(Closed) Questions about the Female Orgasm

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Helper bee
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Best advice I can give ya here – every vagina is different. Text book information sometimes does not apply to all ladies. When you meet the lady you want to lose the V-card to, you can explore what she likes and be open about communication so you can learn.


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I second PP’s advice. Reading won’t get you the physical skills and mental connection neccessary to make a girl orgasm, any more than reading a book on driving a car will make you into a nascar racer. When you get with someone, let them show you the ropes, they usually know what they like best and can guide you. Would you want a girl to do sexual things to you like you like it, or how she read online it’s “supposed” to work? Just go with the flow!

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All I can say is practice makes perfect, lol. You’re not going to get skills out of a book.

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Aside from all the physical stuff, if someone doesn’t turn me on – mentally – it’s not going to do much! CONNECTING with someone is hugely important for many women. Also, your use of the word “flicking” worries me. Be gentle! And don’t put pressure on some poor girl to have an orgasm; that’s a tall-order for some people. Have fun! Don’t stress 🙂 it’s all irrelevant until your are actually there – enthusiam and a willingness to listen will get you far. x x

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Have you ever considered giving yourself an orgasm? The majority of women masturbate and it is a fabulous way to get to know your body. It can even help to stimulate your clit during sex since you know what you like! 🙂 

And if your worry is pleasuring someone else… Just ask them! If you’re close enough with someone to be intimate with them, you’re close enough to ask what they like in bed. And tell them what you need, as well.

Ok, so to answer your questions: 

Clitoral stimulation – I don’t know if it’s really necessary to try to move other parts out of the way to get to it, but look down at yours and see! The clitoral hood probaby covers it slightly. 

For me, rubbing it in small circles works best. With lube, preferably. 

As far as how long it takes to cum, there are SO many factors. Your hormones that time of the month, what led up to it, how into it you are, how long it’s been… Depends on the girl. Probably 10 minutes to half an hour for me.

G-Spot – Don’t worry about the technicalities of the exact spot. Penetrain feels amaaazing regardless of that. Fingers or penis. I personally respond best to vaginal stimulation. I asked my fiance what he does. “Stick my fingers in with the palm of my hand facing up. Middle finger first, and if I use 2 then middle and ring. Then I do the come here motion. The g spot area feels a bit more rough then the rest.” 

Frankly, if you’re worried about stimulating someone else, 1. Ask them what feels good, 2. Judge by their reaction. You’ll know when you hit a good spot.

As far as the penis thing, again, penetration feels good. G spot or not. But penises are generally a bit curved, which is how they may hit that spot well. But it depends A LOT on the positin you’re in. I think every girl has her favorite positions. Hitting it at the right angle is tougher than reaching it since the average penis is about 5 inches when erect and wide enough to rub against that spot as it goes in and out.


Hope this answers your question! Reply if you have more. 🙂

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Helper bee

Okay, SO.  Knowledge that follows is a result of my degree in sexuality, marriage and family studies.  

The clitoris is essentially much larger than the external appearance would lead on.  It’s a very large clump of nerve endings that does come to the surface in the small nodule people refer to as “the clitoris” which hangs out below the mons pubis at the front of the vulva.

What people do not often know is that the clitoris extends further into the body internally, sort of wrapping around the urethra and vaginal canal.  Likely, what happens when people report orgasms from a “g spot” (not a medical term, there is no such anatomical thing), is that they’re stimulating the internal portion of the clitoris, through the wall of the vagina.

In terms of your best luck in an orgasm, stimulating the external potion of the clitoris is the easiest way to start.  Since the external portion is so exposed and easy to locate (you can see it!), it’s going to be easier, in a technical sense, to achieve orgasm this way for most women.  

Stimulating the internal portion of the clitoris is harder, because it may be difficult to find the spot, and the amount of tissue between the vaginal wall and the internal clitoris can seriously vary.  You may not be able to stimulate it at all, perhaps to thick vaginal walls and muscle, or perhaps it will be very sensitive.

I would definitely encourage you to be open with a partner about asking what they like, what feels good, and how they get off on their own (please don’t mortify her by acting acandalized if you discover she masturbates. Most of us women do.). Let her lead the way, because she likely knows her body best!

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I really think there are better places a male could be posting for advice on this. I am kind of creeped out…. Between this and basically asking for pictures of women wearing high heels I am thinking this dweeb is using the bee as a ‘spank bank’ of sorts. 

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