(Closed) Quorri Rings: Can people post theirs please?

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@Kimura:  Don’t do it.  I will PM you.

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All I will say is that the prices are VERY inflated for a CZ ring.

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My fiance proposed to me last July in Thailand with a beautiful real diamond ring he purchased from the mall in Dubai. However, for over a year I had already been doing so much research on Quorri even from when they were known as Sitaragem. I had been giving him hints all along, showing him which ring I liked and everything. So when he opened the box and it was not the Quorri ring I had picked out in my head I was a little disappointed but of course said yes.

Needless to say, I could not hide my disappointment for two reasons. The center stone was very small, I believe a half carat, and the ring was too big so even when i kept trying to look at it in the mirror and make myself like it I couldn’t get the full affect because it was a full size too big. I just kept having Quorri’s website in the back of my head. So I told my fiance that I appreciated him for buying me such a beautiful ring but I would like him to take it back and I wanted us to purchase the Quorri ring. I know he was so hurt but he took the ring back to Dubai on his way back to Afghanistan and let me purchase the Quorri ring online.

Fast forward a few months later I feel like the biggest loser alive. I’ve already been feeling horrible since that day that I ruined his proposal by acting the way that I did but I feel even worse now because this Quorri ring is absolute TRASH. I ordered the Diana 2 ring and had them put the Vintage Cushion Dymond whatever great kind of man made diamond its suppose to be in it. The ring looked great when I first got it. I was so proud to wear it. I only got a 1.25 so it wouldn’t be so obvious that we couldn’t afford it. I wasn’t too keen on the color from the start, it honestly is just too white, a little yellow wouldn’t hurt. THe thing just fogs like crazy and collects dirt like a swiffer sweeper. The last time my fiance came home to visit even he said something about it. Although I felt the same way I couldn’t let him know that. But the worst part was when the head person over my battalion at work called me out and said I’m walking around with a big ol CZ on my hand in front of other soldiers I was too done. Of course I kept denying it, but inside I was so embarrassed and pissed. If a man noticed and said that, I’m sure women have noticed. I have written to the company twice and not heard anything back. What I can’t understand is how they maintain such a great BBB rating. The company is a scam. They are basically charghing ppl thousands of dollars for costume jewelery. I’m a soldier in the Army, we don’t get paid crap, ool don’t have that kind of money to just be giving away. I feel so cheated.

I’m not getting married for at least another year. But there is no way I’m letting my fiance out a band on this finger while I’m wearing this garbage. When I think back to all of this, I am the foolish one. The ring my fiance proposed to me with was everything Quorri claimed to be just in a smaller version; clear, cut brilliantly, shined, it was just beautiful. He could not get a refund for it in Dubai but the jeweler let him exchange it for some Diamond earings for himself. He won’t tell me what he spent on the ring, but it had to be wort alot because the diamond earrings he got in exchange for the ring a massive. I should have been appriciative for the ring my man cought. And in the long run I could have upgraded my genuine ring for something better. It’s a very tough pill to swallow because I really hate putting this ring on. I honestly want to work to pay my man back for the cost of the Quorri ring and then we just pick something out together and finance it. But time will tell. Lesson definitely learned, I feel like an a hole everytime I put this ring on. To the ppl who get on here and say they love theri rings. I don’t know if you work for the company of not, and I don’t know if you just got your ring. But I can only tell you, I was 100% in their corner, even told other ppl about them. I could not be more disapointed and let down, this was definitely not the way I planned to start off my engagement. Maybe some of you will have better luck with the so called man made diamonds. I’ll just stick to the real thing from now on, preferably conflict free.

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re-sending agian: I purchased a ring set and my Finace and I loved it! It was well made the DymondIX center sparkles just like an expensive diamond. We went out to a few jewellery shops to compare (as we still weren’t sure after receiving it).  We had an overwhelming amount of compliments on the ring and the sales people couldn’t not tell at all.  We looked at some rings that closely resembled out style and cut and they did not compare to the brilliance.

It does get dirty with wear (as you would expect with any gemstone or diamond), so we simply use a home steam cleaner and give it s good spraying. The DymondIX instantly comes to life. She is still careful with the ring as we know that the hardness isn’t like a diamond. Most seem to forget that the $5000-$6000 savings is going to come from somewhere, and that’s basically the hardness.

 Asha and Quorri seem to be very close. I liked Quorri better because the settings seemed to be nicer and the fast responses I received. The technology sounds about the same. Asha has their own forum so you will most likely get more reviews/photos…etc. In the end, you get what you pay for, so keep that in mind with your expectations of a simulant.

 HisTXGirl, i am truly sorry to hear about your situation. I have only received quick replies and great service from Quorri. Really not sure what happened on your end. Also, were you wearing your ring on the service field?  These rings are really nice but probably not meant for that type of wear (if that is what you were doing).

You should try re-contacing them and see what they can do for you.

I’m ordering earrings soon to surprise Fiance, let you know how that goes……


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I just got my quorri ring a little while ago. I have attached a photo below. The quorri reviews dont do this company any justice. The ring is beautiful and very well made. No complaints and only praises from this buyer.  

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