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It’s not the end of the world. Dust yourself off and get right back on that horse again.

I found that tracking every bite I eat to be very helpful. Also, there is an awful lot of temptation this time a year. When you fall off the wagon, do not use it as an excuse to over-indulge the rest of the day. IMMEDIATELY get back to eating right.

You can and will do it!

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Hey, don’t feel discouraged!  Keep working at it, eat lighter and more often, and make sure you get enough sleep.  I hate the scale too, so I rarely weigh myself.  I like to go by how the clothes are fitting… which is sometimes depressing too, but I try not to think about it daily.  Even if you’re starting slow with the diet and exercising, at least you’re doing something:)

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@stardustintheeyes: I am sorry you are not in a good place this morning because of the weight gain. Sometimes we are so hard on ourselves. Maybe take a moment to reflect on all of the good things in your life. It may be good to write down all of the things you love about yourself, that will help bring in positive energy and a little motivation. Be encouraged pretty girl.

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Girl I so hear you. Six years ago after finally getting of my three year long course of prednisone I started on a weight loss journey which had me losing 70lbs in a year. I gained it all back after having two kids and another long round of prednisone. So here I go again. Confession: I don’t exercise until i am down to the finally 15 lbs. That is when I hit my plateau and need the extra help. We can both do this! I have to do this in order to look they way I want to look in my wedding dress. But realize you are gorgeous no matter what you weigh!

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@stardustintheeyes: Same situation here !! Lets be an encouragement to each other !! πŸ™‚ When are you going to the gym today ? I’ll make sure I go and tell you about it πŸ˜‰ We can do this girl !! 

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Um, with slight differences I feel like I could have made this post almost to the last dot! We had to move out of our home in Montana because of family/inheritance problems, and so I had to leave my job and pack up everything…we went and spent a month in Ohio, to see my family, but then our savings was dwindling, so we had to move to AZ where Fiance got a job working for his Dad in an engineering company…well…we moved here in July. It was almost 120 degrees daily. With all the travel, we had been eating a lot of junk. I stay inside out of the heat, havent found a good job that works with our schedule (we have dogs that we cant leave alone too long and fi and I actually want to get to spend some time together) and just have been so depressed with all of this financial/inheritance drama his family has caused over his Mom and Grandmoms death.

I knew I had gained some weight, because my clothes were getting a little more snug, and I hadnt had any motivation. I talked Fiance into getting a scale so we could start to work on ourselves with a visual reminder at least weekly. (he has also gained about 10 pounds)

BUT… I stepped on and have gained 25 pounds. It took me two years to lose that weight working very hard with PCOS….and it only took 4months to put it all back on. I just wanted to cry. So I know how it is to feel like you wanted something to work out, but it isn’t quite working yet, and you have two options.. 1] Let whatever happens, happen. or 2] re-evaluate priorities and make something happen. And number 2 is a LOT, LOT, LOT  harder to do. Some days we feel defeated, or at a loss, and trust me I am there with you about half the time right now…I never wanted to be back to this point, and some days I feel like “will I ever be able to come back from this? how?”

You know you don’t need a lecture, you know that you can change things. I think most people who struggle with weight don’t need to be told that they are [struggling]. They look in the mirror and judge themselves worse than anyone else could. But honey you are not alone. And the answer has always been that YES, we can turn it around. You can. I can. Great things always seem harder to achieve, but that doesn’t mean they are impossible. It takes a little more work and determination every day….but you have to hold your head up high, because if you let yourself get too down, the emotional stuff is so much heavier than the physical.

So, right now, I don’t have an inspiring success story. But I offer moral support to you, and remind you that we can get through this. It’s hard, but we aren’t alone. And there are no weekends when you’re making a change in your life. I’m so sorry you are feeling down. I’m sending e-hugs your way, and I hope that your week turns around. Take it easy, but never give up.

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@stardustintheeyes: Noted ! πŸ™‚ I’ll go to the gym and stay on the treadmill a little longer in your honor ! πŸ™‚ 

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Bah, I lost almost 25 last year and guess what – it’s back!  I feel ridiculous that I let that happen, too.  All we can do is pick ourselves up and lose it again, right?  It’s better than the alternative. Good luck to all you hard working, calorie counting, SHRINKing bees out there!

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Just wanted to let you know that you’re definitely NOT alone in this situation, maybe your friends don’t struggle with weight issues but majority of women do. I’ve been a “fat kid” and had weight issues for as long as I can remember. I lose some then some kind of life crisis happens, I gain it back…it’s a rollercoater. When I finally hit some high number on a scale, I feel awful and depressed…but then I tell myself. What’s done is done…I cannot go back and undo it BUT what I can do is take control right now and change the future. I learn from everyone of my setbacks…what went wrong, did I eat out of boredom, did I just not care and ate whatever, was I lazy with exercise? All my brainstoring became a valuable tool…right now I know what my trigger foods are (eat this and my whole day is ruined), I know that I cannot trust myself to keep junk food in the house (no cookies, chocolate, or chips). I know that running melts my fat away faster than other cardio. I know that exercise is the key for me…it makes feel so much better and even if the pounds are not coming off fast enough, I see a difference in my endurance, strength.

What I’m saying is, use your setback in a positive way to formulate a weight-loss plan that will work for YOU. Find your weaknesses and one by one try to work through them. You will get to that happy place again πŸ™‚

By The Way where do you live in Chicago, maybe we can meet up and workup some sweat together??

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I too was in your boat!  I had not weighed myself for a while, and knew my “fat jeans” were getting tight…..then last may I went bungy jumping – and they had to weigh me so I would be hooked up to the proper cords – I had gained 20 lbs since X-mas!  Gah!

But – to inspire/motivate you: I have been watching what I eat and working out every day….it has been a VERY slow process, but since June I have lost 17 lbs.  I still have way more to go, but slowly and steadily, I am getting there.  It will happen!  

Be positive – you will get there too!  Today is a great day to start!   

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