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Pappy8:  So the rule of thumb is, once you have warmed up breast milk, it has to be consumed immedirately because warming it up starts to build up bacteria. But if, let’s say, you take milk from the fridge, put it in a bottle (without warning it) and you carry it around your diaper bag for 4-5 hours, and you didn’t use it or only used some of it, you can stick it in the fridge to use for the next feeding. If you have thawed frozen breast milk (the recommendation is to thaw it overnight in the fridge), it has to be used within 24 hours of thawing. 

Milk ill is good in the fridge for 5 days. If you aren’t going to use it within 5 days, freeze it. I freeze in 5 oz portions (my baby’s almost 7 months old) but for 2 month old I’d recommend smaller portions.

For you nips, forget lanolin and try Earth Mama Angel Baby oeganic nipple butter. It saved my life and our breastfeeding relationship!

As a PP said, check out the Kellymom website, it has all the info you need! 

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If you are still having pain at 2m PP, then I’d try and find a lactation consultant. There are probably free or low cost visits at a hospital near you. It shouldn’t hurt and there is probably an easy fix to the issue causing you pain. 

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I’m pretty lax with the “rules”. kellymom has a lot of good info. There are also great facebook pages for extra help. I highly recommend “working pumping moms” or “breastfeeding mom support” groups.  


if if your baby doesn’t finish the milk then I’d use at the next feed or toss. 


Use thawed milk within 24 hours. 

Freeze in a variety of amounts. 

I’m trying to remember your questions since I’m on my phone and can’t see them. 

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Ditto the suggestion to check out Kellymom.com- GREAT resource. Don’t be alarmed if your output is really uneven- many women have one breast which produces more than the other- sometimes this can be two times greater or more. (I call my right breast the lazy one.)

I use a plastic shoe box container and flat, plastic breast milk storage bags for my freezer stash. At this point, you may want to do smaller bags, say 3 or 4 oz. (A few months from now you may want to increase the amount.) You may find that you pump different based on the time of the day- this is also normal. You can also get more milk if you use a manual pump for a few minutes after your electric pump (or if time permits, do a manual pump- better at draining than an electric, and I found it wasn’t as irritating to my breasts.)

Pump into a new container- once the milk is at the same temperature you can combine. Day one’s bottle will separate- this is normal- just gently swirl to combine the cream back into the milk.

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1. When feeding my LO a bottle… if she doesnt finish it is it ok to put it back into the fridge abd reheat it for next time until its gone?

You can only if you just gave her the bottle that you just freshly pumped. If it is thawed frozen milk I would just dump it if the baby doesn’t finish it. Better to be safe than sorry. Otherwise use within 24 hours.

2. What is the best way to store this milk? I would like to freeze it for a “rainy day” but should I freeze a bunch of small amounts or a large amount and in glass or plastic?

They have milk freezer bags for this reason. I would recommend not freezing more than 3 or 4 oz of milk. The amount of milk you should freeze in one bag depends on how much your baby could drink in one sitting. 3 or 4 oz is a good number so you don’t waste milk.

3. How long is breastmilk good for once I take it out of the fridge?

Not long. I would put it in the fridge right after pumping or once after your baby is finshed with it.

4. If I pump a couple oz then want to pump more the next day, can I put it into the same storage or should I put it into a new one?

If you pump it the same day you can put it in the same bag if you pump it a different day put it in a different bag and label them. Use oldest milk first.


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1. No. You can let it sit out for an hour and rewarm under warm water, but do not put it in the fridge. Don’t ever stick it in the microwave.

2. Go to Walmart or a comparable store. They have a breastfeeding section with freezer bags for pumped milk. Freeze them in 4-6 ounce increments laying flat. They thaw easier and you can thaw one at a time. Once you thaw it out, it’s good for 24 hours. Plastic is fine if you use the special bags because they are special.

3. One hour. See #1 🙂

4. No. Use seperate storage for each pumping. You can dump the milk from both breasts in the same bag from the same pumping.

Sore nipples suck! Have you checked with a lactation consultant to make sure you babe has a good latch? A bad latch tends to be the number one cause of sore and cracked nipples. An alternative to the cream is cold cabbage leaves. I used those a lot in the beginning when my nipples were still getting used to nursing.

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