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@MrsFireChief:  Here’s a list I compiled for an obgyn/in hospital MW provider:

Prenatal care:

1. How long do you set aside for each patient each vist?

2. What if a birth emergency comes up during office hours? How long does your office wait for your return before rescheduling, or will I see another physician in the office?

3. What standard tests do you order & are they absolutely necessary, or have alternatives (some providers can administer diet alternatives to the cola drink GD tests)

4. How many standard u/s will I receive? If you order standard 3rd trimester u/s how often do those affect ones birth, at what point will you suggest induction for baby’s size? (Note that acog only recommends induction if baby is suspected to be over 11lb when GD is not a factor)

5. What foods should I avoid AND, even more importantly what do you suggested for a pregnant mom nutrition wise (how much protein, iron, and ways you can get it, etc)

6. How much weight are you okay with me gaining so long as my vitals are still good (some providers make a real stink about weight gain)

Birth: (the real important stuff)

1. Who will deliver me? Do you have a scheduled vacation around my edd? If your office does an on call rotation can I meet the other physicians that may be delivering me as well?

2. Where will I deliver? Do you have attending rights at more than 1 hospital or the hospital of my choice? (You should check out the cesarean rates of your hospital choices here)

3. What is your….
*Induction rate AND augmentation of labor rate. How often do your inductions end in cesarean births vs vaginal
*Cesarean rate (primary, meaning 1st not repeats, & scheduled vs emergency)
*how often do you perform episiotomies & how often do you see severe or 2nd degree or worse tears?
*Rate of assisted deliveries (vacuum or forceps)
*rate of shoulder dystocia & what training/maneuvers are you skilled in should the need arise (You can easily look up shoulder dystocia maneuvers to research some)
*rate of vaginally delivering patients birth without pain meds vs pain meds

3. What is your offices policy on going past my edd? Will non stress tests &/or biophysical profiles be ordered once I hit 41 weeks? (Given you & baby look fine there really is no medical indication for inducing just bc a passed edd)

4. Are you or your colleagues skilled in breech birth (the facts are a skilled breech birth provider is safer than an automatic cesarean). What will you recommend in the case my bub is breech & at what point (weeks gestation) will it concern you?

5. What if my water breaks before contractions start, when will induction be recommended? (Minimizing cervical checks reduce risk of infection & you can easily monitor symptoms without rushing to induce… The automatic 24 hr time cap is not generally evidence based)

6. Will I be able to move in labor (the halls, shower, birth tub)

7. Will I be able to deliver in the position that best suites me? (Lithotomy position closes the pelvis up to 30% so it isn’t the most advised position)

**8. What is your birth philosophy? And what constitutes a healthy baby & healthy momma… Is it just physical health or is there concerned with my mental well being as well, trying to minimize a traumatic birth experience?

Oh…. I would also begin researching the things that each of these questions covers! Being fully informed through legitimate resource is important to keep our autonomy & advocate for ourselves…. if you don’t know where you stand on these things then you won’t know if you & your provider are a good fit with one another. 😉

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@runsyellowlites:  wow. Feeling really negligent now 🙂 


fellow April mom to be here. I just had my first appointment this past Wednesday. I asked about what I should/should not eat, medications I can take, and I took all my vitamins with me so he could make sure I was getting enough of what I need but not going overboard on things. I asked if it was a good idea to buy a book (he said not really but I could if it would make me feel better. He warned AGAINST what to expect when your expecting because it tends to freak people out). I also asked about getting pedicures (my BFF goes to this same doctor. Her son is a year old and she REFUSED to get pedicures while pregnant because she read on the Internet that they can cause blood clots to loosen and cause problems). I asked the doctor about this and he looked at me like I was nuts and said he’d never heard anything remotely like that. So pedicures are good (my wedding is in 9 days. I want pretty toes)



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My OB is in his 60s, and foreign, and I LOVE him.

His exact words were “You’re thin, you’re young. Don’t eat anything not prepared well, and hard fish only once a month. Call me for ANY problems. And stop reading! I can see it–you read things. Do it less. It’s just going to scare you.”

And I was like, “But what about all these things I’ve read!”

And he went “Look, your baby has a heartbeat. As long as you don’t start bleeding, don’t get fluid leakage, and feel your baby move later, you’re going to fine. Don’t worry about anything else.”

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After having c-sections, I would definitely ask under what situations that will be an option/suggested/encouraged.  I was totally blindsided with my first pregnancy because I didn’t really prepare for that to happen.  I would also ask about the c-section rate at the hospital, your OB’s view of c-sections (some are very quick to jump to them, some will try everything else first), etc.  

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@BrandNewBride:  he sounds a lot like my OB. it’s one of the reasons I love him (and have recommended him to tons of people!)

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