI and IVF.  I too really hope that it works for us on the first try.  Darling Husband is going through an invasive procedure, and this may be his only shot at a biological child.  But singleton pregnancies are no where near as risky as risky as multiples, and, as NYCkitten said, I’d much rather have one healthy child than unhealthy twins.  Depending on how many embryos you have, you may also be able to freeze extra embryos for transfer later.  Now they are predicting that frozen transfers will be how IVF is done in the future, as embryos that survive freeze/thaw are thought to be the strongest embryos, and doing a frozen cycle allows the body some time to rest after going through all the stims, and gives the embryo a better chance.  So its quite possible that you’ll have a better chance of success with a fresh and then frozen cycle, rather than putting in a whole bunch in one fresh cycle.  No need to put all you eggs in one basket (pardon the pun).  Of course, doing an FET means more $$, but not nearly as much as another full round.

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    @lolabee:  I get the not being able to emotionally handle the IVF not working the first time. We are meeting with our RE tomorrow to discuss starting IVF next month. After 10 years of TTC, many other fertility treatments done and failed but never attempting IVF, I’m terrified of it not working the first time either.

    I’m almost to the point and maybe it’s my age too, that if it does NOT work and we don’t have any embryos to freeze, I’m at the point of saying I’ve tried everything! I’ve been trying to imagine a life childless but it’s not working.

    I had posted a couple of weeks ago about the same thing as you. I don’t want more than 2 transferred but after reading the statistics and hearing how the embryo can split into twins, I’m more convinced of just transferring ONE! I want to find out what my RE thinks my success rate is given my hormone levels, etc. since I’ve read that each case is different in that regard.

    Best of luck to you!!!! 

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