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    PositiveThinking:  My Future In-Laws said the same thing. “Is it real?! How’d you pay for it?!” Glad I’m not alone.

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    What kind of bullshit comments are those babes?

    As long as our husbands did not ask their parents for the money, what our rings cost is none of their business. 

    My own mother is a piece of work but not even she made comments like that. 


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    So… I found out tonight that Future Mother-In-Law has been telling everyone that she really didn’t think my Fiance was going to propose. The proposal happened this weekend, and the save-the-dates went out today…we invited her mom and aunt, who will likely call her when they get theirs in the mail. Boy, is she going to be in for a rude awakening when she realizes we’ve been planning the wedding for awhile. Although, I wouldn’t doubt that she would actually believe that we booked everything, made a wedding website, and ordered save-the-dates all in the past 5 days.

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    I know this is about FMILs and MILs but can I rant about FSIL??? 

    So Future Sister-In-Law and Future Brother-In-Law work fulltime. Their older kid goes to an afterschool care centre in the afternoons while the younger one is looked after by Future Mother-In-Law. Usually, Future Sister-In-Law and/or Future Brother-In-Law will then pick up the older kid at about 6 in the evening, when the centre closes, and then go round to FMIL’s place to pick up the younger one. 

    Future Mother-In-Law is going on a very well-deserved holiday next week. Future Sister-In-Law thought that she was only going on holiday for 3 days (?!?! who takes a 6 hour flight to another country and then just stays there for 3 days?!?!) and took those days off work. But Future Mother-In-Law is actually going to be away the whole week. So Future Sister-In-Law goes “Oh but on Thursday and Friday Future Brother-In-Law and I are busy at work, so we can’t pick the older kid up.” And then she just waits expectantly for someone to come in and offer to save the day, because she KNOWS that Fiance and I took the week off to settle some wedding-related things. And then of course Fiance and I have no choice but to offer to babysit. URGH! 

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    my Fiance has an 11 year old sister and all Future Mother-In-Law cares about is her. Doesnt care about us, our wedding or anything. and she even told the sister she could sing at our wedding!!!! WTF! like no, thats not happening. She thinks everything is all about the girl and its just not. She’s gonna have a rude awakening when she’s not allowed in any of the wedding planning and she will get absolutely 0 say in the guest list. putting my foot down! Bees, dont let your Future Mother-In-Law take control!!! Squash it!

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    Why don’t you have a choice? It is up to you what you do with your time. 

    My younger brother is a single dad. Sometimes he needs someone to look after my niece.

    He never assumes that we can babysit her or take my niece for the night. He always ASKS because my brother knows that we are not obligated to take care of his responsibility. We love our niece so we always say yes but there is never the expectation. 

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    I wasn’t going to but now I’m bummed so I will. We were planning a trip to the mountains for Christmas because of Mother-In-Law. She has constantly been saying “you can’t keep my grandchild away from me” as if we ever even tried, since the end of my pregnancy. This was never even hinted at. Heck we live in the same neighborhood and I have her baby sit at least twice a month! Not just that but since meeting Darling Husband we have spent every single major and minor holiday with his family. We tried to spend one thanksgiving with my family and his but it was too much work. His family pulls the guilt trips and doesn’t even ask but expects us to be there so we have always gone to their functions. We also see his family several times a month. I see my own mom once every three months, talk to her once a month or so and see my brother and his kids twice a month. That’s the most contact I have with my family.

    well she’s completely cut down my entire family saying they are not good enough to be alone with my child (I kid you not, she told me this directly), and goes on to say while she expects me to keep my child from my family I can’t keep my child from her. Although again, its something I have never even suggested.

    so we were going to just go to the mountains, guilt trip or not to get away from all the drama because trust me, there is a lot more she has brought to the table but I just wont go into it. But nope… Indirectly she has made that impossible so yet again we will be spending Christmas here, with their family while I explain to my family for the seventh year why I will not be with them on Christmas.


    I honestly don’t understand the rivalry, you would think this woman would lose up, get on my good side so I would want to be around ger, so I would encourage Darling Husband to go over there. Instead we avoid it as much as possible.

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