(Closed) Really Upset About Phone Call with Dr.'s Office About 8 Week Appointment

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You might want to call back yourself.  From the sounds of that girl I just wouldn’t trust her to pass along the message to have someone call you.  She just sounds very unhelpful, someone else at the office should be able to easily answer your questions.  You can’t be the first person to wonder what to expect at an exam.

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You are ok with pushing a baby out of there but not ok with an internal sonogram?

This blows my mind.


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If you do not want your husband there when you have a pap internal sonogram etc do you want him in the delivery room. Believe me pregnancy and child birth will make you lose all shame lol. 

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You can’t handle having your husband even in the room if you were to get a pap smear? How did you make a baby?

I’m sorry to be harsh, but they need to do what they need to do to make sure your baby is okay, and at 8 weeks, that generally means they need to do an internal ultrasound. It’s really not a big deal, I promise. I’ve had one.

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@JaneDomani:  Why don’t you want your husband in the room? 

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I’m sorry that your doctor’s office is not helpful but I think you need to rethink some of these concerns.

Ummm. The tech or doctor is a medical professional. A professional who does internal exams/sonograms day in and day out. I really don’t see what the big deal is, or why having an internal sonogram (the probe is the size of a small tampon…) underneath a sheet with your husband holding your hand makes you uncomfortable. It’s not like you’re sitting there spread eagle for an audience to gawk at. And as for another option, nurses are not qualified for ultrasounds, though it’s possible your OB/GYN might have that skill. Usually it IS left to the techs.

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Oh man, that is SUPER frustrating! I would call back first thing tomorrow morning, you might be able to speak with a Nurse on call or someone a little more medically qualified than the receptionist. Have you used this office before and been satisfied? If not, it might be a good idea to look around if you’re not able to get better communication from them in the near future. Gynecology is a sensitive issue and you want an office that can make you feel comfortable.

Also, just as an aside, I’ve had a trans-vaginal ultrasound before (not for a pregnancy, if that matters), and I was alone and I REALLY wished I had someone to hold my hand. 

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You can have your husband step out of the room for the exam part of the appointment.

As far as the internal utrasound, you insert the wand yourself and have a sheet covering the lower part of your body. They don’t touch or see much when they do the exam.

The tests have to be done to make sure baby is healthy, so having the answers right this second isn’t necessary, I hope you are able to become more comfortable with your body because if there is an emergency during pregnancy/labor there isn’t always options in who provides you care- would you rather have  a healthy baby with the help of a male provider or wait until a female provider is available and have complications with baby.


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If they have to do a Pap/breast exam, you can always ask your husband to wait in the hall and they can bring him back in for the U/S. Honestly, I’m guessing you’ll be in a completely different room for any exam you have vs. the room with the ultrasound machine.

I’ve had a few trans-vaginal ultrasounds. The ultrasound tech will cover you up with a sheet (like they do for a pap) and will talk you through insertion etc. I honestly don’t understand the issue here, if you’re already ok with having an exam. As for the male vs. female ultrasound tech, it’s whoever is qualified at your practice. If they only have 1 U/S tech, and he’s a male, you may want to reconsider the practice you go to.

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hi: if you don’t want him there, i’m sure your husband could just step out of the room! and step back in when it’s over.  

or, if he stays, there will definitely be a sheet over your knees. he won’t actually SEE anything!

also, there is almost always a chaperone in medical settings when any male is doing an invasive exam on a woman.

as for the probe itself, i’ve had it. . . not comfortable but not painful. mine was about the size of the piece of male anatomy that gets you knocked up. and they tend to use LOTS of lube/gel.

EDIT: haha, a few other ppl responded at the same time, with similar messages.

also, edited to add, even the male tech doesn’t get to see anything down there. they just need to insert the probe (or sometimes have you insert it yourself like someone else pointed out). they might accidentally touch you with their finger while they are using the probe but there is really no looking involved. and like i said you can and should ask for a female chaperone to be in the room.

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Your husband can stand up at your head and not view anything you don’t want him to see.  He won’t be starting intently into your hoohah.  He’ll need to be out of the way anyway, and he’ll want to see the screen.  Your lap and ladybits will be covered with a paper sheet, in most cases.

Regarding the tech, my suggestion is to find another practice.  Most practices only have one or two ultrasound/sonogram techs that work in the office.  If yours is a male and you aren’t comfortable with it, you may have to change doctors.

With a transvaginal ultrasound, the tech will insert a transducer into your vagina– they operate it from the side of your body, and actually require very little, if ANY, time looking at the outside of your body/opening of your vagina to insert the transducer.  Remember that these are trained medical professionals, looking at you and your baby to ensure that everything is happy and healthy.  Here’s (link) a bit more information on what to expect.


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