Really hemming and hawing over diamond vs simulant and spending this much money.

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I had a 1.5ct G colored “eye clean” SI1  elongated cushion diamond and I felt bad about the price so I sent it back. I ordered a 2.4ct (9X7) elongated cushion harro gem (crushed ice) and I’m waiting for it to be set in the same style setting that my first ring was in so it will basically be the same ring but a bigger center stone.

The harro crushed ice does not give off the weird rainbow shine/glow at all. Also, diamonds have a  little rainbow fire too just not as strong and consistent as moissy. The harro is clearer than my diamond was. If I had to pick a clarity rating I would say it was a VVS2 or higher. It is also “whiter”. It’s truly colorless. I’m actually hoping my 18k yellow gold setting will warm it up a bit as I don’t like the frozen D color look.


I will say this site helped me a lot, since I’ve been lurking for a while, and based on the pics I decided early on that I didn’t like the C&C gems mainly because of their “disco ball” effect and their lack of customizing. 

Overall, I’m very satisfied with my re-do and wished I had gotten it sooner. The fact that it’s 1/10 of the price of my first ring is also a plus. While I love that my fiance had no issue with paying the price of a real diamond I just couldn’t justify the cost.

If I were in your shoes, I’d probably try to see if there was a moissy retailer in my area so I could see the gems in person. I was truly amazed how similar mine looked to my previous diamond. I say similar because they’re considerably different sizes, color, and clarity. Or you could order a loose stone and if you don’t like it send it back. I think harro gives you like 10 days or something like that; shipping is non-refundable but a flat rate of $19.

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frogplus :  I read this and know how you feel cause I went through the same though process when I was looking for stones. I got my diamonds from an estate sale business that was liquidating all of their stock because they were going out of business so I ended up getting 70% plus an additional 20% off of my previously used diamonds. They are beautiful and have so much sparkle so it was an AMAZING deal. So I would look at places that sell estate pieces (you can take the stones out of settings) or jewelry stores that are liquidating to see if you can get a cheaper diamond. Also if you get a diamond that is just slightly smaller that 1.0ct it will be A LOT cheaper. They mark up the prices once it hits a full carat . Try to get a diamond that is .99 or a little lower that faces up large if you want coverage but for s cheaper price. If that doesn’t work then I would just get your setting and have it set with a CZ and save until you have the money for the diamond you want and then have the stone set later. If you just cannot wait and don’t want a CZ and can’t find a diamond in your price range then with Moissanite I’ve heard really good things about Forever Brilliants in the hearts and arrows cut that look VERY similar to a diamond. I think everyone says it’s the MOST diamond looking. And a 1.0ct stone of that would be a fraction of the price. I also was looking in to getting a Moissanite and it’s between Harro crushed ice and fire and brilliance crushed ice because I want an elongated cushion and they do look diamond-like with the crushed ice. I would just shop around a bit and go to random jewelry stores (not main chain ones) and see what they have. There’s always ways to get stones for cheap 🙂 

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If you want a diamond, you should get a diamond. Don’t settle. You might get lucky buying secondhand, but it’s doubtful you’ll get a carat for $1000 anywhere that doesn’t look like crap or isn’t clarity enhanced.

I have a moissanite solitaire. I also have 2 diamonds; my original e-ring (low quality) and my grandmother’s e-ring (pretty, but not the style I normally go for). I love them all, but I settled for all of them instead of getting what I really wanted. If I could go back to the beginning of my ring search I would buy a small, super ideal diamond from Whiteflash (A Cut Above) and trade my way up to the size I want. I might still do that, it’s just not that high on my priority list. 

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I think you’ll feel better once you see the diamonds the jeweler has to offer, you may be pleasantly surprised to find something in your price range. If you really want a diamond, I think you’ll ultimately be disappointed with moissanite, not because it isn’t a great choice (it’s what I chose) but because you seem set on having a diamond which is totally acceptable. It’s your hard earned money. With that said, it is my understanding that smaller round moissanites are the most diamond like, and since you want ~1 carat you might be happy with moissanite because it looks like a diamond and it is in line with your financial goals. 

It’s a tough decision no matter what you choose! Go with your gut and enjoy the process. Besides there is nothing wrong with an upgrade 🙂 

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I’ve researched until my head is going to explode, and I’ve decided to get a moissanite for now and upgrade to a lab diamond later. I went through the other options (white sapphire, CZ, diamond coated CZ etc) but I came back to moissanite. 

Long story short, no, moissanite will not look like a diamond. Will everyone be able to tell? Absolutely not. Especially in a modest 1 carat size. I recommend Amora Gem for the stone if you don’t ever want to upgrade, but it sounds like you won’t be happy unless you have a diamond. In that case, Brilliant Earth has great prices on lab diamonds, but the $1k budget won’t be enough. Right under a carat for J color and SI2 clarity still comes in at $1,320 loose. That’s the lowest priced one they have on their website ranging from .9 to .99 carats. 

Good luck and let us know what you decide! And remember, you can always upgrade later! 

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Doesnt lightbox start selling in september? Since youre in the US you should be able to get your hands on some. 1ct lab diamond for $800. You’ll need a setting, but it might be worth waiting to check out before making your decision. 

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I would check out Brilliant Earth, another bee mentioned them on here. They sell extremely affordable lab diamonds online and they’re a reputable jeweler. I told my sister to check it out.

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frogplus :  

Bee don’t settle if you don’t have to. Moissy don’t look like a real diamond. Me and my freinds can see them easy

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Don’t settle, I went through the same thought process and I managed to compromise so I could get a beautiful diamond in my budget. If you get a moissanite when you really want a diamond you will never be happy.

There are lots of ways you could save money and still get the look you want. My diamond is an SI2, but you can only see one tiny inclusion if you look very closely at a certain angle. I got a pear diamond because not only do I love pears, but elongated shapes look larger than their carat size. Most people think my 0.74ct pear is at least 1ct. I also got a plain band, which saved me a ton of money as diamonds on the band and fancy designs cost a lot! My ring cost £1900 and I couldn’t be happier with it, I feel like I got a bargain and a diamond that looks a lot more expensive than what it cost. 


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frogplus :  I just looked at Brilliant Earth (as MrsGirlyGirl pointed out) and they seem to have decent prices — 0.91ct J VS2 Super Ideal for $1820cad, which amounts to about $1400usd. The size difference between a 0.90ct and a 1ct will be negligible.

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Boom, found a 0.86ct diamond for under $1k (lab grown),

6 prong setting: $495 (not tapered though)

Totally feel you on the anxiety though, it is a lot of money, but I think of it this way: what else can I purchase that I will use every single day for the rest of my life that won’t wear out on me? If one is going to splurge, this is an excellent purchase to do so on. 

Also, if you want a diamond, get a diamond. While I love my simulants and alternatives , they don’t behave the same as my diamonds, which for me is just fine, but if it’s a mind clean thing then do not get an alternative, you will regret it. 

Good luck with your trip! 

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If you’re comfortable with it and careful, consider looking at used diamond rings (for example, from pawnshops, Craigslist, Ebay). Diamonds have a large markup, and you can always have a jeweler reset the diamond into a simple solitaire setting for ~200-300.

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