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@MissSweetiepie:  +1000

WB would be pretty darn boring if everyone had the same taste in rings and there were hundreds of repeat pics!

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@MissSweetiepie:  I absolutely hate writing a long well-thought out answer to a thread only to have it closed and deleted before I can post.  I don’t get asking for honesty then deleting and being pissy when you don’t like the answer.  Hallelujia!

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I closed it because I had requests so to do, and felt the mods would soon do so of their own accord. I appreciate everyone’s honesty about rings, but it started to turn into personal attacks on others and on me.


Whatever some may believe,  I did not start that thread to hurt anyone, or create drama.  I like quads, Darling Husband said we could get a new ring, but he wanted to know how quads are thought of; he is just that way.People ask about all kinds of rings here. I truly apologise for everything.  I do not feel pissy at all, just sad. I was hoping the thread could be rescued, but it did not go that way. 








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I’m sorry that happened to you.  I just cast my vote without any comment.  I thought you asked a good question.  Again, I’m sorry.

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I know two women who have quad engagement rings and their husbands chose those rings themselves. I think they are really pretty and sparkly.

One of these women, my friends now wife, wanted to change it at some point for a solitaire center but marriage and a child later she decided to stay with her quad.
The other woman a family member of mine and her husband wanted to get her “a big ring” and he went into a jewelry store and looked at “rings with one stone” as he puts it, and saw that the quad he eventually chose was “bigger and shined better” than the others. So it was his preference and his wife didnt care it was a quad, as long as it came from him.

I think its weird that some people think its “trying to look” expensive or whatever, but then again some people around here put a lot of thought into others rings!

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I don’t understand why it seems to be ok to say “I don’t want a big pouffy ball gown, I hate the princess look” but not “I wouldn’t want a quad/moissanite/halo/diamond/sapphire/whatever” when asked!? Someone specifically asked, what is your honest opinion- if my honest opinion is that something is ugly, why shouldn’t I say it? I am not telling you not to wear or have it, it shouldn’t offend anyone that something isn’t EVERYONE’s cup of tea..


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It seems that there are some seriously overly sensitive people here. You can’t even call a cz ring from a place called fabulous fakes or “shhh secrets” without someone whining that their stone-meant to simulate a diamond is otherwise known as a “fake diamond”. And despite the fact that hundreds of well known  jewelry stores sell their moissanite in the “stimulant” or “man made” section, you will get cussed out, nasty PM’s and a demand that the thread be closed.  Don’t you DARE say that someone’s 5ct diamond solitaire with a double halo and two eternity bands is gaudy, or that someone’s .01ct diamond solitaire is “small” and you will SURELY be hung by your TOENAILS if you DARE tell someone their pink sapphire carved in the shape of a puppy is cute! Clusters, halos’s, colored stones are all to be admired, PERIOD. Don’t mention an upgrade and you BETTER be grateful for anything you receive because SOMEONE, who just bragged about her perfect 2 carat H & A cut platinum solitaire in another thread, WILL surely chastise you because SHE would have said yes to a twist tie! I  don’t care if someone’s ring looks like a popped pimple, you are only allowed to use the following descriptors: Gorgeous, beautiful, stunning, drool worthy, fabulous, sparkly, amazing, AMAZEBALLS, GORG, blingtastic, blinding or ” like a disco-ball”.  

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@blingbling:  + 10000 oh and no back handed compliments! Those are the absolute worst!

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@blingbling:  lol POST OF THE YEAR right here!

i asked for honest opinions and I didn’t hear what I wanted…wah!

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Yes people are too sensitive and yes others are rude. But you know what? I took one look at that thread title and ran the other way. It was only a matter of time before it went sour and I was honestly shocked to see it up so long. 

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@blingbling:  Well, yes and no.

I don’t see the point of posting obviously insulting opinions about anything.  

There was a post awhile back where a bride shared a photo of herself in her gown. I thought the gown and the bride in it was a tacky pink nightmare. If she had asked if she should choose it, I would have tactfully said no. But, she had already chosen it so why say anything?  Plus, there were plenty of others who loved it.

There are plenty of times I see photos of rings that I don’t like. So what? 

For me, I don’t like very square, hard angled rings with a lot if metal showing. I don’t care much for solitares. So what? That’s my personal taste for me.

There will always be those that feel bigger always equals better. That a designer always trumps non-designer. So,what?

While I think it’s silly to get out the torches and pitchforks because someone calls moissanite a simulant, I also think it’s needlessly antagonistic to keep saying so.

We all have our preferences and opinions. We didn’t choose my cushion cut diamond with a halo because we were trying to make the center stone look larger – but because we both thought it was beautiful. We wanted something with a vintage vibe and a thin band. My ring, to us, knocked it out of the park.

I personally hate it when bees have to be smug about their choice. We are not dumb because he paid the high markup for a diamond in a boutique designer setting. You’re not cheap or settling for choosing a moissanite. We all like what we like, we all prioritize what matters and what doesn’t and there’s no right or wrong, superior or inferior way to do that.  The person that needs to look down on someone else’s choice reveals more about themselves than they do anyone else.

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@Zhabeego:  Exactamundo. We all have opinions! And while it’s nice to get positive reinforcement, there are things you may not like that I did or picked out. And that’s okay. 

We’re all adults (though somedays I wonder) so let’s all live by the “if you can’t say anything nice” rule, right? Unless someone asks for specifics and then, just be honest and polite.

I think a lot of Bees have some interesting acceptance and passive/aggressive issues.


@Schrodingers-Car:  I was entertained by the thread (one of the few I’ve read all the way through)  ๐Ÿ™‚ 

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