(Closed) Quitting smoking and I need some tips.

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Personally my husband and I used the medication Champix (I think its called Champax or something similar in America). It worked a treat for us, no side effects and we’ve been off them since May 2011 now.

I’m not saying that patches wont’ work for you becuase they work for loads of people, but if you need another option, I would recommend trying the medication. 

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The only advice I have is not to take Chantex.  I have known several people that have taken it and the side effects are really ugly, which the doctors downplay, which they really shouldn’t.

Good luck, I know how hard it is.

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I’m not a smoker but my husband was. He started smoking at 16 as well and like you have quit several times prior. When he finally quit for good he did it cold turkey and the only reason it worked is because HE wanted to do it 110%. He knew how much I hated it that he smoked so I, our then non existent future family and life was the reason that really propelled him to quit for good. He hasn’t smoked for almost 7 years now.

As for those around him that smoked, his dad still did, his brother still did and so did all his co-workers. He just flat out told everyone to stop smoking around him.

His dad did it with Chantix recently and it worked for him with no side effects.

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Good for you for quitting!  I don’t have firsthand experience, but you could try getting one of those electric cigarettes that are supposed to give you a burst of nicotine without the carcinogens and stuff.

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Bee Keeper

I recently quit. The way I did it was to allow myself a cigarette when I wanted one, mainly when drinking. You’d be surprised how much you realize you’re taking your smoke break because it’s routine, not because you actually want it.

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@SouthernGirl: My friend’s bf quit when he read a book.  I know it sounds unlikely but he smoked a pack and a half a day, was ready to quit (like you are!) and read this book.  Hasn’t picked up a cig since.  

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First off, big hug for taking this on.

I quit by cutting back first, and letting myself have 2 cigarettes aa day for a while. When you choose to have those two will help you figure out how best to cope without them, in a way. I realized I smoked because I was bored during my commute. After a while, the smoke smell bothered me and I stopped entirely.

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Oh gosh, I know how hard it is.  I haven’t quit sucessfully yet, my plan is to try again in a couple weeks, after taking the bar exam.  But I do have some tips on what was working and what made me fail.  

I personally liked the gum more than the patches.  I gelt more in control with the gum, like I could have some when I needed it or wean myself off when I didn’t.  And find something to break the phsical part of the addiction.  I liked having a lollipop or straw on hand.  Also, find something to help you deal with stress.  I think that’s the biggest reason I fail, I didn’t have a fall back to help me handle stress.  So figure out what that’ll be for you.  Watch out for alcohol.  I can’t drink and not smoke, you might wnt to avoid it forr a few months.  

Definitely ask smokers to not smoke around you.  Oh, and wash all your clothes asap, before your sense of smell comes back (like 48 hours I think)! It’s surprising how much everything reeks of smoke even though you can’t smell it.  NEVER EVER cave and have a smoke or buy a pack after you’ve decided to quit… that’s also how I messed myself up, it was always “just one more then I’ll quit.”  Oh yea, and no e cigarette either.  Everyone I know has said it just makes them more addicted.

I haven’t read this book myself, but I’ve heard it works well :http://www.amazon.com/Allen-Carrs-Easy-Women-Smoking/dp/0572028628 .

You can do it!! good luck!

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Congrats on even thinking about quitting – its a big step.


I’m a former smoker, and currently in my third year of pharmacy school.  If you need any one-on-one advice, message me! I counsel smoking cessation patients in clinic every week.

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Sugar bee
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I quit smoking last May.  The first 2 weeks were the toughest.  I didn’t use the patch and I probably should have, because I was miserable at first.  I had a lot of gum, lollipops and breath mints for the first month.  It is so very hard to do, but if you are determined you can do it.  My mom and my siblings smoke.  The first month or two, when I was around them, I craved it.  I just had to stay strong, talk myself out of wanting one and put a lollipop in my mouth.  Since I quit, I have dreams about smoking.  It’s so weird, because when I’m awake I don’t have a desire anymore.  I can be around my siblings smoking and the smell turns me off now.  Obviously, the brain remembers that pleasurable addiction hence the occasional dream.  I think if I tried to smoke now, I’d puke.  I have noticed that since I quit food tastes better and when I get a cold, I don’t get the cough that lasts a month after the cold is gone. 

If you want to do it, you can…you just have to hold on to that willpower.  Good luck!

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Honey bee
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I had a lot of luck with the gum…I had a big oral fixation, so having something to put in my mouth when I wanted a smoke helped immensely. That took care of the physical part. Darling Husband (then BF) had given me an ultimatum…either I quit or we split up, because he couldn’t see having a long-term relationship with a smoker. Harsh? Maybe, but I needed it. Every time I felt the gum wasn’t good enough and I just HAD TO HAVE  a cigarette, I thought of Darling Husband, and was able to abstain.

Another thing I did was thought of something expensive that I would never have bought for myself, and started setting aside the money I spent every week on cigarettes into a special fund. It was a shock to realize exactly how much I spent on my habit. 

My mom had a really bad habit when she was in the Army. She’d buy a carton or two a week. She said that blowpops helped her the most. I tried them, but then I remembered that I don’t actually like blowpops…

A friend of mine finally quit smoking after 16 years by smoking Quest cigarettes. There are 3 levels of cigarettes, each level reducing the amount of nicotine in them. So you start with the first level, and gradually move through the second and third. The Quest 3 cigarettes are just nasty. By the time he got to them, he was barely taking in any nicotine, and he didn’t want the little he was getting because it came in such a gross package. 

Good luck!

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I used to only smoke socially– just at parties and bars, but no other time. the thing is, we always had to go outside to smoke. 

I started to realize that it was the tradition of going out into the cool night air that I really missed.  so, after I quit, whenever friends wanted to go outside, I joined them. I just stood there, drinking and talking, but not smoking. at first I was jealous that they had cigarettes, but eventually I began to not miss it anymore. I just wanted to hang out outside with my gang and get away from the party for a few minutes, that’s all. 

out of the many times I tried and failed to quit, this was the one thing that I did differently. it has actually stuck.  it’s been 1 year and 3 months and I have not smoked. at this point, I don’t even miss it anymore!

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