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I guess I just don’t understand what the complaint is.  You are physically unable to do many of the exercises (nothing’s wrong with that), so you want modifications… But you don’t want everyone to realize you’re doing a modified exercise?

Start with what you can do and find something to suit your tastes instead of forcing yourself into a class style you don’t feel comfortable in.  If you don’t feel like any of the classes match your needs, talk to the gym or instructor(s).  They may decide there’s a need to boost their offerings.  If they don’t, find an alternate plan- personal trainers, videos, gym buddies.

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I understand exactly where you’re coming from-I literally just had a very similar conversation with my Fiance yesterday. There’s a difference between pushing yourself and feeling uncomfortable in a class because you have NO clue how to keep up or what to do. I don’t think some people here on this thread aren’t understanding that entirely.

I don’t mind pushing myself in a positive environment where I have a grasp of the moves and the know how to do them. My tkd class works us fom the bottom up and I find sparring quite enjoyable even when I’m sweating and huffing and puffing in less than 10 minutes. But I just started a new kickboxing class. Totally different. I don’t understand the moves, the knew drills or anything, and instead of working with different levels to clearly explain everything, we’re just all thrown in together and I feel like a damn fool when I paired with someone whose obviously been doing this for a long time and I’m sitting here just trying to understand where my feet are supposed to go. It’s not because it’s too hard. It’s because I personally don’t feel properly taught. Some people enjoy learning that way. Apparently I do not. 

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Yes, I’ve experienced that in class before. While trying to keep up with the class I was doing my squats wrong and I just couldn’t figure out how to do them correctly & the instructor kept focusing on me, I felt like such a distraction to the entire class! I finally decided to focus entirely on me and proper form and no one else. Now I’m pretty much in my own world…if they’re doing a move I’m unfamiliar with and I think I may hurt myself doing it wrong I don’t do it. I’ve even done moves completely different than the class if I find it too diffucult…because the point of it all is to stay moving and to feel exhausted after the class NOT to hurt yourself trying to “keep up”. After I decided I’m doing this for “me” and not for the “class” my whole perspective changed and it no longer bothers me at all if I’m not keeping up..this is my journey not theirs. Like PP spin instructor told her class, it’s their own individual ride…I completely agree!

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If it was easy, everyone would be doing it. It’s excercise…it’s always going to be a little difficult. The point of the classes are to push you so you do get better. The instructor is being nice enough to suggest modifications so you can in fact feel welcome and take part without feeling left behind while everyone else is progressing. If he/she wasn’t doing so then you would instead be complaining that, “I pay for the class just like everyone else, it’s not fair that I don’t get to participate as much”. They look out for your wellbeing and check in with you to make sure you’re comfortable…you don’t like it. They give you alternatives…you don’t like it. Nobody is going to make you lose that little bit of weight except you. Either just find a more suitable class or perhaps look into hiring a PT if your finances permit it.

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marjojo:  I was at a class yesterday and there was a woman who needed modifications for the class. I thought it was helpful because like you my wrist hurt if I put too much pressure on them. So I did a few of the modifications. I did feel bad for the lady because our instructor did the same thing with her with checking in on her every few seconds. If it was me I would have felt like she was picking on me or something. Not everyone is a size 0, that is atheletic or built. Some who are can’t even do all the exercises because they may have had an injury that prevents them from doing certain things.

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This is why I prefer zumba and yoga type exercise classes. 

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I don’t think the instructors assume you know what you’e doing, or aren’t sensitive to the fact that you don’t…I think they’re trying to manage a big class (the one I go to is 30+ people), and make sure everyone doesn’t hurt thesmselves, so they’re trying to watch eveyrone’s form, make sure everyone moves on to the next move, and watch time, etc…and the assumption is that if you don’t know, you will ask, which I don’t think is an unfair assumption.

It sounds like this instructor’s style just doesn’t work for you, which is fair enough, but then either try a different class, or consider trying personal training so you can get one-on-one attention, without feeling “called out” in front of a group.

It seems like you have your own personal insecurities that you’re projecting onto this instructor. So you need modifcations. I can honestly tell you I know there are people in my class who need them because I hear the instructor mention them, but I’m so focused on doing things right myself that I don’t know who they are, nor do I care.


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Can you do them without your wrist being flat? You could request those push-up…helpers? (for lack of a better word). They allow you to grip the exercise helper and it keeps your wrist in the straight aligned position. I use them anytime I do anything push up related because flat palms also kill my wrists.

OH! For a better visual, imagine taking a 20-50 pound dumbell and gripping that while doing push ups.

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I second spinning! It shouldn’t bother your wrist (and if it does, use your core more to hold your upper body up) and spinning instructors are all about ensuring that everyone goes at their own pace. They are there to guide you and give you a structure to follow but the resistance on your bike and how fast you are pedaling is totally up to you, and nobody’s going to yell at you. All instructors are different, so try out a bunch of different classes with different instructors and you’ll probably find one that you like. I just became a spinning instructor so I’m glad you posted!

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marjojo:  I have felt like that EVERY SINGLE time I started a new exercise class and I have gone through literally dozens of faddish type exercise classes before finding one I liked – Pilates, Bikram yoga, Bodysculpt, Tabata, Bootcamp, TRX, Spinning and on and on!  It’s totally normal.  By your own admission, you haven’t done a class in 2 years and you’re out of shape.  You would be superwoman if you could just rock back in after 2 years and be like the women who go 4 times a week!

Remember as well that you know you’re working hard but maybe others are not – the instructor has to make sure everyone is putting in the effort.  You could always contact the instructor outside of class and ask for modifications you could do and practise them yourself so you know what to do next time in class instead of feeling singled out.  But otherwise unless you keep going you won’t get past that self conscious feeling.

It sounds like you’re pretty limited by your wrist injury so anything that focuses on core and upper body strength is going to be hard for you because there’ll be too many push-up style movements. I would suggest spinning, a dance class or some form of resistance training using bands like TRX which won’t put bodyweight on your wrists.

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marjojo:  I totally understand how you feel

I just started this new class and the (first) teacher was truly a total snob.  She told me “don’t expect to understand how to do this the first time” and just dove right in and ignored me.  I felt like an idiot but I still kind of liked it because I was so “in the zone” trying to keep up that the hour flew by.  

The second teacher I had at this place was a little better but she would continuously correct me (but no one else) so I was obviously embarassed. 

The girls in general are intimidating and unfriendly there, I thought maybe I would make friends… LOL nope.

I still go just because it feels awesome to face my anxiety head on and get it done.  I like it better than wandering aimlessly around a gym trying to figure out various machines. 🙂

I say, keep with it!  

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