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this morning i was sooo tired…and i woke up and Fiance had made breakfast for me and my mom (who is in town)…watered our plants, took out the trash and got my jeans and a t-shirt he knows i love out for the day….and let me sleep in a bit…it was heaven….

it takes a really special man to get up and make my favorite breakfast of fruit loops cereal and some peanut butter and jelly toast and a big glass of ice cold milk on the side even though he thinks it is the most redikulous breakfast on the planet for a 26 year old i love it….dont even care…lol…’

he also will do random little things reguraly just to make sure i know he cares…at my job i am usually always so busy i dont have time to stop and pee…and he knows this but every day i work with out missing a beat about mid morning he will text me something sweet telling me he loves me and hopes i am having a wonderful day….completely sweet and he knows i wont see it till i get to sit and eat lunch…but it always perks up my day….and he just started out of the blue about 2 years ago…

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Aww your FIs  sound sweet! Darling Husband is the cutest thing ever. He does things like this every day. If I’m sad or feeling depressed he runs around collecting blankets and then bundles me all up in them while saying “Nooo!! Noooo” trying to cheer me up. Before we were married, we had a fight and then I had to go to class. He immediately logged out of the chat and drove the 1.5 hours down to see me and bring me a stuffed bear and then drove all the way back right after giving it to me.

It’s such a blessing to have men who love us so much!

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SimpleBrideToBe:  My Darling Husband is not the flowery, jewelery type (neither am I) but he does stuff on the daily that I appreciate.  It was cute, a couple years ago on Valentine’s Day, I had to go in for a minor procedure so I took the day off work and my mom drove me to and from.  I told him not to worry and go to work.  He picked me up after work and when he got home, told me to look in the freezer for my present lol which was even weirder b/c we really don’t do v-day.  Anyway, it was a box of fruit sorbets in the shells of the fruit from Costco b/c the doctor said my throat might be stratchy after the procedure.  To this day, the cutest most thoughtful v-day gift I’ve ever gotten!  

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My Fiance is the sweetest! Today he had the day off work, so he made breakfast for me and packed it all up for me to take to work (because he knows I’m always running late). And yesterday, I was texting him about people at work annoying me, so he had an edible arrangement delivered with a note that said “I hope you’re having a better day.” 10 years and he is still going with the sweet gestures!

The best might be when he made a huge poster sized card for me out of starburst. Yep, you read that right. He hot glued all of these starburst together to make the base. And then he added a layer for the words, on top in a different color so you could read it. I don’t know how he comes up with this stuff but I love it!

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My Fiance cleaned the bathrooms the other day before he left for work for 2 weeks instead of taking time to do something he wanted because he knows thats my least favorite thing to clean. It was such a nice surprise ๐Ÿ™‚


He does lots of sweet unexpected things for me.  When we were first dating he came to my house a week before Valentines day, He parked around the corner from my house and surprised me with a huge teddy bear, balloons ,and a gift certificate to get my nails done. He knew he wouldn’t be home and wanted to make up for it before he left.

He also invited me to his place for Christmas when we first met, he knew I didn’t have family around. He bought me a gift , made me a stocking , and cooked me Christmas dinner! We had been dating less than a week at that point it was beyond sweet of him.

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I’m not into big, public declarations of love (my Darling Husband proposed to me while I was in the bathtub!) and Darling Husband isn’t huge into speeches or PDA. But the little things melt my heart. I was super stressed and rushing the other day, so he slipped a couple of pieces of Dove chocolate and just a little scrap note that simply said “Breathe. You are loved” into my coat pocket. I didn’t find them until I got to work and I almost cried. It’s stuff like that, that shows he cares always and not just one big days (anniversaries, romantic getaways, etc) that show me he really cares. I try to do the same for him, too :’-)

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I love this one. Early last month when out shopping at Wal-Mart my mom bought me a box of the Boo-berry cereal as a joke (anyone watch Goldbergs?). Turns out, the stuff is just like lucky charms which I haven’t had in ages and I loved it. I finally ran out last weekend so when we stopped by Wal-mart I looked for another box. Alas, they only sell it during Halloween time! So much sadness. My Fiance decided to go on his phone right then, look up the cereal on the Wal-mart website and promptly ordered me two boxes. What a dork <3

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My Darling Husband definitely does random acts of sweetness but not super often.  I think that’s what makes them special though.  I’d also say that most of the sweet acts are things he says to me.  One day he just looked at me and said, “Your makeup looks really pretty today.”  It was the exact same makeup I wear everyday, LOL!  But it made me feel special and loved.  ๐Ÿ™‚  I try to return the favor to him too.  Some days I just look at him and think, “I married one sexy man.  He is gorgeous!”  So I tell him.  He most certainly looks just the same as he did the day before, but it’s nice to hear honest compliments like that.  It instills and reinforces the deep love we have for each other.

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That is so sweet!

My husband sends me a romantic text every single day. It always includes an “I love you”. We usually banter back and forth. He also likes to kiss me while I am sleeping before he leaves for work; I leave later than he does. 

Sometimes my husband will buy me my favorite muffin from the coffee chain nearby. I wake up to this sweet treat in the kitchen. 

He will also leave me random small amounts of cash with a note to buy myself something nice. I normally buy a bottle of wine or lunch. 

I like to surprise my husband with sexy phone calls to his desk. It drives him wild. It drives him wild. He loves coffee so I will buy him a $20 gift card to his favorite coffee shop. 

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Sometimes I’ll come home from a night class and my SO went and got me Chickfila or something, even if we had planned to cook when I got home. It’s always a nice surprise to walk in starving and see it waiting ๐Ÿ™‚

He also leaves early for work in the mornings and always wakes me up to say goodbye and he’s always so sweet  I’m always half asleep so he sometimes texts me later in the morning to tell me whatever funny thing I said or did.


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The other day I dropped my shampoo bottle in the shower.  A few minutes later he is peaking through the door asking me if everything was ok.  I told him it was fine & he calmly replied, “Ok, I love you” & left.  So sweet & subtle <3

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My dh isn’t one for grand romantic gestures but he does little things every day.  I’m on a perma diet, so we eat totally different food.  And he knows I HATE grocery shopping so he takes inventory every day or two to be sure I don’t run out of anything.

He’s very much the gentleman–if there’s a chore to be done, like taking one of the dogs out, he’ll always be the one to do it when he’s home.  

He just, in general, puts me first.  It shows in more ways than I can list.  I’m spoiled.





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My Fiance made me food after I got home from my third shift at work.

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Just the other night the SO and his son were already at my house before I got home from work.  I walked in and smelled food and saw the dogs eating.  He had started dinner, washed and put up my dishes and fed the dogs.  That meant more to me than flowers or gifts!!!!!

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