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I work as a student advisor for an online university. I didnt know this job had telecommuting until I started working here. After 6 months and meeting eligibility requirements you are allowed to telecommute one day a week. We might be going to 2 days a week soon. All of our work is done through the computer so as long as you can connect to the VPN you can do it. Its nice in some regards but at the same time it kind of sucks working while at home because I dont like mixing my work (stress and annoyance) with my home (comfort and relaxation)

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I work for a mega bank.  They’ve been encouraging it more and more over the past couple of years.  Financially it makes sense.  They shut down our office and sent us all home.  It saves them gobs of $$ in rent and i LOVE not having to commute. 

I work in technology/IT stuff.  i’ve been 100% work from home for 2-3 yrs now…

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I work from home 4 days a week, and about 3/4 of the time I love it. I do data entry, so it doesn’t really save the company any money, I just prefer working from home, and actually get way more done that way. When I’m at the office, like today, I get bored really easily and spend way to much time distracted, and on here. lol

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My company wanted me to work from home full time and I love it. Yesterday I was in my PJs until 3:30. But aside from that, I’m the kind of person that needs structure and flexibility, so it works out brilliantly. I set up my own hours, if I need to go do something I do it, and I save a lot of money on gas. Plus, I’m also the kind of person that values my alone time, so I really enjoy not having co-workers. And like sdrury89, I get more done.

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I work for my husband part time at home and part time out of the house for someone else.  I personally hate working from home and like to get out of the house and dress up/go somewhere every day to work. 

I’ve never been the type who can do anything really constructive in my house, unless it is going TOWARDS the house itself lol if that makes any sense.  My home is for eating and relaxing and sleeping.  I can’t work out at home, work at home, study at home, etc.. I’m just programmed that way. I wish I weren’t.

I knew a guy whose wife did the medical transcription thing from home and made around 40k a year doing it. 

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i sort of work from home since i’m a grad student, but hubby actually does work from home for real, so i’ll answer from him 😉 his job allows you to work from home if you have been at the company a certain amount of time, and if you have some reason you can’t get to the office. he started working from home after 2.5 years, and when we moved to a new city so i could go to grad school. he goes into the office once per quarter for a couple days. he really loves it–he has set hours still, and is really disciplined about working during that time, but he saves a lot of time and money from commuting. they also pay for our internet, which is nice! he also has a blog about cooking, so he can do some stuff during the day to prep meals and such while he’s working. like yesterday, he baked a loaf of bread during his lunch hour. pretty sweet deal!

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AT my company, the more seniority you have the more leniant they are about working from home, but only occasionnally and for specific reasons like incliment weather, etc. It is rare that someone gets to work home on any kind of regular basis. My boss recently secretly told me I can work from home every once in a while if I need to like in the summer when I go to the shore for a long weekend, which is really awesome of her, but it doesn’t actually help me since Darling Husband doesn’t have the same priveledges with his job.

It’s honestly a slippery slope though. For those of us who are trying to climb up the ladder at work, it doesn’t look good at all to stay home for any reason, weather, traveling for work, whatever. Even though we are totally paperless and only need an internet connection, there’s still that whole visibility thing going on where it’s better to be seen.

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@DesireeAnne: I’m with you. I would love to have a job where I could work from home. I have an hour commute (one way) and it’s really starting to take a toll on me. I spend all that time thinking about all the things I could be doing at home if I wasn’t sitting on a train. I guess you could say I’m a loner. I get along with my co-workers as much as I need to, but I am not friends with any of them. I like to sit in my cube, get my work done and go home. Similarly, I would like to just sit in my office, do my work, then be able to just walk into the next room and start dinner.

Blah, if you get any leads on this… Let me know!! Haha.


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My company offers the option to work from home full time but the policy is applied differently at each department. My husband (who works for the same company) works from home 4 days a week and chooses to go in one day cause he gets bored at home. Even though I have a lot more seniority at my job with a higher title and more pay, I can only work from home one day a week. Even that noone offered to me, I flat out had to ask about it in my yearly review, especially since one of my direct reports has been working from home full time and now the other one’s asking for it too.  The guy who works from home full time gets away with that because he would have a two hour commute to work otherwise. It helps if you have a valid excuse like that to make your case. I’m definitely going to ask for more or switch to a more flexible department if/when we have a kid.

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