(Closed) Questions About Fittings…How Are They Supposed to "Go"?

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@Coral99:  I would never wear make up when trying on my dress.  You just run the risk of getting it on your gown. I also don’t wear jewellry because I don’t want to run the risk of it snagging the lace.


My fittings are done by a tailor connected to, but not a part of the salon. They go rather quickly.  I put it on, he pins in, we talk, I get out of it and make my next appointment.  40 minutes tops.  They aren’t big productions, and I don’t need them to be.

I haven’t put my whole look together while I’ve been wearing my dress. When my dress first arrived, and I tried it on, I did try on a coulple of veils to get a sense of what I liked.  

When I went for my second fitting, there were parts that weren’t finished on it (the lace was hemmed, but the layer underneathe was cut but not finished, he had brought it in, but hadn’t finished around the top edge). He did this because there was no point doing these details until he determined that it was the right length, or that it didn’t have to come in some more.  I didn’t take pictures at either fitting, because while the dress is all pinned on the side, or on the bottom, it just looks weird, and you can’t really tell what the finished product will be.  When I go on Tuesday for my (hopefully!) last fitting, all the trim and details should be finished.

I really won’t see my final “look” until the day of the wedding. I’m ok with that. I know I’ll look stunning because I’ll feel stunning.  I see fittings as more or less a chore, and not nearly as exciting as say buying the dress, or even trying it on in the salon when it first arrived.  


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@Coral99:  I haven’t gone through the process myself yet, but from other things I’ve read, it sounds like a lot of people get their trials (hair/makeup) before their fittings since they’re still trying to figure out their bridal ‘look’.  I don’t think you did anything wrong 🙂

The seamstress was probably just overbooked/rushed.

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@Coral99:  Ya, i don’t find them particularly fun, beyond the fact my tailor is very entertaining and we have a common friend we chat about.  They are certainly not glamourous by any stretch. At my first fitting, my dress looked like it was made of rags, just because of the way it was pinned along the bottom and sides.

I’ll be glad when they are over.lol

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My first fitting was uneventful really. I went light on the makeup and hair and wore no jewelry, not even my ering. I brought my wedding shoes and wore them during the fitting. my veil had not arrived yet so i will wear that next time. I tried on my dress with the petticoat and we talked about that. Then I took the petticoat off and we talked about that. I sat, I stood, I bent over. She watched me walk up and down the hallway. She described things, showed me things, pinned it, asked me to point out evey little concern I had. Then she said she was done. I changed out of the dress, she wrote up an estimate, scheduled the next fitting.  I pay when I pick the dress up at the very end.

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Noooooo, do not get done up at all for fittings! The last thing you want is make-up to smear on your beautiful new gown!




The first time I went to go see my gown (it came in months early), I got scared bc the dress felt super tight…tight where I felt like when I walked I would rip it. Therefore, I was terrified. Ends up, the sales girl corsetted me in WAY too much.




The first fitting went well, I was a little apprehensive bc the dress was having some weird lines that almost made me look like I had granny panties on underneath. It also was extremely long and puffy…I felt like a lampshade


Fitting #2- MUCH Better! The dress is more my height now after being hemmed and my seamstress fixed some areas of the weird lines from the boning, we still have more to do though. The bustle was made and she put extra appliques on where the bustle hooks so I wouldn’t lose the beautiful detail in my dress.


You should make sure you get that veil on and try everything on that you will be wearing. It took a couple of tries for me to find what jewelry suited my dress best. I was dead set on wearing a necklace, but after a few tries we realized that dramatic earrings were the way to go with no necklace.  I finally found my jewelry after the first fitting, when I put it on at the second fitting with the dress and the veil, I finally had that crying moment. In that moment, it became MY dress and I was the bride. Don’t let them rush you, you paid good money for that dress and for the alterations!


In my opinion, the fittings have gotten better and better! Good luck!


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I wore my normal every day make up. I did a hair trial but it was on a totally different day than my fittings.

One appointment I had my jewelry options, and tried them on to see what worked best. The other appointments I didn’t have my jewelry.

I put my veil on with my dress for the first time on my wedding day. It was fine.

There is no “doing it right”. Do it RIGHT FOR YOU. I’d suggest taking your shoes so that the hem is the right length and having the undergarments you are planning to wear. Other than that, do wahtever works for you.


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The only thing you “Need” for your first fitting is your shoes because they have to do the hem.

I brought a bunch of necklaces to try on, but didn’t find one that “went” with my dress till my last fitting… So you don’t need to have a final decision on jewelry, but it might be good to bring some that you like to see if they go with the dress.

I didn’t do makeup or hair at all for any of tmy fittings, but one of the ladies at my shop wasa hairdresser on the side, and did a quick half updo for me just to see what it would look like (I didn’t know if I wanted half up, to the side, or full updo). 

And I didn’t have a veil till my last fitting, and even then, I totally forgot to bring it. The very first time I saw my veil and dress together was my wedding day!!


Personally, I would neverrrr want to do my makeup for a fitting – I wouldn’t want to risk getting makeup on the dress! As it was, my shoes were dyed blue, and I was paranoid about getting blue on the dress because I hadn’t sealed them yet (I read that scotchguard works well – and it did!!).




I feel like I keep commenting on your posts, but you remind me a lot of myself!! I went through a lot of the same feelings and mini-anxieties… But I got married two weeks ago today, and it was all perfect! So, don’t be too stressed out, because things have a way of working out. You’ll be lovely!

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shoes and undergarments you will be wearing the day off thats all I think im a destination bride as well and thats what I will be taking on my fitting

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