(Closed) Realistically – how did you spend your wedding night?

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: September 2013

Our reception lasted until 1am, and our flight out for our honeymoon was at 6:30am.  Our best man and Maid/Matron of Honor rented a limo as our gift to pick us up from the reception, we went to my parent’s hotel room to change clothes and grab our luggage for the honeymoon, and the limo drove us to the airport that was about an hour away.  We had some champagne, and then attempted to nap in the limo. 

We got to the airport at around 3:30am and didn’t think it was worth getting a room, so we both slept/napped uncomfortably in a completely empty airport until it was time to check our luggage and board the plane.  

We had a 1.5 hour layover in Atlanta, so we got breakfast and then got on the next plane.  We couldn’t get seats together on that flight, and the plane was obviously full of fellow honeymooners.  We attempted to sleep on the plane, but it was uncomfortable and cold!

We landed in St. Lucia at around 3pm, and by the time we got to the house we rented, we were exhausted.  DH napped while I freshened up (still had my wedding makeup and over hairsprayed hair lol) and we went to dinner, came back to the house and passed out.

We consumated the marriage the next morning. lol 

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Honey bee
  • Wedding: October 2014

WannaBee2BridalBee:  After the reception was done, we went to a relatives hotel room and had a few drinks with others who were still up and partying. We did’t stay long, but eventually went to our room for the night.

Darling Husband was hammered, and I told him that he needed to go down to teh car to get some Vitamin Water to drink before he went to bed since I couldn’t for him (I was pretty sober) as I only had my wedding dress and the clothes I was wearing the next day with me. He finally did, and we sat up and chatted about the day while watching some TV before finally going to bed (him passing out). There was no hanky panky, and even the next day – he was hungover. But, it was still nice. No regrets.

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: April 2015

got back to our hotel at like 2:30am and immediately made him get me out of my dress. My feet were SORE and I wa ssweating in my heavy dress. We did it and he fell asleep on top of me briefly hahahaha. It was actually quite hilarious as we were both very buzzed from the evening. Hopped in the shower and removed all of my makeup and brushed my hair out as much as I could and we passed out INSTANTLY! 

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Bumble bee

Another vote here for too tired, swollen (seriously – my strappy sandals were on from 9am until like 3am so they literally dug into my skin) and somewhat drunk that night. Our wedding was at 11am, then a beautiful lunch/early afternoon reception followed by a casual dinner party/celebration at my Dad’s place in his backyard. (I wore my dress and shoes all day though). When we made it to our hotel we just passed out after peeling me out of my dress and stuck on shoes. My feel were so grossly swollen I could barely walk! The next morning we had some happy funtime married sex and went down for a pig out continential breakfast. Our honeymoon wasn’t for 3 months so we went home after breakfast. Our best man had been at our place cat sitting.

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Blushing bee

we got back to our hotel room about 1.30am – id been up since 5.30am through excitement and felt shattered but as soon as we were on our own i was wide awake and wejust wanted to talk about how great the day was! So we sat opening cards and eating donuts! (hed had them sent to the room that morning)

we then went to bed and he fell asleep almost instantly – i got up to go to the bathroom (it was dark and i thought id turned the door handle) and walked into a door breaking my nose! Breakfast with a bruised face and all the family was fun

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Busy bee

I got quite a bit tipsier than I planned to, so the evening ended with:

-He helped me out of the dress, and then we consumated the marriage (because I’d told him many, many times that I really wanted to have sex on our wedding night).

-We opened all of our gifts (we had a small, 45 person wedding) and I cried at every single gift and card over how much I loved our friends and family, and how happy I was that they had come to celebrate with us.

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: June 2015

WannaBee2BridalBee:  After the reception, we were SO hungry (too excited to actually eat). We went to Waffle House because it was so late. I was still in my ball gown, so we did a call in order. Even though we had a hotel room on reserve, we stopped at our house, ate, and we were practically falling over with exhaustion, so we went to sleep. We never even made it to the hotel! 

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Buzzing bee

H had a few too many drinks at the reception so he got sick once we got to our hotel room and then he passed out on the bed.  Meanwhile, I went out with our friends to a local bar to keep the party going.  When I got back to the hotel, my Mom helped me out of my dress, I took 30 minutes to take down/brush out my hair, and then fell asleep.

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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: October 2015

We drank a lot at the reception. Darling Husband beat me to the afterparty (I needed out of my ballgown and changed into the white dress I wore to the rehearsal), and had some beer after many Jack & Cokes. I walked in and he’s like “I mixed booze with beer, I don’t feel good”…so after about 10 mins, we left. I made him chug water, he started feeling better, we had sex for a little bit (only because I really wanted to put on my lingerie and drunk me thought it would not be as fun in the morning), and then passed out. So romantic.

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We went to an after-party at a nearby bar. We both were tipsy by the time we left. We made it to our hotel and I also pretty much forced him to consummate. We were exhausted and it was not good! 

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Worker bee
  • Wedding: August 2015

We had a teeny courthouse wedding and reception. We came home, changed into comfy clothes, hung out, and drank with friends and family. One of my husband’s friends would not leave. The worst part of it was that the friend’s wife who couldn’t miss work to attend the wedding or reception kept complaining about how tired, hungry, and stressed out she was. She spent the entire night complaining and talking about herself and we had to constantly go out of our way to thank her for showing up at our house after work. I just kept thinking, if you’re so exhausted go home! It’s not like I spent the entire day stressing about every little detail of my husband and my wedding day.

Sorry for the rant. I’m just very glad she didn’t show up to the actual marriage ceremony and reception. Her husband is a very nice person, so I feel awful for him to be married to such a rude and self-centered woman. Everything else about that day was lovely. After everyone left, we ate a little bit and watched tv and went to sleep. No wedding night sex.

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Bee Keeper
  • Wedding: August 2014

WannaBee2BridalBee:  We were up drinking until 5.30am with a couple of friends and some of the venue staff. Then we went up to our suite and chatted until about 6.30am, when we finally went to bed and fell asleep. No sex lol, and I was fine with that; I didn’t expect it and it wouldn’t have been great anyway.

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: December 2014

WannaBee2BridalBee:  OH gosh our wedding night was great!  We were both tired and wasn’t sure if we were going to do the deed.  Once we got to the hotel room I was like why not.  I changed into a little more comfortable  and when I walked out well we got into it LOL.  It was great!  I think it was probably our best one!  I guess doing the Deed while married is so much different.  

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Honey bee
  • Wedding: August 2012

We were both tipsy, but not drunk…went back to the hotel, and my old boss had sent us champagne and champagne flutes, so we had champagne and just kinda talked about the day. Then I took a shower to wash my hair, and we did have sex…not our best work, but we made it happen, lol.

I think it helped that our wedding was later in the day (6pm ceremony), so we both slept in the day of.

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Busy Beekeeper
  • Wedding: September 2015

Our reception ended at 9pm, but we were in a tourist town with bars… I changed out of my dress immediately after the wedding (it was killing me!) into a short white dress.  Most of us went to a bar and grabbed more drinks until about 11. Then about 6 of us decided to take some beers to the rocky coast behind our hotel, and continue to drink until people decided it was time they go to bed (most people had to leave early in the morning).  We both got ready for bed, and my husband turned on some WSOF (MMA) fights we missed.  After I was ready for bed, I basically just jumped into bed and said “Let’s consummate this b*tch.”  I was only a bit tipsy.. my husband had been drinking more heavily.  Well, we did, then we went to sleep.  hahaha. Nothing special.

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