(Closed) Really Fast Effective Constipation Cures??

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jannyh:  probably not! Unless you want to be rushing back and forth to the bathroom. It’s pretty fast moving haha

There should be heaps of info on google with people’s experience which might help. 

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jannyh:  Yeah I like it. I usually drink it right before bed and things are good to go when I wake up in the morning. No cramping, and nothing explosive either. 

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Talk to a pharmacist.

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And yeah, I agree with HoneysHoney that it’s usually not the sort of thing you want to be treating quickly. But…if you’re desperate…

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Things that usually work for me: A cup of coffee or an apple (oddly) — usually I have to go before finishing each one. 

Another thing I hear works is swallowing a tablespoon of olive oil – helps lubricate things, I guess?

Also check out this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YbYWhdLO43Q
The idea is that by getting into that different position with your knees elevated it mimics a squat and relaxes the muscles, allowing things to come out a lot easier. Maybe get a bin/crate/stool (no pun in tended! heh), and rest your feet on that?

Hope something here helps!  

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Coffee doesn’t help me AT ALL.  I drink at lest 2 cups a day and I have issues with frequent constipation. 

Milk of Magnesia usually works for me, or eating a fiber one bar, plus lots of water.  Sometimes a heat pad and laying on your belly can help relax everything to get it moving along. 

For a colonoscopy, they make you get Magnesium Citrate from the drug store and drink that about 8 hours before.  From what I hear, it will clear you out, but you’re gonna need at least 8 hours where you can run to the bathroom as needed. 

Just don’t try to overload your system with a lot of high fiber stuff thinking it will clear you out fast as it can backfire and cause more bloat and gas until everything passes. 

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I took a Dulcolax for this same reason last week! Warning, be prepared to feel like you have the worst stomach flu of your life for a good day haha. It definitely cleared me out! I’d recommend trying the more gentle route first if you can – prunes, teas, lemon/honey water – see what happens and use stimulant laxatives as a last resort

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jannyh:  Eat something w/ buffalo sauce!

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Miralax is quick and painless. I suggest either two cap fulls now, or one now and one before bed. You should go by the morning at the absolute latest.

milk of magnesia works good too, I find you have to take more than recommended though… It tastes pretty nasty too (IMO). It works welll though and no pain/diarrhea.

I would stay away from stimulant laxatives(ex lax for example). They can be painful and cause diarrhea all day… Not something you want in the middle of a dress fitting.

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jannyh:  sorry but don’t do any of this stuff!  You don’t want something that will give you diarrhea and sick…You need a Psyllium Fiber supplement.  You can get them in the laxative or vitamin section of your pharmacy.  The bottle even says that it will put your digestive system back to normal in as little as 12 hours (for me I feel like it’s immediate!).  It’s not designed to flush you out but actually the opposite, and give you normal, bulky stools.  You can also try salad, anything with a lot of fiber in it!  Not greasy food that will make you feel gross…

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jannyh:  ugh that’s the worst. Get a mocha from starbucks. Drink a cup of hot black coffee. Or just drink cups of hot water. That stimulates your digestive track and tends to clear things out quickly. One of those will always work for me.

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jannyh:  Coffee usually works for me on the weekends, but not during the week. It’s so weird!

I’ve had good luck with the Up & Up brand of women’s laxatives, but it takes time. Same with Dulcolax. I started only taking a couple pills, and got nothing. So a couple weeks ago, I took 3 and 6 hours later… boom. But, then every time I went to the bathroom, stuff came out – so I knew it was working. I also felt like I was going to puke most of the day, as well… so a side effect. I just take it when I know I am going to be home most of the day (if it’s needed).

Chinese sometimes does wonders for people!

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Milk of Magnesia is amazing. Super effective and no rebound constipation, like I sometimes get from laxatives.

I’d start out by taking maybe 1/4 of the recommended dosage. Then work your way up, as needed. I usually take a half-dose. This stuff is powerful and you don’t want to end up on the toilet all day lol.

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Which did you choose.. and did it work in the end??



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