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blueoleander :  Must be nice to know so much! I tried several high quality, human grade, expensive foods. Then tried raw because it worked for my other dog. Didn’t work for her, made her worse. WAY worse. Took her to a vet. You know, those people that go to school for diagnosing dog diseases and was told she has irratible bowel disease. The ONLY thing that has worked to make my dog comfortable, happy, and gain weight is the hydrolzyed protein diet. I’ll stick with that, thanks.

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I think it is totally dependent on the individual pet. From my experience, a raw diet has been great for one of my dogs. I have a 12 year old English bulldog who was diagnosed with advanced congestive heart failure January of this year. She was always on a kibble diet and finding a formula that worked for her was a never-ending headache. She would do well for a while and then out of nowhere, she would turn into a hot mess. Patches of fur falling out, yeast overproduction, loose stool, etc. She was always on a premium formula and I would thoroughly research before changing her diet. When you’re spending $90 on a bag that still doesn’t work, it makes you want to rip your hair out. I never considered a raw diet because I thought it was some ridiculous new dog diet trend. About 5 months ago she started having these seizure-like episodes that began increasing to sometimes twice a day. After seeing her cardiologist and running a full panel of tests, we still didn’t have an answer to what was causing the seizures. Though the cardiologist was very pleased with her response to treatment after 6 months, I was still concerned with the seizures. A few weeks later she began having loose stool and losing patches of fur again. Come to find out, the dog food company had switched manufacturing plants and numerous other people were complaining of similar issues. 

At this point, I was beyond fed up and with a dog in heart failure, the last thing I wanted was her to feel shitty due to her diet. I did some research on a raw diet because I felt it was the only thing I hadn’t tried. I consulted her cardiologist who said she typically wouldn’t suggest a raw diet. Well, I still wanted to at least try it for a week to see how she did. So August 1st I switched her to raw and she has done incredibly well. Her coat improved, yeast production was lower than it’s been in years, she gained an appetite that she never had in her entire life (she was never a dog that was excited to eat and now will jump up and wait in the kitchen when she hears the freezer door open), her energy level increased and is actually playful again, and last but most importantly, she hasn’t had a single seizure since switching to raw 3.5 months ago!!!!! Seriously, my mind was blown with how well it has worked for her. I can’t believe the drastic improvement to her health. Upon her diagnosis January 1st she was given 6-12 months and as we approach the one year mark, she is doing great with no signs of decline.

I will say that our black lab does well on a quality kibble formula so I really don’t think one diet is best for all. I am just glad I found something that finally worked, regardless of what kind of diet it is. 

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DrCrazyCat :  Thank you for your reply. The number of vets/vet nurses/vet techs who basically close their eyes and plug their ears because they don’t want to hear anything different is astounding to me. I have seen first hand the difference in a standard schnauzer who was fed commercial food for 10+ years and had very average health, and rotting teeth. She switche to a raw diet and within a couple of weeks the buildup on her teeth was disappearing, her breath didn’t stink, her coat was super shiny and soft, and she was full of energy. Unfortunately her owners (my parents) got lazy and switched back to commercial. She has now had about 10 teeth removed. 😔

I appreciate that you have your opinion but are able to admit that it isn’t an exact one-size-fits-all approach. I really respect that! Makes these discussions so much more worthwhile. For interest’s sake, here are a couple of links – Raw Essentials is founded and run by a vet 😊 She also discusses risks of raw feeding. 




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I also feed my dog freeze dried raw food. He loves it.  He’s such a picky eater, it’s been a challenge to find something he’ll eat that is still good for him. 

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garnobella :  aww I’m sorry to hear about your parents’ pooch. I love my furbabies so much and would genuinely do anything for them to be well, even if it wasn’t completely proven by science so I get where you’re coming from. There’s so much about medicine we don’t know so we all really need to keep an open mind. If only animals could talk, I’d love to know what they’re thinking some days! 😉

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Careful with raw dog food that has BONE in it!! We put our small/medium size dog on a raw food diet because he’s a picky eater and we wanted to treat him. Well after a few weeks his stomach became FILLED WITH BONE that he wasn’t processing fast enough. He was completely blocked up, couldn’t poop and in so much pain!! We had to put him on a liquid pumpkin paste diet for weeks. I wish someone told me to watch for all the bone in raw food. Please be careful bees.

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