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I get a lot of random comments, but the most common is totally my eye color/my eybrows/my eyelashes. I have hazel eyes and they tend to show up on film as green but really bright golden yellow in direct sunlight. I guess people aren’t used to that really bright yellow (think cat) and they comment. I also have crazy thick natural black eyebrows/eyelashes and get asked all the time what products I use. I don’t use anything on either my brows or lashes and people always think I’m lying. I used to hate my eyebrows when I was little though. 

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Bumble bee

One time I got a comment about my height.  I’m short at 5’0 so I’m used to it my whole life. 

One person, at this conference hall, said, “OMG why are you so tiny?”

And with that I replied, “Blame my short, dead parents”


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Sugar bee
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Often my style. Very vintage and OTT at times. Or my age. I look young. Or I get told I’m pretty! I can handle that! Compliments are the best from strangers and I must admit I’m always telling girls I don’t know how gorgeous they are. It’s nice to have karma return the favour every now and then 😉  

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morganc8:  my friend from HS is 5’11 and when we go out we’re always both in sky scraper heels. guys CONTSTANLY comment on her height and stuff… it got really old, really fast. they weren’t even talking to me and i would be standing next to her rolling my eyes and thinking, oh you’re SOO original. yes, the air is SO different 6 inches above your head. 

i have fairly long hair like a PP and i have had people ask me if it’s extensions. which is annoying in and of itself, because if it was extensions i probably wouldn’t be broadcasting it. and i have also had creepy guys in clubs actually pull my hair to get my attention and then when i am like, WHAT THE EFF are you doing? they say something along the lines of, oh you’re so pretty i was making sure your hair was real. really?! REALLY? I actually said to one guy, “seriously? has that ever gotten you laid?” and then walked away. 

people are weird. that’s my conclusion. people are weird and have zero filter. also, there are men with terrible game. 

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Sugar bee

Most people use comments like this to strike up a conversation with someone they don’t know I wouldn’t take it as a negative.

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Helper bee

My best friend is 6’1″ and she has your same problem! She usually also just grins and bears it but she gets annoyed. Once this not so tall guy was particularly snarky and rude about it and wouldn’t stop asking if she played basketball or volleyball so she turned around and asked him if he played mini golf. I laughed so hard!

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Bumble Beekeeper

I get comments about my short stature and how young I look. It doesn’t bother me; they’re just random people making random comments. I know I’ve noted interesting physical characteristics on other people in the past although I usually keep them in my head.

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I’m somewhat tall (5’9″, all legs) and I carry most of my weight in my stomach. On a bad day, I look 6 months preggers with twins. People are stupid, and have no filter. The main part IS to be snotty, makes them think twice.

Best tall joke..

“Wow, you are TALL!”

“I know, makes me see your recending hairline/bald spot even better!”


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Busy bee

I am going on 30 but am short and have a relatively young looking face. I will admit that I look much younger than I am but I constantly get comments about ordering alcohol, having a driver’s license, being old enough to vote, etc. It is so annoying after awhile. Also, I am semi-ethnic looking and people ALWAYS assume I am Mexican (I’m not). It’s crazy how comfortable people are with being blatantly racist if it’s in the form of s joke…  -_-

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Bumble bee
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Same boat as a few PPs – I’m a ginger with long hair and people touch it all the time which upsets me. Most comments are fine but there have been rude ones or ones that crossed the line. It was hard for Darling Husband at first. He thought people were being really rude but now he’s used to it. Not looking forward to repeating this whole experience with ginger babies lol

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I walk on my toes like a Barbie. You only can tell if I am not wearing heels or wedges, which is most often to avoid looks and they’re comfy for me. I bend flat shoes and flip flops. Always have, it doesn’t bother me unless I am walking or standing a lot. But I’ve been bullied most of my life for it. Most schoolmates thought I had some sort of mental affliction since I walked differently and made sure to let me know I was different in case I forgot. I’ve even had strangers shop workers treat me like I am special needs, asking me where my mommy is so I can be returned to her. Like, excuse me, I’m a grown woman just trying to buy mascara and even if I was, that’s no way to treat a fellow human.

Countless strangers have told me that their two year old niece/cousin/neighbor/ect walked on their toes, but grew out of it or were put in braces. That’s nice for them, but their life choices are not mine. Or they tell me about these stretches they did when they ran track and it would totally ‘cure’ me. I stretched every day when I was in school and got me no where. I still stretch because it’s apart of my routine and relieves stress. My favorite is ‘You should be a ballerina!!’. It’s like saying all tall people should play basketball or skinny people should be models. It would of been cool to be a dancer, but my appearance & body to not dictate my career choice.

Sometimes, someone brave enough asks me why, and I politely explain my short rehearsed story that it’s something I was born with, grew to accept as a part of me, and that I am a fully functioning adult. I’m not offended when people are kind enough to treat me like humans should be treated and ask questions to better understand something they may have not seen before. I’d rather educate people and kill them with kindness, even if I’m having a bad day and rather be left the hell alone. I’m also a long haired ginger with long nails & big tittles which generate some looks when I am wearing heels so my feet are confined.

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I think everyone should post a pic as evidence. I know I’m not alone in wanting to see SithLady:‘s luscious locks!

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