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Hey, I think we’re on the same boat!

I also live in a condo where space is limited. I got a dwarf rabbit (the smaller he is, the larger the space appears yeah?) who’s been around for 9 years and he’s still going strong! I absolutely love him and he has enough space to run around as I let him out whenever I’m home. I made his cage pretty big too with cage shelves instead of a store bought cage full of toys and other things to keep him happy and entertained when he’s alone.

When he was a bunny I trained him to only poop in the box, never chew wires and scratch up furniture. Every time he did, I’d spray him with a bit of water to condition him to stop. It took maybe a month to get him to stop his little habits and it’s been years and he’s never done strayed. However, the only worry is that rabbits dig. Like a lot. They’re known to have a tendency to burrow and I still haven’t gotten him to stop no matter how much spraying ensued. I semi solved the problem by getting a cheap rug that spans the length of his cage and several feet more and for some reason he only digs at that. I didn’t even have to train him haha I may have gotten lucky on that part.

I’ve taken him to my parents’ backyard and even outside in a kids playground where the grass is pesticide and dog poop free. He loves hopping around but after 15 minutes he gets tired and sits there like a lump of fur haha.

Hope that helps!

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leekissesme:  I was going to suggest Guinea pigs too! I’ve owned both rabbits and Guinea pigs, and I find Guinea pigs to be friendlier, chew less and less fragile. Here are my ladies:

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I just wanted to add that perhaps you can volunteer or interact with them at a shelter if one is near you to get an idea of care. As someone else said, with Easter coming…there will typically be a lot coming to shelters.

Guinea pigs still require a lot of out of cage time and poop/pee more than you know. So expect to clean their enclosures often. Ours never really liked to be held either so you can’t guarantee they’ll be as cuddly as you might hope. However, I’ve heard of a few that were pretty personable. Ours mostly just liked to sleep and eat. Getting him to actually move during roam time consisted of me dragging a carrot around the floor. But he lived to be 12 so go figure. We were told 5-8 years is typical.

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The House Rabbit Society’s website is the best resource.  Something to keep in mind is that you will need to get the animal fixed, which is costly.  Animal rescues often have rabbits that are already spayed/neutered.

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sylwia212:  The chewing is the biggest problem. One moment of distraction and something expensive can be destroyed.  I was also lucky enough to have a male rabbit who loved me to the moon and back, which was amazing but also my stuff (and my own self) got sprayed with urine quite a bit. So, not so amazing.  Generally when I describe what it was like owning a rabbit (and caring for it properly) to people, I say that having a dog is like playing a video game on normal mode, and having a rabbit is like playing a video game on hard mode. Obviously it depends on the individual rabbit and the individual dog, but having a rabbit comes along with a lot of complications.  It is worth every second with those little stinkers though.


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eeniebeans:  Look at how cute!!!!!!!  Thanks for sharing!  We have a GP as well. His name is Midnight. Wish I had a pic to share. But in any case, he is sweet (for the most part lol) and really not much trouble at all as long as you keep him happy with food lol!!

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I adopted a rabbit from a neighbor when they moved out of state.  They had it in a small cage outside.  I brought it in the house and tride to have it as a free roaming inside pet with the dogs. This did not work well as it had been with them many years with little to no holding.  It also chewed everything and did not litter box train. I now keep it outside in a very fancy condo with a dog kennel around it so it has about 80 Sq feet of space to run around in as well. When it gets too hot outside or too cold I do move it into the house. We have done this for the last 8 years. I have GSD’s that love it and would love to share the cage if I would let it lol.  

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I have owned 3 rabbits over the years, their personalities can vary. Some don’t mind being handled, others don’t. They chew, as all rodents do as their teeth are constantly growing. Putting a wood block (from pet store) in their cage helps.

You also need to trim their toenails from time to time. Like I said above, if you ended up w/ a bunny that doesn’t like being handled, this is a 2 person job. 

My sister has a little dwarf bunny that she lets run around her house. He’s chewed on the rugs, on the wood trim, etc. You need to watch them. 

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ScratchNSniff:  omg! You’re  right about rats!  They are so smart like dogs! My mother also had a white rat Lariska,  and she was adorable: came when called by name,  pooped only in one spot in her cage, slept in my mother’s bed with her and my dad,  was very sociable, loved to do homework with my brother.  He writes and she chews.  She was allowed unsupervised outside on the grass and stayed within sight,  came back immediately when called.  She lived for 2 years, and died in her sleep next to my dad.  The tragedy you won’t believe! They cried for weeks,  my bro was so upset! I still have photos of Lariska spooning inside my dad’s armpit on the couch on our backyard, or the one where she is kissing me on the lips. Love!

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Yes, there will be SOOOO many bunnies after Easter it will be unreal. Soooo sad.

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eeniebeans:  I want to steal both of your cavies. For the heck of it:

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I have two! They are good pets, with much more character than you might think, curious and funny to watch. If you keep them with enough space they aren’t too destructive on things that aren’t their own cage – but they will remodel that extensively. Ours have a large indoor cage that connects through to an outside run.

Vet bills are expensive and they are pretty fragile creatures, though cheap to feed/maintain when things are going well. You need two really or bunny will be lonely 🙁


Re picking up, no rabbit ever likes to be held in the air though some are definitely calmer than others. We have one big brave bunny and one who is a bit more flighty and doesn’t like to be stroked. You can tell personalities with enough observation at the shelter i think. Handling often helps but only to a point – ours have both been socialised the same yet responded differently. Many bunnies will enjoy snuggling with you on the sofa even if they dislike being picked up.

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