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Hey hun! Thought I’d pop in and see if I can help you at all.

I have a BBT thermometer which you can usually get at your pharmacy or online.

I notice that my temperature can be a little bit higher after a couple drinks, but usually because I go to bed a lot later on those days which can also increase temperature.

It took me about 2 months to get totally comfortable doing it, not waking up mid-morning to excitedly see a temperature, and figure out what everything meant. It’s easy to try to over-analyze every single temperature, but it’s really about overall pattern. If you are lucky and have regular cycles it makes it pretty clear on your pre and post O temps, O day and pattern for future months.

Remember to temp at the same time every day, ideally on a min of 3 hours uninterruped sleep. 🙂

Have fun! Come join us in the Charters of the Hive thread if you like, lots of great charting advice over there.

PS. Just noticed we are wedding date twins!!!

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I didn’t buy a BBT thermometer, I personally think they are a waste of money. 97.8 or 97.81 really doesn’t matter, it’s the overall chart that matters.

Here’s my BFP chart from last year, using the standard thermemeter I already owned:

The first month I charted was kind of confusing, but by the second month I was pretty comfortable. Using OPKs also helped me to have more confidence in the chart, because I could see where they matched up.

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I just use a regular digital thermometer. I think it’s a Vicks one. I’m able to see my temp shift just fine. I also don’t drink, so I’m not sure about how it would affect my temp. Some women are especially sensitive to certain things, but others aren’t so much. For example, my temp isn’t affected much by the quality/length of time I sleep. The other night I slept horribly and woke up all night long. I even got up and used the bathroom before thinking to check the clock to see the time. I took my temp and was positive it would be really high, but it was the same as the day before when I had a perfect night’s sleep. You’ll just have to see how your body reacts to things like drinking, taking medication, going to bed late, etc.

It definitely takes a little while to get the hang of charting. After the first cycle, I was pretty comfortable with the basics of temping, but charting CM still gets me sometimes, and I’ve been doing this for almost a year! That being said, I think you have to chart for a few months before you really see a pattern emerge. You’ll likely have some strange cycles every once in awhile even if you’re normally regular, and yours might be especially weird coming off BCP.

Since you’re planning to TTA right now, I’d definitely recommend using another form of protection until you’re comfortable discerning your fertile period. Although, since you’re only TTA for a few months, I guess you probably would mind too much if you got pregnant 🙂

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@Mrs.LemonDrop:  Sharing your charts with your Darling Husband can be a great idea if he’s not weirded out by the TTC thing and he wants to learn a little bit about it (like by reading TCOYF). Some guys get freaked out by charting because they think it makes TTC too technical, and some women’s partners feel more like sperm donors than husbands. That being said, it depends on how your Darling Husband feels about it. My husband doesn’t care either way, but there are many time I wish he would learn about everything that goes into TTC so I could have someone to talk to about it.

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I use a BD basal thermometer (although i think they were just bought out by another brand). Unlike some people, I actually do see a distinct difference in my temps if I use a “regular” thermometer. It is much easier to see my shift using the basal therm.

I have not noticed a difference when I drink, but I don’t drink very often and when I do it’s usually just a glass of wine or a margarita. You’ll have to experiment and see how your own temps react.

It took me a few months to get it comfortably down, but we were charting to avoid originally so I kept going back to the book to make sure I was doing it perfectly… after a few months I felt confident without having to go back to the book. It’s difinitely eaiser when you are charting to TTC!

I don’t share my charts with Darling Husband, but he know enough to understand how it works and sometimes he asks to see my chart or I show it to him so he can see what my temps are doing.

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