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I have been lucky enough to have a few nice people hold doors for me lately.  It means a lot, especially when my hands are full!

I try to do at least one small thing a day, like hold a door or pick something up if someone drops it, but I think it’s a wonderful thing to try to do nice things for other people.

One time, a guy held the door as I went into a store.  I walked in ahead of him, turned and said, “Here, let me get this one” and threw my arms apart- like Moses parting the sea… the next door was automatic!  Haha, we laughed about it and went our separate ways.

In all seriousness, there was a time I went above and beyond to help a patient who was undergoing chemo.  He has terrible, scarred, bruised veins and is really hard to get blood from so when he came back to the lab after having had blood drawn the day before, I looked in the computer to see what the last labs were for (sometimes they repeat things several days in a row, sometimes they add new tests)… anyway, the test they wanted was a new test and could have been performed on the existing sample, so I called the main lab to ask if they would pretty pretty please make this patient’s day and run the test on the sample already there.  I saved him a needlestick, and he told me later how much that one little thing meant to him.

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I did pay it forward, last week for the person behind me in the drive through of a coffee shop on the way to work. Smile

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I’m a big believer in helping people when you can, especially when you stop and think how you would appreciate it if someone did something for you if you were in their position. I also believe in karma 110%.

I work in a hotel and once let a guy borrow my car to jump start his a few streets down.  FI and I also helped a woman who was staying at my hotel move her house a few weeks ago. Everytime I get my paycheck I go through the drive-thru at Dunkin Donuts and get a drink and pay for the person behind me.

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What a great idea for a thread!   Thank you to ChuckNorris for starting it.  ๐Ÿ™‚

I don’t have a random act of kindness to share from today but I have one from several years ago that I remember:

I was working downtown at a law firm as a legal assistant and our intern/runner was out of the office that day.  Since it was a lovely day I volunteered to deliver legal documents to the nearby courthouse or surrounding rival law firms.

I walked about six blocks to deliver a package and on the way spotted a man who appeared disheveled and unkempt; I assumed he was homeless because there are many homeless folks in our downtown area.  He was waving a piece of paper around in the air and asking out loud, “Help me, please, someone.  Can anyone help me?”  He unsuccessfully attempted to flag down a couple of people who shrugged him off and kept walking by.  He didn’t see me walk by because the street was so crowded.  I continued on my way a short distance further and delivered the package to its destination.

On the way back to my office a few minutes later, I spotted the same little old man, who was still trying to flag someone down to help him.  I stopped and asked him, “Sir, how may I help you?”  He looked surprised but immediately said, “Oh, please help me, thank you so much.  I have an address here that I am supposed to find about a job.”  I looked at the address and realized he was within several blocks of his destination but I wasn’t quite sure of the exact location.  I had nothing with me, not my purse or my cell phone, no GPS in sight.  So, I asked him to follow me and I would get him a map from my office.

While we were walking he shared his story.  He had arrived on a bus from Florida after having gotten out of a “treatment center” with a little information about a potential job in our city.  He had lost most of the information given to him but had managed to keep a scrap of paper with an address written on it. 

I’ll never forget the look on my co-workers’ faces when I showed up with this guy.  Between his dirty, shabby clothes and pungent smell, they were all looking at me as if to say, “Wtf?”  I ignored them and ushered him into my office where I printed him a map from our current location to his destination and highlighted it to show him, step by step and turn by turn, how to get there on foot.  I walked him back out of the office to steer him in the right direction, motioning and explaining landmarks he’d see along the way.  He thanked me profusely and started off.  Then, suddenly, he stopped and turned around towards me.  And he said, “I want to say something to you, young lady.  You were the only person who helped me today and I really appreciate it very much.  I will pray for you to be blessed, God bless you my dear.”  At that moment, a beam of sun broke through the tall buildings and shone down on us standing there. 

It was a beautiful moment that I’ll never forget, receiving that man’s blessing, and the angelic smile on his face, glowing in the late afternoon sun.


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Two I can think of. One was a few months ago: my SO and I were out to eat at a chain diner kinda late at night. My SO ordered a breakfast platter which included bisquits and gravy. His food came out long after mine, without the bisquits, and when the bisquits finally came out they were cold. Our waitress not only didn’t charge us for the bisquits, but she also didn’t charge us for the piece of pie we ordered to share for dessert. My SO felt bad for her, since it was obvious the wait wasn’t her fault (you can see your food being cooked and it was obvious that the cooks were either new or incompetent), so he instisted on paying for the pie and left her a large tip, enough to cover her tip plus the bisquits.

The second one was on Christmas; we went to IHOP for breakfast with my neices, and at the end of our meal SO let them choose something sweet to eat. They both wanted a gingerbread hot chocolate, and our waitress didn’t charge for it because she didn’t want us to be out the money if the girls didn’t like it. Both of these things were really little, but they made my day ๐Ÿ™‚

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This winter I donated a toy for Christmas to a needy child.  I put money in a meter for a stranger when their time ran out.  I also gave about $150 split among the special olympics and cancer research.  Finally, I helped an old woman carry her groceries to her car. 

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I do remember one time when I was 16 working at CVS.

There was a elderly man with Lou Gehrig’s disease who used to come in to the store every Sunday and pick up a pack of cigarettes.  He was very proud, very polite, and very friendly.

He came in one particular day and we were joking around at the register, and he asked to buy some smokes.  I gave him a jokingly stern look and told him he wasn’t old enough to smoke and he would have to show me some ID.  He smiled hugely and dragged it out, and just about skipped out of the store. 

An hour later, I was in the back stocking shelves when I got called to the front by my manager.  There was the same man holding roses.  He announced to the store, “Today I thought about killing myself.  I thought I had nothing to live for.  I was sick, I had no one, and I couldn’t bear another day.  People always avoid me or look in the other direction.  Today, you took the time to joke with me, say nice things, and you gave me reason to live again.  I just wanted to say thank you.”

I have the roses to this day to remind myself the power of words.

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This didn’t happen to me, but a friend..

She found a gift card for a store (Merjier or something like that??) that was put there in memory of one of the little ones killed in Sandy Hook… She walked into a different store and bought herself a coffee, and her dog a toy (or maybe treats).. When she came out there was a homeless man outside, she gave the dog toy/treats to the man’s dog, and the coffee and the gift card to him so he could put it to good use!

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What a lovely thread to read. ๐Ÿ™‚  I definately believe that what goes around comes around.

A few years ago I was in an airport with a friend, our flight got delayed so we got food vouchers to use.  We were going to use half at Mcdonalds and half somewhere else but instead ended up getting something at McDonalds and then telling the person at the counter to keep the rest to pay for how ever many people behind us in line that it would pay for.  (the voucher was for around $40 so there was plenty left over).

The people in line were listening and were so thankful, but it turns out that directly behind us were 2 flight attendants, who would you believe ended up being on our flight!  Needless to say we were very well taken care of that flight!

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