Real talk: how hard will it be to lose weight after pregnancy?

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tillymac :  Omg congrats bee! I’ve been following your progress but didn’t know you had her. 

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Like everyone has said it depends on the person; their build, genetics, eating habits, exercise level, hormone function, metabolism, delivery and recovery, etc. I was always a very active person. I had body self esteem issues when I was younger, like many girls. It wasn’t extreme but I did hyper focus on my body image. I will tell you that pregnancy pushed me out of my comfort zone but in the best way. I was growing a freakin human! Seeing my body expand was scary but feeling my baby and welcoming her into the world made me realize how amazing my body is! It was life changing for me. I’m pregnant with my second and I have ZERO worries about weight gain. 

Pregnancy is unpredictable but if you live an active lifestyle and eat healthy you can maintain those things during pregnancy. It does help in the end. I’m an active person and I eat healthy for the most part. I drink A TON of water, which is really helpful for skin rejuvenation. I was 27 for my first pregnancy. I gained 28 pounds. By my daughter’s 2 week apt I had already lost 18 pounds. A lot of the weight is fluids, baby, and the placenta. I did have a vaginal delivery with no major complications, except stitches form my episitomy. After my 6 weeks PP check I was cleared to exercise and I did and lost the rest of the weight. I also breastfed and was one of the lucky ones where breastfeeding helped shed the weight and keep it off. As for stretch marks I did develop a couple on my hips in my 9th month of pregnancy, but its really not a big deal. They fad eventually and having my prefect little human is much more important. 

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I have to admit I worry about the same thing and this is honestly one of the biggest issues i’m going to have with pregnancy. I grew up as a competitive dancer and maintened my figure after I was in dance through college etc. I’ve always been “in control” of what my body looks like (for the most part) and I’m really not looking forward to the changes that you can’t do anything about. I just don’t want it to rock my self confidence. I know that our bodies are amazing and all they can do. But it’s hard not to feel a little anxious at the changes that you don’t have 100% control over. I sympathize with all of you bees who have this same worry! I’m hoping that maintaining a healthy diet and workout routine throughout pregnancy will help me snap back. My mom didn’t get stretchmarks until #3 but she also confided in me that she gained the most weight that pregnancy due to letting go of her healhy eating and working out because she had 2 other kids at home. She told me her biggest regret in her “young kids phase” was feeling guilty about working out/worrying about herself for a minute because she had to lose alot of weight recently. She looks amazing now. But she says she wishes she didn’t set herself behind the 8 ball to begin with in terms of falling off the wagon and then getting so big that she had to lose 50+ pounds. I’ve really taken her words to heart and I have a similar figure to hers when she was pre-babies… I’m just a few inches taller. 

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I only gained 20 pounds that I lost immediately after delivery. Then I was STUPID and thought that I could eat whatever I wanted since I was breastfeeding. Wrong!! I gained 30 pounds while breastfeeding! I was terrified to diet for fear of losing my supply so I waited to diet until 8-9 months when he was eating more food and I had more milk stashed. My baby is a year old tomorrow and I’ve lost 20 pounds in the last few months, so I’m still 10 above my pre-preg weight. I’m hoping to lose 20-30 more before TTC #2. Next time, I will definitely watch what I eat while breastfeeding!! 

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hemiandhighheels :  its different for everyone, i lost the excess weight that i had gained during pregnancy around 1 year postpartum, but my clothes fit differently, my hips widened and i have diastasis recti so my waist is bigger. 

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I gained 28 pounds and I’ve lost all but five at almost 6 months postpartum. I’m still breastfeeding, so I’m not trying to lose weight until I’m done and have no supply issues. I also run about 12 miles a week and walk every day I don’t run – because I’m 40, and weight doesn’t shift so easily anymore, and my breastfeeding appetite is enormous. I do want to lose the last few pounds mostly because I’m cheap and want to wear my old work clothes; otherwise I don’t think I’d care at all.



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hemiandhighheels :  I am terrorfied too but there are many amazing before and afters on instagram that have helped to take away my fears 🙂

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is_a_belle :  Omg, i gained a full shoe size. Went from a size 9 to a 10. Even though my son is 4 and i’m actually smaller now than I was pre-pregnancy, I am still a 10 🙁

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once you’re back to exercising and eat balanced healthy food, your body will adapt and show results itself.

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Hello! I am just coming up to a year afternoon having my daughter, I gained 28lbs during my pregnancy, 2 weeks post baby I was STILL 20lbs up, a year on I’m still 15lbs, I’m one of those incredibly unlucky people who when breastfeeding fat clings to! I eat no more than 1800 calories a day (more like 1500) and weightlift twice a week and Pilates once a week. I have the dreaded belly pooch and thunder thighs (I had a beautiful thigh gap even up to 7 months pregnant!) 


i hope the last 15lbs comes off when my daughter weans herself (whenever that may be) and I can go back to the fitness level I had pre baby!


good luck

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I Was underweight when I got pregnant (5’7” & 115lbs). I put on about 40lbs, possibly a touch more. I breastfed on demand and wore a waist binder as much as I could for the first two months. I was down to 125 by about 6 weeks and continued to loose. Thankfully I stopped loosing at 120 and 3 years pp have maintained that weight and also put on some muscle (as breastfeeding for nearly a year sucked the life out of my body!!!)

I think it’s pretty common to loose weight easily if you breastfeed. It burns about 700 calories a day, which is more then the extra 300 calories a day you need while you’re pregnant! I felt like I could never eat enough food! Of course there are exceptions like PP mentioned but I think that’s less common. 

The best way to make sure you don’t gain a ton of unnecessary weight is to try your best to eat healthy.  Sometimes that’s not possible if you have nausea while pregnant but do what you can. Your body will gain what it needs! 

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I gained 28 lbs during pregnancy (active – ran and rode my bike daily), most of it in the first and second trimester (only 3 lbs in the third).  I was unable to breastfeed but lost all of it 5 months postpartum, and then 5 extra pounds that I didn’t anticipate.  I’m about the same size as I as before my last pregnancy because I gained about 5 lbs back to make sure I could TTC without my body fat being too low.  I’m very active though- I run 50-70 miles per week and train for marathons.  I ran a marathon 5 months postpartum as well, and most of my  mom friends are runners, but I don’t think my experience is entirely atypical.

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The weight is losable but some women seem to shed it effortlessly where as others have to work a lot harder.  I gained alooot of weight with all three of my pregnancies,  almost 80 lbs with my first and 45 with my second and third.  It took about a year and lots of gym time and clean eating but I bounced back from my 1st in better shape than I had been before.  My second, that was not the case at all and I held onto an extra 25 lbs (from pre-kid weight) for 2 years, although admittedly I did not make as much as an effort to eat super healthy and didn’t go to the gym at all (though with two tiny children I felt like I was more active than ever).  I’m nearing the end of my 3rd pregnancy now and am so determined to get my body back and feel relatively confident I can do it because I did it once before. – though it was freaking hard! But it’s worth it to look and feel good.

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I’m going to chime in on it being really individual. I think it depends on your habits as well as how much you enjoy working out and eating well. If it’s a priority that you enjoy a bit, rather than it being a massive chore you struggle with then you’re more likely to continue to prioritize it once your kid is born. And you’re going to have very good excuses not to prioritize it if you really hate it. 

An exercise nut friend of mine is on mat leave and is actually in the best shape of her life. Since she’s at home all the time she likes to squeeze in random workouts because she enjoys it so it’s kind of a self-care treat for her. But I also know lots of women that don’t like it so much that and (very understandably) are like “i’m fucking exhausted and all I want is a bath” because that’s what self care is to them.


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