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@hoogirl05:  I have a MW and we have planned homebirths! I had an obgyn, hospital birth with my first & it’s just not something I’ll ever do again.

Difference I found were as follows.

Obgyn/hospital birth:

prenatal care: My appt were very quick & I usually waiting quite some time. I often forgot the questions I had or sometimes felt very rushed to get through them if I did get to ask them (this has been the consensus I’ve seen with most obgyns). I had the standard lab/us/tests and there wasn’t alot of room for discussion of them or whether or not they were really necessary. Cervical checks began around 36 weeks & induction talk came up when I wasn’t making pre labor “progress” and on my edd I was told if I didn’t go into labor over the weekend I’d have an induction at 40+6.

birth: I did not have my obgyn for the delivery. I ended up being that statistic of the “cascade of intervention” and was really subject to hospital policy. I wanted a natural vaginal birth but got the exact opposite.

Labor started just a day later & I arrived at the hospital after 17 hrs of prodromal labor at 2cm, only b/c the on-call ob told me “you can come in & get checked if you want” & hung up on me when I called with a question. I immediately was augmented, then caved to the use of Stadol b/c a nurse asking me literally 10 times in just a few minutes if I was “sure I didn’t want anything”. I then had my membranes ruptured, and internal fetal monitor placed, then an epi placed “just in case” and ulitmately an emergency cesarean due to fetal distress & failure to progress (after a total of 31 hours my last cervical check was 8cm).

Midwife/out of hospital birth:

prenatal care: All of my appts were in my home (of course with a birthing center MW this would likely be different) and were all 45+ minutes long. My DH joined me when he was home & my MW was open & encouraging of answering any question he had as well… same with my mom joining me which my MW encouraged anyone wanting to know more about me care or to be part of the birth to do. It was a great relationship & I was really made to feel empowered about every decision that was made in my prenatal care. Only necessary tests were ordered & they were discussed in detail on why they were needed. I had 1 cervical check at 36 weeks b/c I requested it & another ON my edd only b/c my MW was coming from oot & thought she’d “just see” if she needed to stick around… I didn’t have another cervical check until I was in labor at 41+4.

birth: You can read my birthstory here

Even though it didn’t go exactly as planned, I still got my vbac AND was incredibly empowered by my birth! I was able to have the security and control I needed as a laboring mom & I held my autonomy as a consumer to make the best choices for me & my baby.. with the experience of a competent provider. I really couldn’t ask for a better experience & am planning my 2nd homebirth for this coming spring…. praying that this outcome is even better as our hospital stay was horrendeous & only further affirmed me never wanting to return (aside from truly needing too).

Goodluck with whatever you decide! Hope you can make the best, most informed choice you can for you & your future bebe! =)

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I saw a midwife practice who works out of the hospital I work for.  I didn’t have to specifically request a midwife or specifically request to NOT see an OB. 


I had a fantastic hospital delivery, and was able to have the intervention-free birth I planned.  It’s worth noting, as well, that my cousin delivered a few weeks before I did with an OB in the same hospital and also had a very positive birth experience. 


I think it boils down to findind a provider who matches your attitude and mindset.  Find someone YOU trust, who makes you feel comfortable, and who has policies you agree with, regardless of whether they’re a nurse midwife, midwife, or OB/Gyn.

ETA- link to my birth story: http://boards.weddingbee.com/topic/babydane-makes-an-appearance#axzz2XooGjzKg

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Here’s a birth story from my doula. Her first (read it on Olivia’s Birth Story) was at a hospital while she ended up transfering to the midwives early in her second trimester with her second child.


She’s one of the many reason I’m going with the midwives at the same hospital. I do have a fantastic birth center close by however it’s not close enough and my insurance doesn’t cover it. My birth plan includes the hospital I work in. That said, you have an option of picking between the midwives or a traditional ob/gyn. I scheduled all my appointments and birth plan through the midwives.

As @runsyellowlites said, the difference is a lot. I would suggest watching “The BUsiness of Being Born”. It’s an eye opener!

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@hoogirl05:  No problem…. the model of care between obgyn & midwifery is just… different!

As for switching, you can discuss your concerns with your obgyn if you like OR you could just see a MW & let you MW get your records. Either way you might risk losing your gyno for switching… some providers don’t like being told their type of care doesn’t match a patients needs.

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The buisness of being born is a real eye-opener that’s for sure! I’m commenting to follow…..your chart is looking GREAT by the way,  I am crossing my fingers for you!

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Ugh. I was at my first OB appointment (7 weeks), and the lady was saying that I would give birth with one of SEVEN possible doctors! And while she was nice, she was the genetics counselor lady, and NOT a delivery doctor. Apparently, I will meet with all 7 during my pregnancy, for an average of five minutes each appointment! I won’t have any one doctor familiar with my pregnancy!

I left the appointment and was like “Why don’t I have a midwife, again?”

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@BrandNewBride:  This is how my practice is, too only with 5 doctors.  The practice works on a rotation model, so you see different doctors every time and one of the 5 will deliver for you.  It’s not for everyonoe, of course but it doesn’t really bother me assuming everything is normal and I’m low-risk.  If i had any sort of complications, I’d likely switch to a different practice that doesn’t operate on a rotation like that.

I think it comes down to personal preference. I don’t mind seeing different doctors every time, I’ve heard great things about all 5 in the practice.  However, I’m sure plenty of other women would not be comfortable with this type of practice.  To each their own, you’ve got to do what is best for you and what you’re most comfortable with. Every doctor has their own style and personality, you’ve got to find what works for you! 

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commenting to save.

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I think the only real qualm with the way most obgyn practices work is you run into the issue of having 1 or 2 of the providers in the practices not having the same birth philosophy as you or the obgyn you’ve chosen so even if you feel confident your chosen obgyns care in delivery that doesn’t mean that the others would uphold the same desires or even respect your rights as a patient.

I know the obgyn that delivered me couldn’t have cared less about what I wanted intervention wise & she dropped the “dead baby” card on me when telling me I was going to have a cesarean (which I wasn’t even opposing). =/

I like having 1 care provider that is devoted to me through my pregnancy AND my birth since MW generally are with you alot more than obgyns (which really just have the nurses monitor you & come in to oversee occasionally & deliver the baby… which most are also pretty bossy as to how you need to do that).

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@hoogirl05:  I switched practices from one I’d been going to for 5 years. My decision was based primarily on location but also on the fact that I’m high risk And wanted the best in the area. 

I would say switch if you want to go the midwife route. You can always go back. 

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@hoogirl05:  as for the business of being born- I say watch it with a critical eye. It doesn’t present both sides of the story in a balanced way and is very skewed to MW. That’s fine- it’s their agenda, but it’s like a Michael Moore opinion-documentary. 

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