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Hi there,

I’m not a mom myself (yet!) and don’t know much about the nipple shields but my opinon is, your little one is only two weeks old! He’s just figuring stuff out and getting into a routine so the day/night thing is going to take awhile and only come naturally in a few months…the doctor said the same thing about my cousins’ baby when she was only 5 days only, and the way they think is to basically ignore the baby at night which I think is terrible…there is plenty of time for a rountine to be set. Anyways, I’m sure things will start to fall into place and nights will be calmer, just don’t do a ton of active things at night and it should be fine 🙂

Hope that helps!

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I’m not sure about the nipple shield, but I can (hopefully) give some advice about introducing babies to day/night.  At two weeks old, remember that you’re baby is very immature; it will take him a while to figure out night versus day, and even longer to sleep through the night without waking.  Most of what I’ve read says not to expect babies to sleep an entire night without waking (10 – 12 hours straight) until 2 years old.  Also, a lot of babies will be up and eating every 2 hours or so until 3 or 4 months.

In the meantime, you can help your baby’s body learn night versus day by keeping shades open during the day time and exposing him to sunlight.  We also started a bedtime routine with our daughter really early (like 1 week old) so she would understand that night sleep is different from daytime naps.  And, at night, we try to keep it very business-like: we keep the lights off, speak as little as possible, and don’t play with her at all.  So far, it seems to work.  She’s now 4 months old and she’s up only once a night, basically to get her diaper changed and eat and then she goes right back to sleep.  Your baby’s body will naturally adjust to day/night later on; mostly at this time it’s just about facilitating that learning process.  Good luck!

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Sorry I can’t help with the nipple shields either but I second everything that Mrs Spring said. I think it was probably at about 1 month old that our LO settled into definite day night type behavior. Now at 3 months old I get up once, and sometimes twice, a night to feed and then soothe him back to sleep. When I put him back in his crib during the night he usually stirs a little and then goes right out but when he was younger I had to get him completely to sleep before I laid him down so it has definitely been a progression. 

Good luck though I know those first few weeks of sleep deprivation are brutal!

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I used a shield a little bit and I can tell you that it took us about 6 weeks to truly get breastfeeding established.  Be patient and keep trying but I don’t think there is any magic formula 🙂

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Hi there,

Congrats on the little one!

I breast fed for quite some time. I never used a nipple shield. This is a pointer I give to all new moms, it’s something a lactation consultant told me.

With the hand opposite of the breast you are using, form an L with your hand and cup under your breast. That will help give you support. Now with your nipple, tickel your baby’s nose. Your baby will know something is near and will open wide. With that, his mouth should be open wide enough for you to place as much breast as you can in his mouth. The nipple is not what he should be latching on to, it’s the areola. Hopefully, this will help him get a strong latch on.

Another thing that I found that helped was “milking” myself a bit before I would breast feed my baby. Just a tiny bit to get the flow going.

I really found that this helped me SO much!

And about the day and night, if your baby is waking up a lot at night, that’s so normal. Their stomaches are so tiny and since breast milk is much easier to digest than formula, they will get hungrier faster. So they may be up every hour or every two. It’s just important to really keep the lights dim at night when you do feed.

I really hope this helped! I’m so PRO-breast lol.

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