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Jacqui90 :  I’m sure you know that missing days of your medication is really irresponsible.  I remember you’re in Australia, why don’t you get the chemist to organise all your medications for you?  They have heaps of options such as sms reminders, home delivery etc.  

Now you’re dealing with the consequences of that.  What’s done is done, go get your meds sorted (today!) and get back to work ASAP.  No use worrying about another job right now, at least you’re working.  One thing at a time. 

As far as the junk food, well I’m addicted to smoking so I know what it’s like to have an addiction.  I remember you’ve been dealing with this for a long time, and it sound like you haven’t made much progress.  Can you try and use substitution?  Eat something sweet when you have a craving, but a healthier sweet?  Such as strawberries?  Not have stuff like red bull/icecream in the house?  Distract yourself with a puzzle?  Go for a short walk?  Ultimately you are the only one who can contorl their eating.  



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Jacqui90 :  I’m sorry Bee. It sounds like you’re just in a rough patch right now. I know I get like this soemtimes where a lot makes me angry or I’m in a bad mood. I hope you figure things out shortly.

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Jacqui90 :  Sorry to hear you missed your meds, I am sure you will feel better once you have leveled off. As for missing work, yes it is annoying but it is one day. No one is going to die. Rest up over the weekend and go back next week well and refreshed.


As for wedding stuff, just think of it as a list of small things and keep chipping away. You will get it all done.


As for your junk food addiction, I recall you mentioning this before but I can’t recall if you had seen a doctor about it? If not, it sounds like you need some help with this aspect. 

Big hugs. It sounds like a rough day but it will get better.

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Jacqui90 :  You have done tremendously well over the last year and crossed so many things of your list that two years ago seemed impossible. Don’t let one slip up derail all the hard work you have put in.

The last year has proven that you can do this. Do not let those negative voices in your head try and tell you otherwise.

It might be a good idea to check in with your therapist. An extra session can’t hurt right! And it might stop you from back sliding.

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sorry Bee. I have major depression and yesterday couldn’t get on my bike to ride into work. Today, I am totally different after getting a couple good nights sleep and getting some things ‘done’ like taking my pets to the vet. I hope it gets better for you, baby steps! 

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Take a deep breath and look where you were two years ago. Now, look where you are now. Really look… How far have you come? SO FAR.

You know you stuffed up with your meds. It sucks, yes, it made you super unwell- but in a couple of days you will be ok. It sucks about the missed clients, but gosh, you used to stress about 1 day a week of volunteer work, and HERE YOU ARE TACKLING 6 DAYS A WEEK???? Sheesh, I don’t care how short those days are, it is incredible you have created so much change in your life.

As for the wedding, let all that stress slide until you are well and stabilised on your medications. The issues will seem much smaller then. Ditto for looking for an alternate job. These aren’t worries for now.

As for the weight stuff, you have the tools to address it. I promise you though, that even if you get married at 95.5 kg you will still be an amazingly beautiful bride, it will be a wonderful day and everything will be fine. There are plenty of women who weigh plenty more than you that are absolute goals when it comes to bridal perfection, so stop that worry now. Focus on nourishing your body- redbull does not a breakfast make. 

All in all, cut yourself some slack, don’t analyse things when you are off your medications and I genuinely hope everything looks brighter tomorrow for you. 

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Jacqui90 :  I think that that dress is going to look gorgeous! Congratulations!

And I do hope you feel better after taking your medication, resting, and getting some fun wedding stuff done.

Iknow it can be hard when you have a bad day, but think about how far you have come over the past 2 years, and be grateful that you have come this far. One bad day isn’t going to ruin your progress. You can have a better day tomorrow, and I hope that you do. 🙂

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Jacqui90 :  

I am so glad your health is back on track and well done you on the whole journey . 

Re the dress, it seems to me that the alterations you  are planning  will basically turn it  it into  a different  dress ,   and  expensively at that . There are plenty of   longer lace sleeved v neck  dresses around , like this for eg . I’d keep looking.

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