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@lybarra:  my friend had her twin at 29 weeks and they were about 2lb 6 oz each when born. So tiny!! But tht was in November and they are home and doing great now. How well they do  really depends on how developed their lungs are and if they need a respirator too. But even If they do need one they can be perfectly fine once their lungs get strong enough. Most babies that little need help feeding an require a feeding tube into their bellies through their nose as they can’t suck well and tire really easily. I would expect baby to be in the hospital until he is almost term (close to his original due date) but hopefully he will do great!! The medical advancements for preemies is amazing! 

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There are absolutely some very high risks associated with a baby being born so small, but yes, it’s possible for him to grow into a healthy child. The truth is, it will probably take some time until they know how things will turn out. 

Obviously every baby and pregnancy is different but my BM’s son was born at 28 weeks and weighed 2lbs, 12 oz. My friend had been on bed rest for several months and they were giving her drugs to help develop her son’s lungs and prevent labor. Once he was born, he was in the NICU for more than 2 months, on oxygen and a feeding tube for the majority of the time he was there. They had to do several blood transfusions and were very concerned about infection. Today, though, he is a very healthy, active and intelligent 5 year old. He’s had no developmental setbacks due to his premature status.

More than anything, just let your cousin know that you’re thinking of him and his family. He and his wife are probably going to be “living” at the hospital for awhile, since their child will not be able to come home until they are certain he is strong enough/developed enough to be on his own. I think it’s ok to ask questions, just be sensitive to the situation…there are probably a lot of mixed emotions right now.

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@lybarra:  I knew a couple whose son was born at 25 weeks. I’m not friends with them anymore (the husband was BFF’s with my ex), but I know that the baby stayed in the hospital for a long time (like multiple months). However, I’ve seen pictures of him at like 2-3 years old and he looks completely normal now! Just be there to support them in any way they need. Don’t pry, they will let you know whatever details they want to share. Prayers to your cousin and his family!

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i wish them luck ! i wont share my experience with a preemie baby because it doesnt end well.

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One of my coworkers was due with a baby in august and gave birth in may! her baby was super tiny and was in the hospital until after his due date. it took him a little while to catch up, and i think they have to watch them pretty closely. but a year later he is doing great and you wouldn’t know he was born so early. modern medicine can do some amazing things!

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I am a neonatal nurse.  I am guessing the baby is around 28-29 weeks? Things to expect is that the baby will be in the NICU for quite some time. Typically you can assume they will be discharged near their original due date but of coarse there are exceptions to that… a couple weeks earlier if they are doing well or much later if they have complications. Complications of being born that early is that basically every system in the babies body was not done developing yet. Brains, eyes, lungs, heart, stomach, immune system ect.. so their can be complications in any of those areas. However every baby is different and their outcomes can be very different.  NICU is such a different world and unless you have had a baby in it or know someone that has it is really hard to really understand what the parents go through. They typically adjust really well and quickly to what is going on. But it can be a rollar coaster ride. As far as how worried you should be, I don’t know enough about whats going on with the baby but atleast in our unit, it is very rare to loose a baby that age and size. 28 weekers usually do well. When he isn’t attatched to so many tubes/IV’s ect they have really cute preemie clothes you can buy and blankets are great to use to cover their isolettes and use as bottom sheets to their crib so that can be a nice “welcome baby” gift you can get them. Preemies are such little fighters I am sure his story will be inspiring to all your family.

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I was born at 25 weeks and was 1 lb 4 oz.  I didn’t leave the hospital for 5 months, or until a little after my original due date. But this was 30 years ago, so I’m sure that medicine has changed for the better.  My mom tells me that the worst part for her was the fact that she could not really interact with me for a decent length of time other than reaching into the incubator because I was hooked up to so many machines.  because of this, we didn’t really have the mother-infant bonding time, and i wonder if that is why I didn’t really care for her much as a child (don’t get me wrong, she is super sweet and did everything she could for me)Undecided

I was tiny until I was in fourth grade where I grew 11 inches during the school year. I turned out to be over 5’9″. I do have some heart problems that are attributed to not fully forming while in utero. 


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@lybarra:  Glad to hear he is improving! NICU babies are amazing – can come back from some amazing things…  Once they are on an upswing, even if it’s a slow one, they like to stay on that upswing! I’m praying for the little guy.

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@lybarra:  I’m so glad he’s doing well! :]

I’m late to the post, but I was born at 26 weeks, weighing 1lb13oz. I stayed in the hospital until I was just over 4 months old, and had no significant health problems. I was on oxygen, but I had no heart problems (a small hole in my heart closed on it’s own, whereas my younger sister had a catheter put in at 5-years-old), jaundice, or any other complications. My Dad likes to tell me I was a feisty little fighter..

Bathing in a salad bowl (that my Dad still has), lol.

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