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morganc8:  I’m just a hair away from being 5’11. I get the tall comments too. The conversation usually goes something like this:

“wow you’re really tall”

“and you’re really observant!”… *walk away*

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morganc8:  I think it’s part of being tall. People just want to make a connection. I am 6’1″ and get the same comments. No I don’t play basketball. I am just naturally awesome. 😀

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morganc8:  Sometimes strangers talk to you because they’re creepy. Maybe hitting on you, maybe sizing you up as their next skinsuit, maybe just harmlessly weird, who knows? … But USUALLY strangers talk to you because they’re human and are trying to connect with another human. A stranger doesn’t know your job, your interests, your hobbies, etc. All they have to talk about is what’s in front of them. You’re taller than most people. You have longer hair than most people, redder hair, bluer eyes, bushier eyebrows, smaller hands, bigger feet, ad infinitum than most people. So they mention it as a way of saying “Hey, I notice you, fellow social animal like myself. Let’s be friends, if even just for the 5 minutes we’re standing in the same line.” Why try to make someone feel stupid for that? If you are that offended by people making observations in broad daylight, maybe have some t-shirts printed up with acceptable topics of conversation:

Ask about the following or leave me the fuck alone:

  • My PhD
  • My Hedgehog
  • Disc Golf
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Daisy_Mae:  I think that’s an oversimplification. People aren’t trying to make a connection when you’re walking down the street and they say “wow you’re tall” when you pass by. Sometimes they’re even in their car as they do it, just like catcalling. You’re obviously not going to stop, turn around and follow them to engage. It’s often a one way communication lobbed in your direction.

I think it’s normal to be annoyed and put out by this. It would be great if people had some common sense and realize that a person with a very distinguishing feature probably gets comments about it all the time and just avoid making statements adding to the barrage. Unless it’s an obvious compliment, I just avoid talking about people’s physical appearances. It’s not that hard.

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I get tall comments too, at 5’11”, but I’ve never taken it negatively. I actually agree that on a basic level everyone wants to interact, and it’s a good opening line. It’s just as frequently women as it is men. I just tell them I haven’t played [insert sport here] since middle school, lol.

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I’m a redhead too, and yes, get comments from strangers pretty often.  I must say I kind of love it actually!  Mostly women.  Rarely men.  

I’ve never had anyone try to touch it.  That’s weird!

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I have a tattoo on my leg,  and I always get “Is that real?” to which I respond, “No, I painted it on this morning.” Or “Where did you get that done?” When I follow up with San Francisco, they usually respond with a sarcastic “of course.” But that’s about it… all tattoo related.

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PixelMePretty:  I get the white comment too.  I have had people ask me why I do not tan.  I am just like, “uh, I don’t want cancer.” 

rendezvous89:  I have long eyelashes as well.  I actually had someone argue with me if they were real.  

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Not a physical feature, but when I sneeze, I always sneeze at least 3 times (usually like 6 or 7). People either a) tell me I sound like their cat (Thanks?) or b) ask if I do it on purpose. WHY would I sneeze 7 times on purpose?

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howsweetitis:  I tried to get away from the guessing game for a bit and when people asked “where are you from?” My response would be California. They would then ask “where is your family from?” My answer was California. It was my way of putting their ethnic curiosity/bias on blast. I did this with the people that were rude. By the second California they would get the hint.

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annb9:  haha this happens to me! Everytime I go in the sun I sneeze anywhere from 3-15 times in a row. People laugh at me, tell me I sound like a parakeet, or ask when I’m going to stop sneezing. Umm…. I dunno, let me ask my sinuses when they plan to quit convulsing. And I often get the “that sneeze has to be fake. No one sneezes like that for real” Yes, because fake sneezing is what the cool kids are doing these days. A simple ‘bless you’ would be nice.

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