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@MStivers:  acne is the WORST! the only thing that cleared mine was benzoyl peroxide from acne.org. BUT i got so tired of using such a harsh chemical on my face (even though it was clear!). I’ve started using the Body Shop’s Skin Clearing Tea Tree line and am weaning my skin off the Bridal Party. The toner is WONDERFUL and cleared some hormonal body acne I got after stopping BCP almost overnight. It was completely gone in 2 days! Pretty soon I’m going to stop the Bridal Party all together – was doing it twice a day, now only doing it once a day and using Tea Tree in place- and hopefully the Body Shop line will continue to work for me!

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Busy Beekeeper
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I’m gonna tell you what works for my bff, and I honestly wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t see it with my own two eyes. She has dealt with the same things you have with the acne, and she had also tried all kinds of over the counter AND prescription stuff that didn’t work. She has finally found something that DOES work. Do you wanna know what it is?

I’m being completely honest here…she just uses cold water. SERIOUSLY. She stopped using all stuff on her face, and started using just cold water on a washcloth to wash her face twice a day (and she has oily skin). She very rarely ever gets break outs, and when she does, she just uses 100% tea tree oil on that spot by itself,and has to make a conscious effort to NOT pick, just like you.

I hope you find something that works. OH! And if you do decide to try it, her skin did get worse before it got better.

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I’ve had horrible skin too, mine started after high school actually and it was so embarrasing I would not be caught without makeup. I hate the dermatologist because all the prescription stiff dried my face too bad and made it super sensitive.

I starte using Mary Kay products and it really helped, it took a couple of months while my skin clear out but it has been so much better. I get maybe one or two breakouts near my period every other month (depending on the stress level). I also started using pre-natal vitamins and of course picking at my face. 

My recommendation is to use the same brand for everything (face wash, moisturizer, and make up). Clinique is also another good brand. And really important drink plently of water! 

Good luck and know you’re not alone on your quest for better skin.

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If you pick at your skin, you could have dermatillomania.  Your skin will never look good if you pick.  I do it to my arms, and it can feel like lizard skin.  Cry  I keep meaning to go to a professional about it, as it’s a psychological issue, but haven’t yet.  

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Busy bee
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I posted a new topic about a month ago on my skin battles.  I basically switched to a very gentle, natural method.  You can read about it here if you want.  I too am a picker and it takes all my will to stop.  I just think about how long the scar I make takes to heal vs just letting it run it’s course, but stress definately affects my will at times too.

One thing I would suggest is leaving your bathroom door open when you wash your face.  That way if you live with anyone you may be less prone to pick in case they walk by and see you.

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I’ve been using polysporin at night on my problem areas.  I tend to have really blotchy skin and really angry pimples.  Once I stopped picking and started religiously applying the polysporin at night I have noticed a huge improvement.  The pimples that I do get (infrequently now) are much smaller and heal much faster.

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Try looking into a Clarisonic Mia.  I purchased one in November and I swear, my skin is completely different.  It has improved my skin tone and also helped with oiliness and breakouts.  I’m so glad I finally bit the bullet and bought one!


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tanning is not the key to anything but damaged skin and increased risk for melanoma…

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Busy Beekeeper
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1. Stop everything that you are doing to your skin. It is the largest organ of your body and you are poisoning it, which only makes it more angry and inflamed. Don’t do that. It’s a bad cycle.

2. Go see a psychologist. As a PP stated, picking may be a psychological issue. A family member picks at her arms (she also plucks facial hair incessantly and has been known to accidentally pull out her hair). It’s something she’s working on with her therapist and it’s getting MUCH better.

3. Start treating your skin as gently as you would the skin of a baby. I “wash” with raw honey and lukewarm water in the morning, followed by a moisturizing cream from Korres. In the evening I wash my face with Purpose facewash, which is very gentle. Again, lukewarm water. Once every 3 days I use my Clairisonic for some deeper cleaning action.  And again, Korres moisturizing cream. Neutrogena On-The-Spot treatment is my go-to, but tea tree oil is a viable candidate as well. Only use it on the zit itself; don’t slather it all over your face. I would be willing to bet that you have sensitive skin that needs TLC, not harsh products that only dry it out, aggrivate it, and lead to an over production of oil because your skin is trying to compensate for everything you are doing to it.

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Tanning can be a quick fix, as long as it’s not something you plan to do everyday for the rest of your life (IE, going for a few weeks before the wedding and honeymoon for a base tan) you should be fine.  That will DRY your skin like mad though, so please make sure to moisturize. 

My sister and I started trying out Arbonne a few years ago and we fell completely in love!  She’d suffered from terrible acne since having her daughters, and my skin was so terrible (wrinkly, dry, uneven, ugh) after my husband died because I hadn’t been paying attention I looked 10 years older!  We started using their stuff and within a week or two we both looked 100x better…a guy I hadn’t seen in a few months actually stopped me in the grocery store to ask if I’d gotten younger LOL.  It sounds crazy, but it is SO GREAT!  If you google it, you might be able to find someone in your area who can get you some samples.  Good luck!!!

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I am in the same boat.. nothing my derm gave me worked and I’ve been an OCD picker from the age of 12 (I’m 28 now). I had been thinking about going on accutane now, to clear up my acne for my January wedding.

In a last ditch effort, I bought the Murad skin system after reading good reviews. I got the pack with the cleanser, the exfoliant gel, the spot treatment and the moisturizer. It works!!! I’ve been using it a month and my skin had changed.I am not cured.. I still have a few little pimples around my hairline and one on my jaw.. but my face was pretty covered in cystic acne before that. The exfoliant gel has glycolic acid and that has not only cleared up my zits, but it also faded the old scars.

It starts working in days.. not weeks. My only fear is that I will build up a tolerance to it, fingers crossed

I would HIGHLY recommend it!!!!!!


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Honey bee
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I wash my face at night in the shower with bar soap and I don’t apply moisturizer at that time. In the mornings I use a warm wash cloth with just water and wash my face. I then apply Neutrugina acne defense moisturizer. I only get one of two zits durning my period. Otherwise I have clear skin. I use to have horrible acne and pick constantly!

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