(Closed) Raise your hand if you HATE to clean!! (And share tips for motivation)

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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I hate cleaning too!! To get motivated I listen to my iPod! And if I have the time, I will just do little blocks of cleaning at a time. So for example 3 20 minute blocks instead of a straight hour.

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Buzzing bee
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@Future_Mrs_Dr_I:  Hate it, hate it, hate it. I like organizing, but hate cleaning. Though I’ll always put music on when I’m cleaning, it helps. No TV though, cause then I just stop cleaning and watch the tube. Also, I’ll try and set a timeline for myself. I’ll say okay, you have a half hour to clean this room, one hour for this, etc. It kinda self motivates me to clean quickly without distractions. 

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We have guests over regularly (at least once a week) there is no better motivation to have a clean home/apartment than judgment from others. 🙂 Hahahaha.

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Buzzing bee

I despise cleaning but I do like a clean house and the feeling of knowing things are clean and neat. Sometimes that’s morivation enough. Other times I use cleaning to procrastinate on something I want to do even less lol. Or if someone is coming over things HAVE TO look presentable (aka as clean and neat as possible lol).

I think when I am financially able to, I will hire a housekeeper. My chosen career field will keep me very busy, and to be honest I’d rather spend my free time on things other than cleaning.

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I drink wine, and lots of it.

And I’m about to hire someone to come to our house for a couple hours every other week.  I’m a terrible homemaker and it’s time to give up the ghost.

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Helper bee
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@Future_Mrs_Dr_I:  Convince yourself that your mother-in-law may stop over any minute.

That does the trick for me. I don’t usually mind cleaning but when I know she is coming over I get going pretty furiously. I’ve heard her make comments about other people’s housekeeping skills and I don’t want to be mentioned in that conversation.  

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Sugar bee
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ME ME ME!!!  UGH I hate cleaning.  But we bought a new house in April and its so much nicer and bigger than our last house so my motivation is just to keep it looking nice and organized.  Our old house was 1000 sq feet 3 bedrooms only 1 floor with 6 people and 2 cats….CROWDED.

Our new house is 2000 sq feet, finished basement, 5 bedrooms.  Its so nice to not trip over clothes in the bathroom (because we have a laundry room!), and not look at stained carpet, and have walls with color.  And OMG the closet space.  There are 3 hall closets upstairs, 2 in one bedroom, 1 in another, 2 in the master bedroom, storage space in the basement in the laundry room, 1 closet in one downstairs room and 2 closets in the other….I’m in heaven Cool

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Honey bee
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I also hate cleaning. 

I downloaded an app for my iPhone called UFYourH, I think, the website is actually called Unfuck Your Habitat. It’s got a little counter on it for 20 minutes of cleaning, then a short break. It also has little suggestions. Like “spend 10 minutes cleaning your bathroom” and “take 5 minutes to clear off the coffee table”. You can also type in your own goals as well. 

I have a hard time just looking at one room as opposed to thinking about the whole house needing to be cleaned, and this app has been pretty useful.

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Bumble Beekeeper
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@Future_Mrs_Dr_I:  My mom hates cleaning the same way, so she pays someone to do it.  She always said she’d rather have a second job and pay a housekeeper than to have to clean it herself lol.

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Busy bee
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I used to hate cleaning. My mom is a psychotic neat freak, so when I went to college, I totally rebelled and live in the world’s messiest room for four years.

Now, I’m much more concerned about cleaning – and I don’t dislike it as much. For me, it comes down to having pride in my apartment. I love interior design, so I’ve put a lot of time and effort into how our home looks. I don’t want to ruin that by having dirty dishes and clothes all over the place. It’s also nice to not have to worry about doing too much if someone decides to drop by (and much less embarassing). It’s a mindset, that’s all.

That said, I really only dedicate one evening a week to cleaning my apartment. It doesn’t take me that long because I keep things very neat throughout the rest of the week – and that’s key. When I used to be a total mess I would avoid cleaning because I knew it was going to take me forever. Now, it’s pretty quick, so I don’t mind.

Drink some wine. Have the TV or some music on. Talk on the phone while you do it. It isn’t that bad, I promise!

ETA: I also found that, at the beginning, it helped to create a schedule. A few things (or one bigger thing) to do every day. After awhile, it becomes habit.

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Sugar Beekeeper
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@Diamond84:  me exactly.  LOVE to organize, hate to clean.  When I have to tackle the kitchen or bathroom that’s the way I try and think of it – let’s get this s***t organized.  bopping around to the iPod helps too

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Honey bee
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I love cleaning, just NOT the bathroom!

It’s not even that big, it’s just we have hard water in our townhome (renting) and they don’t have a softner…and won’t get one.

I don’t like it, period! I hate cleaning it uhkkk

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Honey bee
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I’m a slob by nature – not dirty, but messy.  What we’ve done lately has been to:


– work together to clean.  If it’s a big mess, it’s easier to tackle with another person.  Also to have each person play to their strengths – I’m a good cleaner, hubbie’s a good declutterer, so we divide duties.


– Invite people over a lot.  For me, if it would take me an hour to clean normally, it takes me 20 if I know people are coming over!


– Becoming more minimalist.  I read “The Joy of Less” by Francine Jay and it helped me a lot.  Because the less crap you own = the less crap you have to clean.


– Having a “to do later” basket.  With non-urgent, papers, mail, etc. we want out of the way, we put it in one basket to go through later, then sort through it at the end of the week (or month…)


– doing a load of laundry every couple days instead of doing a lot of laundry all at once.


For us the BIG thing recently has been puppy-proofing the house – it’s made a world of difference, and it’s been an unintended consequence of getting the dog.  Stuff we’d normally leave lying around’s not there now because we don’t want potential chew toys or pee rags.  We’ve also had to clean & vacuum a lot for allergy reasons!

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Blushing bee

I hate cleaning. I’m one of those people that can live in organized chaos, and tend to let things build up until they really need to be cleaned, and then I go on a rampage.

Music helps a lot! Music makes things fun! I plug by iPod on set of speakers, so my personal headphones don’t get in the way while I am cleaning. Dancing and singing in rubber gloves isn’t so bad!

My mom listens to audiobooks on her iPod, and she says that is a great way to pass the time during mundane activities like clearning or ironing. She also does a little every day, so she doesn’t feel overwhelmed on the weekend, and she can take some time off. 

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