(Closed) Real Manolos vs. Knock offs?

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  • poll: Should I do a major splurge and buy the real Manolo shoes or be sensible and get the knockoffs?
    Real Manolo Blahnik shoes : (24 votes)
    28 %
    Knockoff version : (62 votes)
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    i wouldn’t assume that the real manolos are going to be comfortable just because they are expensive.  i’ve seen plenty of brides take off their expensive designer shoes halfway through the reception because their feet hurt! 

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    Manolos are comfortable!  One reason for the price tag?  Because they are designed to be comfortable and actually support your arch.  Lower cost designers may not necessarily be so, but Manolos are…oh…so…comfortable!  I would go with the splurge!  You only get one wedding day, why not treat yourself?  I have been looking for a pair of Jimmy Choos or Manolos for my wedding, I just can’t find THE SHOEs.  I’ve kind of given up, and started looking at other shoes, but there’s still the part of me that wishes Manolo made a pair that would be as perfect as you’re describing.  Go for it!

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    If you’re normally a flip-flops and sneakers girl, then where other than your wedding would you realistically wear the Manolos? If you weren’t getting married, would you buy these shoes?

    Is these any way you can try on both styles and see if there is an appreciable difference in comfort? I read some reviews of those particular Manolos and many people said that they fit strangely.

    $700 is a lot of money to spend on shoes when shoes are not something you are particularly into. If I was going to splurge on myself, I would do it on something that meant a lot to me personally.

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    Those are hot and you seem to be leaning toward them but feeling guilty. I say go for it! I splurged and got a pair of Manolo’s for my wedding too. I plan on wearing them after the big day, as they are very unique and not your typical wedding shoe! You can see a pic similar to them here : http://www.footcandyshoes.com/istar.asp?a=6&id=CATALINA!BLA&csurl=%2Fistar.asp%3Fa%3D3%26dept%3DF%26manufacturer%3DBLA%26  -But they are entirely ivory and were $600. I am in love with them. I know it is a lot for a shoe but I have heard about the comfort factor with Manolo’s, they are perfect for my vintage look, and I could not resist. The first thing I noticed about them (seeing as how they are my first and likely only pair of Manolo’s!) is how well-made they are- they have hidden heel straps to keep your foot in place. We’ll see how they go with the long night of Greek dancing, but I’m hoping for the best! Go for it!

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    I am a shoe girl, but I just can’t justify $700 dollars for shoes.  People, that is more than my gown cost!  I suppose if I had a bigger budget, I probably would have demanded designer shoes, but eh…  Anyway, I bought Liz Rene’s Melissa, it’s a silk d’orsay and I love it so much.  It’s really comfortable, dyeable, and the heel isn’t too high.  I’m coloring them pink for the wedding, and then I’m not sure what, perhaps black (I just don’t see much use in pink shoes). 


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    You said, "But, I’ll also only wear my wedding dress once and that certainly cost more than a pair of Manolos!"

    I say, ah, but everyone will be looking at your dress, whereas no one will be looking at your feet!

    Unless you’ve got a short dress, your shoes will only peep out from beneath your gown. A gown has a huge impact on how you look on your wedding day. Shoes…they’ll be hidden away and no one is going to notice but you. So splurge on yourself if you want, but splurge in a way that makes sense for the kind of girl you are.

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    True – nobody will look at your feet unless you have an obsessive need to pull up your dress and show them off.  However, everybody will notice if you stop mingling and dancing halfway through the reception because your feet hurt, and as least a few people will notice if you have to take your shoes off altogether and then drag your dress across the floor until the bottom few inches are black as a dust mop.

    If you somehow must wear $700 shoes, and you have nothing else to spend the money on, I guess you should go for it.  If you’re going to be scrimping elsewhere (or paying off the credit card bill for six months after the wedding) it hardly seems worth it.  Either way, you should go for comfort – so if the knock-offs are going to be unwearable after an hour, I would skip them and go for a nice pair of something wearable.  I got a gorgeous pair of ruby-red Soffts, which were not only lots of fun but great for dancing all night!  Cost:  $120.

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    I think the Knock-offs are the way to go, but then again shoes are not an area where I splurge.  And Dying a $700 pair of shoes seems super risky to me. 

    I don’t think people will spend too much time looking at your feet, anyway.  The knock-offs will look great and so will the extra cash in your bank account.

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    Go for the knock-offs!!!!  You will regret spending the extra money more than you will regret not having the Manolos!  If you do regret not getting them one day, get a different pair of Manolos that you will get more wear out of!  Try to order the knock-offs from a website like shoebuy, where they have free shipping and free returns, and if they are THAT uncomfortable, you can ship them back.  If your dress was a huge splurge, it was probably because you couldn’t get it anywhere else by any other designer – you easily can get the shoes for less money by another designer!  The extra money you save on the expensive ones will come in handy on your honeymoon!  🙂

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    If it isn’t really in your budget, go for the knock-offs.  You really need to dig designer shoes to rationalize the high cost to yourself.  If you find you do have it in your budget and it is a priority, then go for it! 

    I am a shoe-priority person.  I’ve taken on several little jobs in order to save up the extra money a pair of Christian Louboutin’s will cost.  I have heard from others how utterly ridiculous it is to spend so much, but I feel as long as nothing else suffers, and its going to make me feel even better that day, why not?  

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    Go for the real thing.  I went through the same battle and ended up splurging on a pair of fabulous aqua manolos for my wedding in a couple of months.  And you know what?  I feel sexy just thinking about them.  Your fiance is right–go for it.

    Also, they are fantastic for dancing.  Don’t spoil the look by switching into a pair of flip-flops half way through the night. 



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    If you normally are a flip flop an tenny girl, I would honestly go for the knock-offs.  They look like the Manolos and the fact that when would you wear them again, if you like flip flops and tennis shoes. 

    Plus, trying to throw on a pair of 3.5 inch heels for your wedding day if you don’t normally wear heals and walk gracefullying in a wedding dress, might not be the easiest!  I wear heals and I absolutely LOVE Manolo’s, but I can’t bring myself to splurg on them for my wedding day because I would have to get them shorteneted because my FH and I would look eye to eye with eachother.

     GO with what you want!

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    My two cents is this:  it’s all about your budget!  If you an afford them, then go for it!  If you can’t, then go with the knock-offs! 

     If the real things are a must but you’re cutting it close with the budget, then look for another place you can make a $200 – $400 cut (like maybe only do one flower arrangement for the ceremony instead os two??)

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