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These cats are usually pretty mellow. They are super affectionate and like to be around you a LOT. Have you not looked into the breed? Why did you choose ragdoll over getting a stray or a adopting a homeless pet?

They are NOT hypoallergetic like some people like to lie and say.

When looking for a breeder, if you don’t want to go the adoption route… I would make sure you could visit them at their house, make sure it looks clean and that the animals are well taken care of. That they can provide paper work for the cats. That the cats look healthy and happy, no eye goobers, no matting, or smells or other obvious things.

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I have a munchkin (similar in breed to a rag doll) he is awesome. When we went to the breeders, she showed us around and the various different breeds she had. She explained she kept them all outside in large rabbit style hutches (it’s in New Zealand so it’s very warm) but that each cat/kitten got it’s own time in the house so as to be well socialised. She had young children so the cats were used to being petted or in the case of her toddler pulled on the tail. every single one of her cats was super friendly. Then when she took us to the kittens we literally spent half an hour playing with them and importantly she wanted to know all about us. So I think the key is if they are a good breeder they will want you to know everything about them and their cats and also make sure you are a responsible owner 

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They Are one of the most hypoallergenic cats-they have very low levels of Fel d1 in their fur, putting them on about the same par as bunny rabbits when it comes to allergens. 

I used to breed Ragdolls, and I would definitely say to make sure you interview, ask for proof of lineage (you want to know the line so you can ensure that they aren’t too closely related, thus resulting in a higher chance of genetic diseases), and figure out what color. In my personal experience, Blue points don’t tend to be as floppy/chill as other colors-but it could just be the lines we saw. 

Heres a pic of my seal point with mitts that I just took:

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Busy bee

I have a rag doll x and he is the most affectionate cat I’ve ever known. He craves attention and plays up if he doesn’t get enough play time so he needs a lot of toys and needs to be played with often. People say they’re more like dogs – attention, affection, loyalty wise – and I kind of agree. My boy in strictly indoor only as he has no street sense so please keep yours inside. I also think this makes him more affectionate. 

You can definitely find rag dolls and ragdoll mixes in shelters too!

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Blushing bee

Ok, we have had our ragdoll for two years now and he is a blue point. He is the most floppiest thing ever. He is like my little doll! He allows me to carry him around everywhere hehe. Ragdolls have the most amazing personalities. He follows me everywhere (like a dog would) and is always around me, never takes he’s eyes away from where i am. He talks back at me and is very very froendly towards visitors. They love attention and will do anything for it!!! 

He is extremley clean and tidy in our house. He is an inside cat only. The only time he is outside is when we are and that is inder strict supervision. They are not hunters like stray cats and they do need a lot of attention, otherwise they will cry and cry. 

Here is a photo of my boy, he is my baby. You will not be disappointed with your decision om getting a ragdoll. Just make sure they are a registered breeder and the parents have had dna testing for certain diseases with the line of breed. 

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Blushing bee

A photo of when he was a tiny baby! 

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Carolsays:  if you’re looking for affection you will definitely get it with a ragdoll! I’ve had 3 other cats before this one and while I love them all none were ever as affectionate or people oriented as my ragdoll is. He will even wait by the door or on my bed for me to come home. They stay kittenish for longer too. Mine is now 6 and still plays like a kitten. 🙂

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MatildaFae:  so cute! And oh my goodness mine is ridiculously clean too! He refuses to use the same litter more than once. 

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Carolsays:  We have 2 ragdolls at the moment. Definitely check out shelters as we were shocked to walk into petco and they had a flame point ragdoll up for adoption, he was listed as a long haired but the lady knew what he was they just didnt want to advetise it due to people adopting for $30 and selling them for $500. Other than our flame point boy we have another boy that is lilac point. They are very affectionate, loving but we say they are dog like at times. Ours follow the dogs around, fetch ribbon balls, constantly exploring and just plan active and social. Since they are so outgoing our tend to try and escape once a week if not more into the yard. Thankfully the dogs dont let them out of their sight and we normally get them in the house after some corralling

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I don’t have one, but they are completely adorable!

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Blushing bee

I had a ragdoll.  I agree that the breed is inclined to be more affectionate, floppy, sweet and docile, but, I don’t think every cat that is a ragdoll has those traits.  Cats are very much like humans and they can differ in their personalities and characteristics.  Having said that, I think you should keep in mind when you get your ragdoll that your cat may not have all those traits that you read so much about online.  My cat was not very floppy, she didn’t like her paws touched or her belly (most cats don’t), but she did follow me around everywhere I went, was very curious about water and used to sit up on the edge of the bathtub while I bathed and I was able to teach her to fetch.  Unfortunately, she could be a very aggressive cat, and had been ever since she was a kitten when I first got her, and she did love to bite, Hard!  I loved her still though, very much, and if I got another cat, I would definitely consider getting another ragdoll because I find them to be so beautiful.  But then again, any other regular cat breed that I have had in the past has been just as sweet and loving too.

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My friend has a ragdoll. Very affectionate, likes company. If you both work all day, I would get a pair. They get lonely.

I know that they can be prone to kidney problems as a breed, so you should install a fountain with running water to encourage them to drink as frequently as possible (they drink a lot more water if it is running water).

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