(Closed) *RANT: How to deal with living with Mom & BIL during last trimester?

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Tell Brother-In-Law to move out. He is a big kid, and he can do it.

Is your mom staying with you temporarily or moving in permanently? A few months may be stressful, but doable. If she is moving to MD, I would recommend she find her own place near by.

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Sorry to hear. I definitely understand why you are frustrated. But there is saying “A closed mouth don’t get feed”. You can’t be passive and silent and have any expectation that things to change. If I was you I’d be more vocal and start establishing more boundaries, now. Because this will not get easier once the baby comes. 

Brother-In-Law sorry he has to GO! He and his future intended can figure it out. People always claim “broke” when they simply aren’t being forced to stand on their own.

As for your mom. This is you and your husband’s home. YOU are woman of the house therefore she must abide by YOUR rules. You have to establish what is expected for her as guest. yes its grandma but she is absolved from having boundaries. Telling you already about your pets, no. This needs to be nipped in the bud now. Start telling your mom from now, when you come this is how it will and spell it out. Also ask her, what is her long term plan. Because is she planning on living with you for a year, two or three? Starting business, sounds costly. So she will be living with you to cut back on costs. Does she plan on going back to work? She is expected to contribute financially into the home? Did she agree to watching the LO full or part time? Will she be dating? If she can she adult company spend the night? You really have to think about all potential options. Because what you don’t want to do is assume. 

These are uncomfortable conversations but better to have them NOW than wait until unhealthy patterns being are established. Otherwise, you will back here, after baby comes, venting about her lack of boundries. 

Congrats by the way. 




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Man, this is a really difficult situation.

I think you and Darling Husband have to talk about Brother-In-Law and maybe he needs to go live with his fiance. We contemplated letting my brother live with us for a little while but realized that once we let that happen, he would never be motivated to leave and we needed space to be a family.

Same thing for having my mom live with us for a while (she proposed this once). I told her that we would not be able to live the way we want to live and bond as a family with her living with us. We have to learn how to make it together on our own. 

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@MrsDiddles:  People can only take advantage of you to the extent that you let them. You are in no way obligated to let either of them live with you.

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@MrsDiddles:  It’s tough, but you have to start making tough choices. I put the kabosh to a lot of things my mom wanted to be involved with, and I am only 19 weeks, and she doesn’t live with me. I couldn’t imagine having people live with me as sometimes I even want Darling Husband and the dog gone so I can have everything to myself, lol.

Brother-In-Law needs to move out, and I know you said Darling Husband tends to baby him, but he isn’t teaching him anything by cottling him. Why doesn’t he move in with his FI? Is there a different friend he can move in with? He stays because it is rent free. Not fair. He needs to get out into the world and learn to fend for himself a little bit.

As for mom a temporary stay wouldn’t be too big of a deal, but she should be actively seeking a permanent place for herself to live, whether it be a house, condo, apt, etc. If you feel like you can have her around all the time, that’s great. For me, I love my mom a lot. She my rock, but all the stresses that come along with being a new mom I am not sure I’d want her there “coaching” me through things. Everyone handles pregnancy and birth different as well as experiences pregnancy differently. I’d for my mom to say, “When I was pregnant…” becuase she does that a lot. It’s different for me than her, and she always compares. It gets old.

I wish you luck. Not an easy thing to discuss, but I think you and your Darling Husband need time to be alone together and be parents.

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If it were me Brother-In-Law would have a chore list. He might be fine with that. In fact you are going to need lots of help and if he’s there- he’s helping. Lawn mowing, running errands, cleaning- I’d make the situation work for me. I moved 1000 miles from our families after college, so I’m a lot more hesitant then many bees to advise pushing anyone away. You can shift your relasonships a bit and I think be happy. Or he’ll be annoyed and move sooner. Either you have a sparkling bathroom or one less person in the house. That sounds like a win. Also I wouldn’t assume not wanting to live with your mom at 19 will be the same as her staying with you. 19 you are SUPPOSED to want to strike out on your own and they see you as a kid. When you have your own house and a new baby to feed every 3 hours (god no sleep), IDK, someone to go to the grocery or make dinner sounds like a gift from god. 

Oh- just really deeply read the Mom and the dogs part. That’s weird. My mom or sister would just take care of my dog like I would take care of theirs. She seems a bit persnickety. Don’t really have a lot of experience with high strung female family members.

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@MrsDiddles:  Brother-In-Law needs to be out now lol…. final lol

with your mom…I would have a chat with her and make sure that your both on the same page and try to establish a rough timeline…..these situations (as you’ve learned with BIL) can end up lasting a LOT LONGER then anyone wants (especially if shes going to try to open a business? that can be hard timeise and financially and I can guarantee she will “have” to stay with you longer then you or your Darling Husband will want). Talk to your man and see what he’s comfortable with and decide as a couple how long to let her stay! You need your space with your Darling Husband and your new baby…..

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@julies1949:  +1

Brother-In-Law is capable of moving out, but of course, why would he leave a good deal if he’s not forced to.  If your husband can’t kick him out, at least its only a few more months until he moves out.  Maybe he’ll choose to when baby comes?  As for his Fiance, your former BFF…. I’m not sure why it’s “former”, but it sounds like some bad shit went down, so why are you guys allowing her to stay EVERY weekend??  He’s a guests in YOUR house, lay down some rules.   Tell him to get his ass out and stay at HER place on weekends so you can at least have that alone wihtout having to deal with both of them.

With mom, i’d understand why that would be harder.  I would have a rough time kicking my mom out on the street.  Would it be better to stay in a spare bedroom upstairs instead of right under you?  do you have a basement you can turn into her living space so that theres more distance?

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You are married and on the verge of being a mama. It’s time to take control of a situation you’re unhappy with! I would have Darling Husband talk to Brother-In-Law and let him know when he needs to be ready to move out. Explan to mom that you are delighted to have her around but that she will ultimately need her own place, too, if she plans to stay longer than x amount of time. If you decide you are okay with her living with you, you need to decide NOW what that will look like and lay down boundaries before she ever moves in. How can she contribute, what is off-limits, etc. In some ways it is MORE important to set these boundaries with family members.

Good luck to you!

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@MrsDiddles:  Wow lady, sounds like a lot of things are going on. I will definitely as Brother-In-Law to move out. I mean he is a big boy and needs to figure out things on his own. It is not like he is a teenager or something. 

Your mom situation is a bit more difficult. I agree that is she is thinking of starting her own bussiness in your area, she would benefit of having her own place. That way she is close enough, but not that close. Would she cosider that? How far along are you? Refresh my mind.

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