Real tree or artificial?

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    zzar45 :  Here is a picture of the tree a few years ago. 

    The pot is plastic though. I have never seen a full size. I saw some small trees with shiny papers. I amost got fooled by larger ones. The shape of the leaves are rectangular like the paper ones but when I touch some of these trees I don’t think those are made of papers. Also, the bigger ones have wires. You buy them folded and you unfold the wires to expand the tree.  Thoses wires are metallic.  Some are covered by plastic. Others are covered by paper. Also, there is some type of a strong stem at the bottom. At first, I thought it was steel but it’s covered and I can’t tell. Hence, I am assuming that the bigger ones are harder to make as organic and even if you see replicas, chances are that they are not fully made of paper and cupboard or they have some type of different material that feels like paper. They are definitely lighter than other artificial trees. By The Way, I also noticed some small ones also feel like plastic. You have to touch them too besides just looking at them.

    I also did not know about them until one of my friends told me that she had an “organic” tree and like you I was intrigued, and kept looking for it. I guess it is called “organic” because it is made of paper (trees). I could just be that my friend decided to call them organic on her own or amy be she has a better version of tree than I do. She probably bought from Organic Planet.  I think we should consider the other materials in the tree in order to decide if it is biodegradable or not. Some plastics (such those made of corn starch) are biodegradable and other larger trees though made of paper have copper or other metals holding them. So, they can’t be biodegradable. Metal can be recycled though. With technology, more things are created as more biodegradable or even recycleable. 

    This thread inspired me to make my own tree and makeing making a business out of it. 




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    We usually have a fake tree, but we moved this year to someplace that has lots of Christmas tree farms and so we decided to go ahead and put up our big fake tree and then we went and got a small real tree! Its a little under 5 ft tall. We didn’t even decorate it, just some lights. The experience of the Christmas tree farm and cutting it down etc was so much fun. 

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    zzar45 :  I also googled to find Christmas trees made of 100% paper and cardboard. These are what I found. 

    As you can see, they are small in size. They are light and convinient. I like them better than mine. Apart from the ornaments, they can all be recycled and they are all made of trees.





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    odaile1 :  Interesting, I didn’t know this existed! What is weird to me is that you say it is better for the environment and ‘organic’ because it is of paper (thus from trees). So isn’t that WORSE for the environment than a real tree?!

    A real tree grows, you chop it, you put it in your house. Done.

    This organic paper tree starts as a real tree, then is chopped, sent to a paper factory, turned into paper with tons of energy used, died into colors, then processed into the right shapes and fabricated into a tree. Each one of those steps costs money, energy, and creates potential carbon emissions. So you took a tree, killed it, spent money and energy, and made a new tree with it? How is that in any way more “organic” than a real tree?

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    Real. I love the smell of them. Darling Husband wants a fake one because he is OCD and they don’t make a mess but so far I have won. We will see how long it lasts since he waters it daily. 

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    Sugar bee

    We live in an apartment and it’s illegal to have real trees, so it’s a fake for us!

    Growing up we always had real ones, and only naturally grown/non-groomed ones that were all wonky and spindly. And we still use all of our handmade preschool glitter bobbles and tacky 90s ornaments that we’d get as gifts. Nothing matches, everything has a memory, and it’s my favourite. When we have a bigger place we’ll probably do that as well. 

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    jackjackattck :  You do have a point. The way I see it. Areal Christmas tree is about 50 to 80 m. It gets chopped used once and thrown away. However, when you chop a tree you create a lot of artificial christmas trees from papers (not sure how many). These trees then get recycled for other purposes or resused other holidays. When people get tired of them, they are passed to others or donated to other people untill they are fully broken. Yes, there is some energy used to make papers or cardboards but trees get chopped for buliding homes, papers and other things. The numbers can be reduced significanty. If every household chopped trees in this time of the year, we would be depleting trees especially if we don’t palnt any. But even if people are against it, they can get other types of  artificial trees and resuse them over and over. It will raise another debate about plastics and other chemicals used but they can be reused over and over. I know people who prefer that every has no Christmas tree period. That way no more environmental damage is done. I do see their points too but I prefer to have a small thing in my household. I hope I have explained it for you.

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    zzar45 :  “I also find it strange that you are so against flowers and real christmas trees for environmental reasons but you are happy to use foil wrapping paper which can’t be recycled and cover your ‘organic’ tree in tinsel.”

    I would like you to show me where I have written that I am against flowers. I have never mentioned about flowers. I do not pluck or get real flowers due to the extinction of bees (a completely different story which I never brought up in my conversation with you at all). I really don’t know why you brought it up. 

    If you don’t like them, you don’t need to get them. But most of the rees are used can be recycled. But let’s say that you are right. Let’s say that I use thing that can’t be recycled (which isn’t true), these trees can be used over and over again. When I feel tired of them, I donate them. Then, different part of the tree can be recycled.

    When you cut a tree of 80 m or so for a single household and then throw it away, you are wasting it for one household. I would like to think that after the tree is used, it can later be used to other purposes like furniture etc. Imagine if every household in all countries that had trees did that versus a sociey which less than half of the household cut trees and other find alternative trees. With trees the debate is realted to global climate change and air purity. With plastics and other ingredients the debate would be about biodegradibility, recycling and even chemicals that can be disposed. Environmental economics has shown that reusing things and then passing to others brings play a significant role in helping the environment than those who use some thing once or twice. Some cities pass this knowledge to children at an early age and encourages the 0% waste or staying as close to 0 % at least. Other places don’t. I hope it is clearer to you now.

    I am sensing that you are uncomfortable around environmentalists. Perhaps it’s because you don’t support environemntal movements. That’s your choice, of course. I hope that I am wrong about it.

    You thread inspired me to invent an aritifical Christmas tree made of clay and paper or palstic made of corn startch, and patent it. 



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    I prefer fake ones, just because I’m allergic to real ones

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