(Closed) rapid hair growth in pregnancy? And not just on my head!

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Helper bee
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I’ve never been pregnant, but increased hair growth is definitely something I’ve heard women mention! Hair growth is a hormone-driven process, so it makes sense.

As far as a sensitive skin solution: For waxing, one woman I went to used soy wax on my underarm instead of regular wax, and I noticed a difference in irritation. Using hair conditioner as shaving cream also helps soften hair for easier removal and prevents the blade from dragging on the skin. 

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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oh yes, my chin hairs were out of control.  i usually have 1 or 2 to pluck every few weeks, but i had a couple every week during my pregnancy.

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Helper bee

My stomach has grown a lovely coating of hair. It just seems to keep getting worse!

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Busy bee

My hair grew so beautifully thick when pregnant. Then fell out after to the point of balding haha good times. 

Try threading on your facial hair. Have you ever used a hair removal machine thingy? Omg what are they called. You know, you roll them over your legs etc and they pull the hair out….

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Honey bee
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I’m 13 weeks pregnant with baby #1. I haven’t been lucky enough for the hair on my head to grow faster (at least not that I have noticed)…but I am now getting dark hairs on my nipples, below my naval, and on my big toes. My eyebrow and upper lip waxes only last maybe a week (they used to last two or more). The most ANNOYING part is my underarm hair! I had laser hair removal done about a year ago…sure I still got the odd downy hair that I’d just shave…but that was it. By week six of pregnancy my underarm hair was growing in and DARK! Not to the degree that I had pre-laser removal…but enough to question why I even bothered wasting my money! I used to get away with shaving my legs once a week…now I need to do it every three days….and my leg hair is WAY darker than it used to be! My bikini area is the WORST! I used to maintain a ‘soul patch’ down their (think landing strip but thicker). I used to shave maybe once every other week (unless I was wearing a bathing suit) and trim the remaining hair maybe every six weeks….it was slowwww growing down there! NOW I would have to shave once a week and trim maybe every two-three weeks. Darling Husband doesn’t care and I’m not that motivated…so I embarassedly admit I’ve lost my soul patch shape, let it all grow in evenly and I just take the beard trimmer to it once a month so I don’t go full jungle.

It could always be worse though. My SIL grew a full downy goatee and had hair popping up on her chest, shoulders and back.

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Busy bee
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snowflake8 :  LOL! I feel we know each other a lot better now 😉

I’m only 23 weeks pregnant, but this is my second and I’m huge already. First time around I didn’t even show until 5 months, by 6 weeks I had a full on baby bump this time! Luckily summer is coming to a close because I shave my bikini area and all the swimming has made it hard on me. The last time we went I told Darling Husband I pretty much can’t reach anymore, haven’t seen down there in weeks, and had to get his opinion to make sure I did a good job HAHA!

OP, I stick with shaving parts I already shaved. For some areas I’d keep plucking and I second threading for your face, though I do admit I’ve never done anything other than eyebrows myself. If shaving is bothering you make sure you’re using fresh blades (may be time to invest in disposables?) and something mild like conditioner or baby shampoo.

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hair groth is normal, once baby comes and your hormones settle back down it will get back to normal, until then id try not to stress to much. shaving would be the best option if you have sensitive skin, use warm to hot water and plenty of shaving foam, also make sure your blades are not worn out at all. our bodies change a lot when when we are pregnant because of the extra hormones we produce. i dont know how far along you are in your pregnancy but you will get a lot of other changes to including swollen feet and ankles, you may become allergic to new things (can be temporary or might not happen at all) stretch marks, cravings, extra weight gain, the need to pee way to often especially at night and my personal hate lack of energy to walk around even for 5 minutes. just remember that the hair isnt permanant and will stop once your hormones return to normal and its normal for pregnant women 

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Helper bee

mrsm42712 :  Same! My “peach fuzz” has become super noticeable! 

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Sugar bee
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My nails are growing at an insane rate, I don’t ever bother putting on polish anymore. My hair doesn’t seem to be growing much quicker though, I cut it all off at 12 weeks and now at almost 28 I wish it would grow out!

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Bumble bee
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Haveing the same issues. I wear a pixie cut but its been growing out so fast I’m debating moveing up my next hair appointment. Eyebrow and upper lip hair is fantastic. I get them waxed every couple of weeks. Leg hair and down below seem ok with regular shaving but cant really see either that well with a 7 month belly lol. Underarms ai shave everyday anyway, must be my European heritage. Also noticed alot of blond hair growth on my belly which is kinda werid cause I have brown hair and eyes. 

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Bumble bee
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peegee :  My naols too. I usally always have them painted or use Jamberries, but they grow out so fast now its really not even worth it. 

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Helper bee
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I got laser hair removal on mmy underarms. Was very happy with the result until I found out I was pg and would wax and then next day wthere would be more hair growth. I was considering getting my legs lasered esp. If I’m going to have frequent ob-gyn visits but I wondere if it’s worth to do it now if hormones will make the hair grow back fast??

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Buzzing bee
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The old wives tale is that more rapid hair growth means a boy, lol!  Probably a 50/50 shot on that one.  😉

I’m at 13 weeks and so far my hair hasn’t seemed to grow faster than normal, although I’ve noticed I’m losing less in the shower.  So that’s been nice.  My nails are growing super fast though!  

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Helper bee
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you are not alone! I swear I have tweezers stashed everywhere just in case LMAO. I got a waxing membership to a local place to save money and just go on the regular – face, bikini and sometimes legs!  I literally used to shave my legs once a week and could wear a skirt or dress no problem.Not so much while pregs – all those darned hormones!  I hear this chills out once baby comes though.

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