(Closed) Rant of the Day: Friday Edition!

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Helper bee

The first thing that was said to me when I walked into the office a half hour early was 


“Look at this report and Ill be back in 15 mintues for you to tell me whats wrong with it”


THis coworker SHOULD know everything on this report its their job, and while I help them with it, it is not my onnly job. SO while I know that some things on the report dont look kosher ,and I know the back story and had already started taking steps to fix it….. 


But I still get bitched out because the report is messed up “and why didnt you tell me about any of this and you should have already fixed it all” 



sorry you dont do your own damn job till the boss sees that you ahvent run your own report in a month 

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Busy bee
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Lol gotta love office drama.

Mine’s a pretty small rant but oh well. My coworker is a nice woman and I geninuely like her but SHE LOVES TO TALK. She is one of those people who will talk your ear off if  you let her!

We work together every day because she is a real estate agent and I do all of her marketing so every time she calls, I have to wait for her to get to the point. I’m like “Okay…okay….uh-huh….okay…will do….okay….” and it seems like an eternity before she’s finally done talking and I can get a word in edgewise. Sigh.

Other than that, she is a good coworker and I don’t have much to complain about here in the office 🙂

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Bumble bee
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Staff meeting. Ugh. Monthly. Double Ugh. I have to do the lunch order for the 13 people, AND this meeting goes on for like 2 hours, it’s end of month and WHO HAS TIME! The only good thing…Profit Sharing checks. YAY! for extra money.

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Buzzing bee
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The only good thing about today is that I am in an office all by myself so I can actually get caught up on work. However, because the three attorney’s I work for decided they ALL needed huge projects done at the same time. Thankfully, I am almost caught up. But, who wants to spend Friday running around like a chicken with its head cut off?

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Honey bee
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My husband is bored so he keeps calling me. Like, every 45 minutes or so he calls me, but he has nothing to talk about — he’s just bored and wants me to entertain him. Okay, great, I love you and all that, and it’s not like I’m doing anything too taxing right this minute, but SERIOUSLY DUDE, every time you call you are interrupting my reverie and you have NOTHING TO SAY. I tell him to knock it off and he gets all butthurt that I don’t want to talk to him. Haha hey, it’s not MY fault you’re bored and boring me 😛

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Bumble bee
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my lovely coworker is thuroughly enjoying his lunch. It seriously sounds like he is trying to slerp his lean cuisine through a straw. I dont even want to think about the nasty noises i will hear when he starts eating the popcorn he is currently popping!

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Honey bee
  • Wedding: September 2014

I’m about 8 seconds from choking out everyone within 20ft of me today.

A little background: I never, ever, ever take off work compared to my coworkers. We are given 3 weeks vacation and 2 weeks personal, and it’s policy that as long as a manager approves it you can use it at your own discretion. We are also incredibly slow. I take off MAYBE one day every other month, and I think I’ve left “early” about 3 times since Decemeber…and by “early” I mean 15-30 minutes.

Anyways, tonight is the first night we have my BFs sons with just us and are taking them out. On Monday, I asked my boss if I could please leave at 4 on Friday (today) and explained the situation. Despite having *5 weeks* worth of vacation/personal hours to use, he says “You can leave at 4 if you come in at 7.”

Wha….? I have to leave at 4, so I just sucked it up. Around 10am Monday, I noticed one of my habitually late coworkers still wasnt in. When I asked where she was, my boss said “she drank too much this weekend and hurt her arm. She’s out today.”

Are. You. Serious. She gets to miss a day Monday for being a drunk ass but Miss Responsibility over here can’t leave *one hour* early unless I come in at the ass crack of dawn?

*I’d also like to add that said coworker who missed Monday came in around 10 every day this week, Starbucks in hand, even though we are supposed to be in by 9.

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Sugar bee
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FI’s potentially awesome full time position with the company he’s been with, but at a store close to home, is now not full time. it’s part time. which means he’d be making less than he does now even with a pay raise, which is not going to work. especially since the commute is an hour each way, and he’d have to buy a car. we’d basically not have any money to buy groceries or gas after paying the bills. he was led to believe it was full time, and was only told this week after putting in the application that it’s only part time.

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Honey bee
  • Wedding: September 2014

@vorpalette:  My BF manages a tech that sounds alot like your driver. I used to work for the same company and cannot believe this man is still employed: he is incredibly slow at his job and will take ALL DAY to do an install that takes 2 hours. BF is pretty sure he’s still using the “I’m new” card 9 months in just so he’ll only get given one job and then go home for the rest of the day.

He is an aspiring comedian and one of the days he was given 2 installs (other techs have up to 8 a day), he didnt show up for the second one. My BF found out when the customer called his cell phone after hours when we were at home, fucking furious. BF calls this tech and he finally admits he *intentionally skipped* the second job because he “had a stand-up gig” that night at a bar. I was floored they still didn’t fire him.

He calls or texts my boyfriend almost every night saying he’ll need a second day on his ONE job, etc.

As you can see, this guy lies ALOT and it came back to bite him recently: he was out on an install and, after arriving 2 hours late, he showed up and thoroughly annoyed the customer complaining about his teen daughters car needing repaired and not having the money for it. He didnt have everything he needed upon his late arrive and kept leaving for 30 minutes at a time then returning. When he finally completed the install *6 hours later*, he left a bunch of trash in the customers yard.

…I know this because the customer is my mother.

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Busy bee
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Oh good.. I thought I was the only person who wanted to strangle people at the office today. It’s minor… it’s stupid, but for some reason I am sooo irritated. Yesterday, I set some of my boxes out in the “cardboard pickup” area at my office. But one of them was a box for my hair dryer (because I had run out of room in my recycling bin, okay?). The freaking head of the site… top person who works here… was digging through the boxes to try and “check up” on what people were buying. Of course my name is on all the boxes and she looks back and me when I catch her digging and smirks, makes a noise of confusion… then walks away.

I have some HUGE boxes from buying my TV and a new bed. I had the idea I could bring them to the office to recycle since we have industrial sized recycle bins. But now I know that the psycho site head is going to think someone bought a TV at the office and I don’t want to hear her carrying on about it. I email a lady I thought I was somewhat personable with and she gives me some generic line about how I should do my recycling at home. It’s valid… I’m just irritated that I’m trapped in “huge box hell” at home and I feel like she just confirmed I had no easy way to get out of it. Freedom to my garage! damn you.

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Honey bee
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@vorpalette:  What you have just described is literally exactly what ends up happening to BF at work because of these jagoffs. I feel for both of you, I’d snap.

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Honey bee
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Today, my non-doctor boss told me I can leave early if nothing is going on today once my Dr-boss and the other girl get here. They’re coming in today because Dr-boss is making a You-tube video of our office and he wants the other girl in it. Um. Don’t I work here too? I’ve been here since we opened and she’s been here for a week. Oh, and I didn’t even know about this video until this morning. I feel special.

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