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Worker bee
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I’m an ethical vegetarian and in any situation like that I will usually ask if anyone else I’m eating with would like the meat portion of my dish (there are always takers). Honestly I’ve never had to throw away meat in a dish for that reason. Hypothetically though if there was no one else to give it to I would just eat around it. In addition to abstaining from meat because of the ethical side, I also don’t like the taste and after being a strict veg for 3+ years I think it’d make me sick.

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Buzzing Beekeeper

I was a vegetarian for 15 years, and still am when not eating with husband. I respect your outlook but disagree. When that has happened to me I do not eat the meat and try not to eat what it has touched. When I have with pork or beef I have become ill so it isn’t worth it. Other veggie friends have the philosophy of “I do not eat meat by choice, this is not an exception”

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Busy bee

I just can’t eat a dead animal. That grosses me out. I’d give it to someone else and wouldn’t eat anything it touched. 

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Worker bee

I have to agree with the others, I’ve been a strict vegetarian all my life and I personally won’t eat anything that meat has touched, so picking out the meat just isn’t an option for me.  It literally makes me sick to my stomach to even think about it, but then on the other hand I know other vegetarians who will pick out potatoes that were cooked in meat juice and eat those.

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Helper bee

I won’t eat it. Personally, I don’t feel like food waste trumps eating a dead animal. I genuinely think I would throw up from the taste and texture of it, regardless of anything else. If someone else wants it, I will gladly offer it up. Depending on the meal, I may forego eating entirely because when it comes down to it, I would rather not eat than ever eat meat. (Ie, pepperoni pizza – if you remove the pepperoni, the taste is still all over the pizza.)

I feel like by your argument, there’s no reason to abstain from meat at all because animals will be killed for food regardless of whether I personally partake in the outcome or not. The meat industry doesn’t care if you, as an individual, eats meat or not. You’re not going to affect their profit margins, they didn’t notice when you stopped eating meat, they wouldn’t care if you started again. But my ethics don’t go away, regardless of whether or not they have an impact on the meat industry.

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Buzzing bee
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Agree with all of the above posters. I’ve been a vegetarian (verging more towards vegan over the past year or so) for over 11 years. I cannot stand the taste of meat anymore and notice it right away if I were to accidentally eat it. I would ask if anyone else wanted the meat, but I can’t really think of the last time something like this happened to me. I would definitely throw it away. One could use the situation as an opportunity to discuss vegetarianism and start a dialogue – without being preachy!

Aside from ethics, I also don’t eat meat for health reasons. First of all, a lot of meats aggravate my acid reflux. And secondly, there are numerous benefits to not eating meat, including increased heart health and improved digestive health.

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Bee Keeper

lightningbumble :  Well I’m not vegetarian but I’ve been hit with a sudden gross out of meat. So we’ve eaten a lot of veggie meals recently. Eggs, beans, rice and veggies. Yogurt and green smoothie. We had a bunch of cooked chicken that we finished first but it kind of made me feel sick.

But I would have felt guilty throwing it away. So I kind of get that part of it. But there is so much food waste that I think if you’re really opposed to meat you don’t need to eat it to avoid waste. There is waste and you should do what makes sense for you. 

I’m not sure if this is how veggie people start off but I’ve had very little recently and I don’t miss it, I used to love steak and now I see an ad for it and it grosses me out. I’ve also got food allergies so not sure how long this can go. 

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Blushing bee
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Like a PP mentioned, I would offer the meat portion to someone else. If there were no one else to take it, I would figure out a way to take the meat home to split amongst my cats and dogs. If that was also not an option, I would have to throw the meat away. While it would sadden me that an innocent animal was slaughtered and their meat not even consumed, I know eating it would make me ill.

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Busy bee
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I used to be vegan, and now I only eat meat and dairy selectively. I do this for ethical purposes – specifically sustainability and animal cruelty (as in, animals living in inhumane conditions – I do not necessarily think the act of eating meat is animal cruelty).

Anyway, I do believe that individuals should be responsibile for the power that comes with their consumer decisions, however small an impact that may seem to make. That means that I don’t purchase animal products that don’t aline with my own moral standards for myself. But if I’m a guest in someone’s home, my perspective changes. If the host asks, I will share my views with them, but I never make demands about what they should or shouldn’t cook and serve. If someone else prepares it with love for me, I’ll eat it. My thinking is similar to the OPs here – once it’s bought, we may as well not be wasteful. The real power is in the purchase. 

When I came off being vegan though, I did have a lot of trouble digesting red meats and dairy (and still do, from time to time). I think sometimes vegetarians get a bad rep for being snobby by turning down food, when the truth is the food might actually make them sick.

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Helper bee
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Cross contamination isn’t a concern for me so I’d probably just eat the pasta or whatever and leave the meat, if I was served it by mistake in a restaurant I’d just send it back as it’s not what I ordered or paid for. 

Plus I find the argument of waste kinda defeats the point of vegetarianism (in an ethical sense) because meat gets wasted regardless, like how life gets wasted regardless. Also I feel like it opens up other loopholes, like if someone else pays for the food and yea i just wouldn’t go with that.

Tbh I am vegetarian for ethical reasons and part of that is I don’t feel comfortable eating a dead animal, I don’t think wasting it is a good enough reason because I think it’s a waste anyway as I don’t think we need to eat meat. 

Each to their own though every person and veggie is different 😂😊

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