(Closed) Really upset about my little brother's school… Bullying? (NWR)

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Aww your poor brother! Maybe they thought he would take it as a joke?

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That’s really horrible! Even if he is non-confrontational, I really hope that he speaks up.

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If someone ran an article like that about my brother (also going alone to his senior prom with some other guys who don’t want dates) you can bet your ass I would be on the phone chewing someone the hell out… If my mother didn’t beat me to it already that is. I say have your mom call and give them a piece of her mind, that way you can say you stayed out of it and still feel good about the teacher getting told off.

Then again, I’m kind of a hothead when it comes to protecting family/friends. So I’m probably not the best person to be giving advice. 

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That sucks! If any other time but after senior prom I would likely tell off the entire school staff. Heck maybe even in this case. To not only allow bullying but to allow it to be printed by the school paper is beyond my comprehension. Shouldn’t the principal or someonw staff be reading the papers before they are printed and distributed? If so the school needs to take disciplinary actipns.

As for your brother it will blow over but making a big deal at school might make things harder for him. Maybe get your mom to set up a private interview with the principal to address the issue

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FutureDrAtkins:  Woww. I keep typing and deleting because I’m actually speechless. It’s so shockingly stupid. I have a very weird/stupid sense of humor and that isn’t funny at all. I can’t even imagine that happening at my (small, religious, private) high school back in the day, unless it was one of our clueless teachers who didn’t get the “joke.” Does this teacher/newspaper editor normally let stuff like this fly? I would be on that phone in a heartbeat and making her feel insanely stupid, as she should. It’s just….REALLY? Really? Haha, sorry, but I’m so speechless! Good luck and hugs to your brother. It takes a cool dude to stand up to conformity in HS and he sounds like a great guy. XOXO 

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FutureDrAtkins:  Oh my god im fuming for you and your bro! And i gotta say if this was my son i would be in that school showing them the definition of batshit crazy. And on top of that this young lad lost his/your dad and they think its ok to single him out for ridicule?Cruel b*****ds!


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I cannot believe that NO ONE has been offended by this. Even though he isn’t by brother, and I don’t know him, unless he wrote the artiCLE himself, I would be on the phone complaining. Who’s next? How would that teacher feel if it was about how “lame” they are? Kids are kids and make mistakes, and it shouldn’t have been written, but adults should be there to help them out and keep them from unintentionally hurting another student.


I would call about how offensive it is, but I would leave your brothers feeling and reaction out of it. If he wants to share his opinion of the article, he can, but your opinion is that no matter who it was about, it was wrong. 

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Sounds like it was meant to be a joke that was executed really poorly and not thought out very well at all. Additionally, it is in really poor taste for faculty to care about the relationship status of the students. I cannot remember one high school teacher that would have given a rats ass who I went to prom with or if I went alone.

That said, and it sucks to really go there and say this, but this is high school drama/weirdness at it’s finest. I don’t see anything wrong with having some righteous anger over it, but I think your brother should also stand up for himself and say something if it bothered him that much. The tough reality is that we want to protect people we love at all costs, but in 1 month he will leave the high school bubble and be responsible for standing up for himself to his college professors, landlords, co workers, employers, etc. 

Not saying everyone has a situation of this magnitude to contend with, but most kids have that defining moment where they have to find their own voice and vocalize what will and won’t “fly” with them. Either way, like I said– I *think* it was just a poorly executed joke, and his classmates thought it would evoke a different reaction out of him.


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FutureDrAtkins:  I would so say something… When I was in my last year of school, a girl in my grade ran a story on me and a few others who did well academically and quoted me as saying something incredibly arrogant. She had never ever spoken to me about it let alone asked me for a quote so I get how your brother feels…

I went beserk, she had enough common sense to be “sick” that day because the fall out wasn’t pretty. It ended up in the principal’s office before day end… The principal determined that printing a retraction in 4 month’s time wouldn’t achieve anything but that the author would have to apologise (she did so by letter) to each of us individually, I never read the letter, it got tossed. The student editor apologised personally and I accepted that. The teacher in charge had no clue that we hadn’t been interviewed or given permission. Needless to say said author and I have never spoken again. What they did shouldn’t go unpunished even if it is just an apology because else those children are being given the impression that that’s ok… I know my school changed things after that and the teacher in charge checked with every student apparently interviewed before publication.

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