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I would also like to know this info. Bump!

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I haven’t had our kid yet (due in 2 months), but I think there are so many factors that go into it that you might be better off using this as a forum to see what kind of expenses go into children, rather than exact numbers. For example, if you need childcare, that can range from $200 – $2000/ month depending on where you are in the country, and what kind of care you want. The cost of adding a child to your insurance can range from insignificant to exorbitant. Disposable diapers vs. certain cloth options can make a difference of $1000+ over the course of a year. You can spend $900 on a brand new Bugaboo or find a nice used stroller on Craigslist for $100.

People mention the book “Baby Bargains” on a few other threads, and I find that to be a really good resource for helping you to plan- at the end of every chapter, they give you kind of the range of what you could spend in a given category based on whether you want to stick to basic budget options (that are still safe and reasonably good-quality) or go high-end on everything. Next time you’re in a bookstore, I’d recommend flipping through that, should be helpful.

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I honestly don’t know if I can quantify it. Diapers and formula will run you about $60/week for the first couple months, so there’s, what, $240 extra a month for those two things. You will have several well baby checkups for vaccinations the first couple months- usually every 2 months, then as they are older, they space out to every 3. Nursery furniture will cost you probably $600 at a minimum. You will probably have to buy all their clothes once they outgrow newborn clothes, because everyone gives you newborn clothes at your showers, not clothes for older babies (partly because they are thinking immediate gratification and use, partly because those clothes may not be in season when your baby is born). Childcare will add more, but I can’t say exactly how much because I stay home with our daughter. When they stop taking formula, you will go through probably 3 gallons of milk a week, and baby/toddler finger foods are usually close to a dollar apiece. (Less for baby food, unless you’re buying organic, but the toddler foods are at least that.) I don’t know if I can give you a solid number that our budget increased by each month, because they’re unpredictable. Some months they need new stuff, like more interactive toys, or a Bumbo seat or whatever, and you’ll spend extra on that stuff. Some months they will be sick and need prescriptions and doctor visits. All kinds of stuff. Kids aren’t cheap!

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We haven’t had ours yet but she hasn’t been all that expensive.  We’ll end up spending between $500-$700 to set up her nursery and get cloth diapers and all doo dads that we didn’t receive as hand me downs or gifts. 

Right now our cost is

$100 for the stroller off craigslist

Duplicate crib we were given and just got them a gift in exchange

$60 on some cloth diapers – 4 covers, couple prefolds, 2 pockets and an AIO (this will increase depending on how many we receive at the baby shower but I don’t see us needing to spend more than $200-300)

$5 for two moby wraps (I made myself)

$25 for changing table off of craigslist

$50 for random nursery decorations, this will increase but I’ve mainly just taken stuff we already had and made it nursery useable.

So we still anticipate spending around $400 or so after the baby shower but my Mother-In-Law is gifting us the car seat and we’ve received a butt load of clothes there’s no way I’m buying more of those (unless I see something really cute which will probably happen).  I’m going to be nursing so need to spend on formula, just some breast feeding stuff.  I’m going to be working from home after she’s a couple months old.  So we’ll see but our set up costs haven’t been that much, we do have lots of family on both sides and she’s the first grand kid so gifts have been plentiful.  Her medical insurance will be for sure the most costly additional thing and I think is about $125 a month.

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Also think about maternity leave- my workplace doesn’t offer paid maternity leave, so all I get is FMLA. I plan to take all 12 weeks, but the sick/vacation time I’ve accumulated will only cover about a week or two of that, so that leaves me with 10-11 weeks of unpaid leave.

As others have pointed out, how much YOU spend will also depend on what you’re given from others. If you can get hand-me-down cribs and other furniture, you’ll save a lot. We’re benefitting a ton from the fact that we’ve had family members gift us pretty much all our big-ticket items (crib, the pricey organic mattress I wanted, stroller, carseat, Ergo, pack and play, etc.)- the only big-ticket item we’ll have to buy ourselves is the breast pump (which can run $200-$300- a lot more than I anticipated before I started looking into such things!)

I think one thing that’s good to remember is that when it comes to baby STUFF, you can make decisions that can really keep your costs very low, whether that is choosing to use all cloth diaper prefolds, getting all your baby stuff used or through other discounted means, or making stuff yourself (like troubled’s moby wraps, which is a really good idea that I’d never thought of).

Then there are some non-negotiables; every baby needs healthcare, childcare (whether that’s you or someone else), food, etc. These are the things I’d really focus on when trying to budget.

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