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Busy bee

@BruinBeeMPH:  I hate the ‘you don’t look well, are you sick?’ Comments, especially when I’m not sick.

My sister once went for an eyebrow wax, and the beautician asked if she wanted her upper lip done too. My sister said no, and the beautician said ‘are you sure?’. WTF!

When I used to be much skinnier, my friend’s dick of a boyfriend told me I looked revolting and needed to eat. No shit, Sherlock! I had been underweight for years, nothing I ate made any difference, and it was something I was really self conscious about. He was a total asshole. He was also obese, but it would have been ‘taboo’ for me to tell him so…

This is more of a funny one. My sister and I put on white face paint, big black eyes and lips that looked stitched up, and wigs, for this Halloween bash at a theme park. I was standing in this tram, not moving for a while. When I finally moved, someone exclaimed ‘oh my god, he’s real!’. I actually LMAO about that!

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Busy bee

Just thought of another – this lady asked me and my sisters if we all had the same father – particularly me, because my sisters are very alike; brown hair, brown eyes (like Mum) and I’m fair with blonde hair, blue eyes, like my Dad! How freaking inappropriate!

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i often get asked if im tired/ill with makeup on!

my face is really pale compared to the rest of my body due to eczema when i was little and too strong cream for it which clearly damaged my skin. hate it.

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Another bee with very pale skin, and a co-worker once asked me if I had cancer because “no healthy person could ever be this white”, grr! I was so offended, not only was offensive to me and those are battling cancer, the person who said it was a NURSE! She should have known better.  

Once while on the train an elderly man asked me if I’m Jewish, I said no, he replied “Oh I just figured so because you have a Jew nose”, umm what? I got up and moved.  

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I used to get asked a bunch how far along i was, do we know the gender of baby…. 

except…. i wasnt pregnant!!!!


now that i AM pregnant no one says anything. hahah talk about ironic?? 

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My future grandmother in law once asked if I’ve ever had braces, and when I said no, she asked to see my teeth then said “oh, it’s noticeable.”

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I also get the “Are you sick?” when I don’t wear makeup. Nope, that’s just my face, sorry.

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@thatredheadedbride:  omg! the crazy stuff ppl say! i mean, if I gained 50lbs would you ask me those types of questions? LOL congrats on your loss girl!!!

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one day during lunchtime at work, we were all joking around about what kinds of things we would fix about ourselves (lipo, nose jobs — just joking around about them all) I mentioned something I would fix about myself and my co-worker, who is reallyyy pretty said “I think you look great–a diet and you’d be perfect!”

Im 5 feet and weigh 105lbs — WTF!?

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When I was in high school I had a bully knock me off a scooter and it split my lip leaving a bump. I didn’t think it was noticeable but I had an old man roll up to me in his electric wheelchair and tell me with some plastic surgery to fix it I might be pretty…..wtf!? You can barely see it! 

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Sugar bee

I had a customer at work tell me I had stubby fingers…umm wtf


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I recently lost about 40 pounds. I was slightly over weight for my height before, nothing major (maybe by 10-15 pounds). Around the same time as my weight loss, my fiance bought a new car , a Mini. My Future grandmother in law exclaimed “Well, after all your weight loss, now you can fit into the Mini!”

uhm… Was there a question of me fitting before?! I didn’t even know what to say, so I laughed, but I was kind of hurt. 

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Can’t believe the rude things people say!

I also get the “You should tan” one. So annoying. As if there is anything that can be done for that! I should just tell them: “At least I won’t get skin cancer.”

I’ve also gotten the “Are you pregnant?” one while working part-time during my school days. Seriously lady? I wasn’t even big, it was the uniform we had to wear that made us look bigger. Made me feel crappy nonetheless.

On a Sunday morning while working at above-mentioned job, some lady came to get checked out at my register.

She starts by saying: “There is church before the store opens. Did you go to church this morning?”

What a weird question to ask but I don’t care of openly talking about my religion views to others so I reply: “Oh, no, I do not attend church but thank you for asking.”

She looked horrified and goes off on a frantic rant: “What do you mean you do not go to church?!?! My gosh, how did you parents raise you?! This is unacceptable!! Blah blah blah!!”

(Really, lady?)

I shamelessly reply: “My parents made me go to church when I was little. I no longer go nor do I practice.”

She goes on: “Your poor parents; where did they go wrong? You really should go to church on Sundays, you know. It is not right not to believe in God.”

I just reply: “Well, the base of every religion is supposed to be Respect so that’s what I believe in: Respect.”

She stopped in her tracks and could not find words to a reply. She suddenly goes off: “Uh, well, erm…you’re right! More people should be like you!”

She then stormed out of the store.

This was over 10 years ago and I’ll always remember that crazy lady.

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Helper bee

“Why aren’t you engaged/married yet?”


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Buzzing bee

@MadameX:  lmao we are a minority now??? 

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